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Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

Hello Atlantiss Community!

Some time ago, during the assault on the World Tree...you heroes managed to defeat Volcanus and his fire elementals whose sole purpose was to destroy Nordrassil and to rob all living things of their provider.

Arena Season end

It is finally time to reward the best of the best PvP players for their performances.

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Netherwing Closed Alpha Tests

We have a pleasure to announce that we'll be running an internal beta tests on our first PTE project realm - Netherwing.

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GM Recruitment

Hello Atlantiss Community!

I'm Myivo and I will be the new Head Master here on Atlantiss.
Due to high demand I would like to inform you that we've begun a recruitment for the Game Master position.

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Netherwing PTE Realm Update

Ahoy Atlantiss Community!

We have announced our PTR project idea starting with Netherwing TBC realm a few months ago and have been working strenuously on making it real since then.

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Couple of fresh information

Hello Atlantiss Community!

After quite some time of absence in the news section, we're here with some fresh updates about what has been going on with Atlantiss.

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