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It's time for an adventure

Dear Players. With rev #3885 you'll be able to find a soul of an explorer in yourself. After many hours of hard work we give you many new, unique scripts.


The time has come to fight the undead! Visit recently scripted Stratholme and help the Argent Crusade. You can even get a new mount if you're lucky!

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As we announced, we're launching an one-time only chance to change e-mail address linked to the WoW account. Every player can change his account's e-mail to 31st of May. After this time all the accounts that e-mail address was neither changed nor confirmed, will be locked and only possibility to unlock them is by activating the account through e-mail.

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New lease of life on our website

Today we present to you a new subpage called Information Center where you can find short story of Atlantiss server, list of our present administration team members, server rates, statistics and specifications of our machine. Not only that, but you'll find there useful tools for starting and high-level players.

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Summary of the changes from 10 February to 1 May

We would like to present to you summary of changes in the last three months. 

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Blackwing Descent Heroic

 On 14th May three next bosses will be available to kill on Heroic mode: 

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