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Netherwing - Progress Through Expansions

Hello there!

Do you remember the Netherwing teasers we shared with you during the last 6 months? Today we have another one for you!

Sunwell Transfers

During past few days we tried to mainly focus on optimizing the Dragonwrath realm, and after couple of coffees and unslept nights we managed to fix most of the issues that caused such high diff which made Dragonwrath almost unplayable at certain times.

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Sunwell situation

Today we have to announce some sad news. In everyday life of every one of us there are elements which, according to us are solid, they are the foundation and a role model for durability and immortality. Sometimes these elements are people, sometimes objects and sometimes something completely else.

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Atlantiss Team wishes our community Merry Christmas!


"There is such a day in which all disputes are extinguished,
day in which happiness greets us all."

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Rage of The Firelands!

St. Nicholas' Day already passed by, but we believe that the Santa Claus decided to linger around a little longer. Information that'll be mentioned in this news are equally exciting for us and for you. Spare a moment to find out what is going to happen on 27th of December and we can assure you that a lot will happen.

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Molten Front tests & more

Dear players, we have some news for you.

We would like to invite you all, to take a part in the Open Molten Front tests, which will be held on our Public Test Realm, on Friday 18.12.2015 at 20:00 CET.

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