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Maintenance - first package of changes

Dear players,

Today after midnight the server will be closed for maintenance. During this break we will update the server and change the current machine to a more powerful one (better CPU, faster Hard Drives, more ram, higher bandwidth).

Faction balance Month

Dear players.

In view of deepening precipice of amount of players between both factions, we decided to implement some temporary changes. 

Month of faction balancing will run from 14.03.2014 to 14.04.2014.

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Changelog 11 December to 10 Febuary

Here is a summary of the changes that we added on the server in the past two months. At this time, we have implemented a lot of new fixes, because the new changelog is slightly larger.

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Future phasing issues

Dear players,

As you probably know from the last news, we were recently working heavily on updating our phasing system and preparing it for the future patch. However, we were able to test only a small portion of quests and areas, so it is very possible to encounter some new problems while questing. Click "Read More" for further information.

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Open beta tests of the phasing system

Dear players. Today, we are launching beta tests of our recently improved phasing system. It is mandatory to check the majority of quests in nearly all regions.

The changes CANNOT be implemented on the main realm before they are verified, because each error would result in bugs preventing players from completing further quests.

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Important information for new players.

Since we have made transfers available we've had a considerable influx of new players so we remind you that in order to play on our server you must first download our "*. exe" file available HERE.

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