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Another milestone reached!

    Yesterday, Children's week event began. We're very happy to inform you, that the last seasonal event has been fixed, and the most tenacious players already unlocked the What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been achievement and it's reward the Violet Proto-Drake.

More changes on the horizon!

We are going to re-organize accounts stored in database and their emails. Some players have inactive email addresses or they have forgot the password. We have decided to enable changing an e-mail adress during a certain period.

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PvP News

Recently, a lot of time and effort was put into increasing the quality of PvP on our server.

We focused mainly on scripting battlegrounds "Isle of Conquest" and "Strand of the Ancients", as well as arenas "Dalaran Sewers" i "Ring of Valor".

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Changes in server rules

Today we are changing the server rules and the penalty system. Many unclear and missing issues are now covered, straightened or added. You may find the list of changes below:


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Atlantiss' second birthday

On today’s date, we are happy to announce that the server is celebrating its second birthday! We would like to thank you for all your support and that you’re constantly helping us to make this place better; without you – we wouldn’t be here now, because the server wouldn’t exist without our dear players, and to show our gratitude towards you, we have prepared a few surprises for you:

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Faction balance month - changes

Due to reaching the desired balance of players on each faction side, we are forced to change or remove some options and discounts that were available during the event.

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