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Molten Front tests & more

Dear players, we have some news for you.

We would like to invite you all, to take a part in the Open Molten Front tests, which will be held on our Public Test Realm, on Friday 18.12.2015 at 20:00 CET.

Santa Claus is Coming

Tomorrow the Santa Claus will also visit our server. We'd like to unveil a part of mystery that awaits you all tomorrow.

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Twilight Highlands

The time has finally come. The first part of Twilight Highlands will be opened on the 6th of December! Players will be able to complete all quests available to their factions (including the dailies) and as an unplanned bonus, the "Descent into Madness" Earthen Ring chain.

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Sometimes in sleep

Sometimes in sleep, the deepest dreams and desires become reality. Sometimes it also happens that we're unsure whether it is still a dream or not. The conclusion is one, be careful what you wish for.

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Some news

Ahoy, Players!

Welcome to today's news, featuring the in-game nametags (prefixes), country agents, and a brief appeal to your common sense.

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Big thanks for your Help!

Players are the true foundation of any server, and those who devote their time, efforts and even money to help are the heart of Atlantiss. We have repeatedly stressed our gratitude to all who remain a part of our community, all who keep supporting us.

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