413 337
Online Players: 750

Gwae 375 Average item level
(375 equipped)

85 Draenei Warrior, Female Member of Free and Wild

Character Stats

Health: 167947 Rage: 100


Stamina: 8923
Strength: 4001
Agility: 125
Intellect: 38
Spirit: 65


Attack Power: 8237
Ranged Attack Power: 115
Spell Power: 0
Resilience: 0 (+0.00%)
Mastery Rating: 3346 (+18.66)

Talents View in Talent Calculator »

A stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard $Ghimself:herself; and $Ghis:her; allies.

A battle-hardened master of two-handed weapons, using mobility and overpowering attacks to strike $Ghis:her; opponents down.

Professions »

Mining: 525 / 525

Engineering: 525 / 525

Player vs. Player »

Honorable Kills: 549
Rated Battleground Rating: Soon™
2v2 Misiaczki
3v3 No Team
5v5 No Team

Recent Activity »

Kill boss Ascendant Lord Obsidius (heroic)
11 months ago

Kill boss Karsh Steelbender (heroic)
11 months ago

Kill boss Corla, Herald of Twilight (heroic)
11 months ago

Kill boss Rom'ogg Bonecrusher (heroic)
11 months ago

Obtained Lightning Whelk Axe
11 months ago

Last Update: 2018-01-19 16:09:13

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