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4.3.4 pre-Patch

Dear players,

As the end of the year is drawing near, it is finally time to fulfill our promise we gave last year.

4.3.4 core load test

Dear Players.

We wish to inform you that from Monday 18:00 till Tuesday 18:00 (CEST) main realm (4.0.6) will be shut down. It isn’t going to be an ordinary technical break.

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Looking for new Translators & Atlantiss Review

Atlantiss Crew is looking for translators! Are you from Poland and know English very well? Or are you from any other country and you want Atlantiss to have as much information in YOUR language as possible? Do not hesitate and apply here!

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4.3.4 PTR - ONLINE!

You are able to log-in to 4.3.4 PTR. Like any bigger revision, this one too needs to be checked properly before releasing it onto the main realm. We sincerely hope that volunteers will step up and spend some time and assist us in seeking errors in core, which soon will be released.

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Dear Players!
Socializing is something very important if we are talking about World of Warcraft community, the game itself is MMO. We have a Facebook fanpage that we use to connect to the Players. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues we are experiencing, we have been forced to create a new Atlantiss fanpage.

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Tol Barad

Gladiators! Prepare to battle!

We are extremely happy to inform you that from revision 4009 you will be able to take part in a long awaited battle for Tol Barad.

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