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Changelog 4.3.4

rev. 4014 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-21 23:15

Nefarian Heroic:

  • add loot and achievement
  • boss is now available

rev. 4013 Author: krecik88 :: 2014-10-21 18:18


  • fixed quest poi points, now client quest helper should look much better

rev. 4012 Author: krecik88 :: 2014-10-21 13:40


  • fixed rdf reward issue

rev. 4011 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-21 00:07

[Tol Barad]:

  • Players resurrected at Baradin Hold during Tol Barad will receive a Slow Fall buff
  • Increased kick timer and added a warning which will pop up when battlefield is full
  • Items "Wolk's Blunted Shiv" and "Plugged Rifle" will no longer cause a wow error

rev. 4007 Author: Jenova :: 2014-10-17 14:21

Combat System:

  • fix to dodge, parry, block, miss

Players (tanks) will now see that they will avoid more attacks, the biggest change was to parry and miss. Avoidance cap (102.4%) should now work.

rev. 4006 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-13 17:49

Valiona and Theralion:

  • fix bosses reset

rev. 4010 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-20 19:02

[Tol Barad] Hotfixes:

  • Implemented Battlefield Queue System:
    • Wintergrasp and Tol Barad will now be fought in a 1v1 system with a max difference of 1 player
    • It is now impossible to enter a Battlefield when it's full or there's lack of players in the opposing faction
    • Only a limited number of players from the queue will be called to battle if the opposing faction has fewer players
    • Players will be kicked out of the queue if they don't accept battle invite
  • Fixed an issue with Victory/Defeat rewards not given to dead players
  • Siege Engine's Turret will disappear if the machine gets destroyed
  • It will now be possible to leave a Battlefield raid
  • Battlefield raid leaders will not be able to kick players out of the raid
  • Fixed Dusty Prison Journal's cast bar caption
  • Items Warped Greatsword and Knog's Bow of Ineptitude will no longer cause wow error
  • Mass Resurrection and Have Group, Will Travel spells are no longer usable during battle

rev. 4009 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-19 14:28

[Tol Barad]:

  • Enabled Battle
  • Changed battle timer to 15 min
  • Scripted displaying towers status
  • Scripted displaying capture points status
  • Scripted sending proper worldstates
  • Scripted battle winning condition
  • Fixed saving battle status
  • Scripted all graveyards and spirit healers
  • Fully scripted tower destroying
  • Destroying a tower adds 5 min battle time
  • Defenders capture points faster if they control 3 of them
  • Attackers capture points faster if they control 2 of them
  • Players below level 85 cannot enter the battle
  • Players will receive a warning that the quest phase will end soon 20 and 16 min before the battle
  • Baradin Hold can now be entered only by players from the faction that controls Tol Barad
  • Players will be kicked out of Baradin Hold once the battle starts
  • The gates of Tol Barad and Baradin Hold will close 15 min before the battle
  • Scripted drawing a random quest block
  • Scripted quest npcs spawning according to the chosen block
  • All npcs will disappear 15 min before the battle
  • Implemented a flag which allows a creature to be looted by every player who did damage to it
  • Scripted ALL block npcs
  • Corrected health/mana/damage/factions/flags/spells of ALL npcs in Tol Barad
  • Scripted Achievement: Tower Plower
  • Scripted Achievement: Towers of Power
  • Scripted Achievement: Tol Barad All-Star
  • Achievement: Master of Tol Barad can now be completed
  • Defenders will receive bonus honor for each tower intact at the end of the battle
  • Attackers will receive bonus honor for each tower damaged/destroyed at the end of the battle
  • Added Meeting Stone near Baradin Hold entrance

Quest fixes:

  • A Huge Problem
  • Clearing the Depths
  • Cursed Shackles
  • D-Block
  • Food From Below
  • Learning From The Past
  • Prison Revolt
  • Svarnos
  • Swamp Bait
  • The Imprisoned Archmage
  • The Leftovers
  • The Warden
  • Victory in Tol Barad

rev. 4005 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-13 11:54


  • [Mount Hyjal] Fixed portal in The Flamewake

rev. 4004 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-10 17:32


  • hunter can attack boss in phase 3

rev. 4008 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-18 15:20


  • fix slow effect on player (spell Dominion)
  • Animated Bone Warrior should die after entering phase two
  • if Nefarian lose 15% hp in the second phase should begin third phase
  • correct angle Shadowflame Breath and Tail Lash
  • Divine Shield, Cloak of Shadows etc. now should correct remove Explosive Cinders


  • implement flag RECALCULATE_SPEED in PointMovementGenerator

rev. 4003 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-10 04:05


  • correct some bugs on normal version and scripted heroic mode
  • add to main realm without loot and achievement (need tests!)

rev. 4002 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-09 01:07


  • fix Shadow Orbs


  • correct timer Explosive Cinders

rev. 4001 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-08 22:50


rev. 4000 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-10-07 20:36


  • [Twilight Highlands] Reached 20000+ lines in cpp!

rev. 3999 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-07 19:35


  • fix Shadowflame Breath
  • now player should move more slowly when he has Dominion
  • correct damage melee attacks

rev. 3998 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-10-03 01:32


  • full scripts boss
  • add to main realm without loot and achievement (need tests!)

Nefarian Heroic:

  • fix targeting spell Dominion

rev. 3997 Author: Jenova :: 2014-09-30 17:57

Throne of the Four Winds:

  • Council - is now available on HC, without loot and achievement, plz test.

rev. 3996 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2014-09-28 22:24

Pack of fixes:

  • [Core/AreaTriggers] AreaTriggers will now activate if their map is included in player's active terrain swaps
  • [Core/Dungeon Finder] Players will full bags will receive their rewards/disenchanted mats via mail
  • [Core/Alchemy] Scripted Transmute: Living Elements (with bonus for Transmutation Masters)
  • [DB/Brewfest] Ray'ma will no longer sell Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles
  • [DB/Mount Hyjal] Fixed Portal to Orgrimmar
  • [Core & DB/Mount Hyjal] Flamegate teleporters can now be used while dead
  • [Core/Mount Hyjal] Rewritten Flamegate teleporters to work on AreaTriggers
  • [DB/Mount Hyjal] Fixed Finkle's Mole Machine teleport in quest This Can Only Mean One Thing...
  • [Core & DB/Blackrock Caverns] Fixed Finkle Einhorn's chain

rev. 3994 Author: qubuslabadz :: 2014-09-26 22:02


  • spell Hurl Bone is now only in heroic
  • scripted version heroic and correct some bugs on normal
  • add to main realm without loot and achievement (need tests)
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