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Netherwing PTE Realm Update

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Netherwing PTE Realm Update

Ahoy Atlantiss Community!

We have announced our PTR project idea starting with Netherwing TBC realm a few months ago and have been working strenuously on making it real since then.
A lot of you have probably been waiting for some information about the progress and the state the realm is in and we hope this news will satisfy everyone eagerly awaiting server’s launch.


The base TBC core we started with was extremely outdated (as most of them are) and did not reach the standards everybody expects from a private server core in 2016. Since then, we have modernized, updated and rewritten most of its functions and features, allowing us to implement essential mechanics, a task which was impossible to accomplish prior to the changes. We have also been unifying the core to make script transitions between expansions much easier.

Maps and movement

Vmaps and Line of Sight calculations were updated and corrected. We have disabled LoS obstruction for certain objects which did not block it on retail like trees and outhouses:

We also implemented dynamic line of sight for certain objects, as you can see in an example below:

Another issue we had was liquid detection. In certain areas, liquid’s type was not detected properly, causing all kinds of problems like fatigue or combat issues underwater. This has already been fixed – lava in Shadowmoon Valley is correctly detected as lava, Naxxramas’ slime is correctly detected as slime, and so on.

One of the most important things for us, was a proper implementation of pathfinding. With our new move maps and pathfinding tweaks, issues like not finding a proper path, mobs moving through walls and obstacles, charging uphill and underwater have been resolved.

NPCs and their formations

A lot of changes have been made to creature AI. We have ported and greatly improved SmartAI to increase the number of things we can do with it. For example, caster mobs should no longer get stuck when their target moves out of line of sight.

Additionally, they can now put spells in a queue, ensuring that all of them are properly executed.

Apart from that, interrupting creature’s casting with abilities such as Pummel or Counterspell will effectively prohibit creatures to cast spells from that school of magic for the duration of the interrupt.

Author: Peter Lee (peterconcept)

When it comes to generic combat mechanics, we have reworked the threat system to ensure that mobs won’t suddenly drop out of combat. We have implemented mob kiting (including with non-damaging spells such as „Faerie Fire”) and increased the combat radius significantly. We have fixed several „leaks” which allowed both creatures and players to attack targets they were not supposed to, some combat visual issues as well as added missing evade system.

Furthermore, creatures will now use health multipliers instead of using invalid plain values in the database. We have already ported all multipliers, although some of them will require correcting or adjusting to pre-nerf values.

One of our most proud achievements, was an implementation of proper core-calculated mob’s physical damage. We are able to modify them to almost fully correct retail values for all creatures, without having to change manually every single one of them in the database. We still need to do more research and tests to adjust some multipliers accordingly, but we are looking optimistically to seeing this feature in action.

To ensure that leveling is a more pleasent experience, we have increased experience received for killing elite mobs and bosses in dungeons. Group bonus should now be properly displayed in chat when the specific filter is selected.

Author: Griatch-art


We have successfully ported our visibility system from Acore4 (Cataclysm), which not only mirrors retail’s, but also allows us to go further - decrease and increase the view distance as we wish without greatly, negatively affecting performance.

Quests & Events

Despite the fact that we always were trying to keep our quest scripts on high level, we've never stopped chasing the idea of Gōngfu in terms of quest scripting. Nevertheless, we do realise that no matter how many quests will work splendidly, the broken or not scripted ones will always ruin the experience and fun for everyone, therefore, we will continue to try to make such situations appear least often.

Similar feelings accompany us whilst we're working on World Events, every single one of these events is unique and it brings players lost of fun and satisfaction. Events are also an opportunity to try out something new and detach from already known game content. We want to give our community such possibilities. That is why, even though scripting such events may be hard we still want to develop this aspect of the game. We hope to make journey through Outland an immersive experience and a possibility to see and cherish all the little things that make WoW the game we love.

Pets, spells and classes

The spell system required some work as well. Most notably, we have corrected spell range checking to eliminate some issues with spells unable to be cast due to wrongly being detected as „too close” or „too far” from the target.
We were not able to find all class issues due to our limited knowledge and having only a small group of internal testers, but we managed to fix a few bugs and mechanics such as Warrior’s Charge not finding a proper path to the target or Druid’s shapeshift form not being saved on logout. We hope that open tests will help us find more broken class spells and mechanics.

Raids & Dungeons

Apart from working on the game engine, we have been busy with rewriting, fixing and polishing instances. Most of the classic (1-60) 5-mans are done and TBC dungeons are under development right now.
With a bit of luck, you might be able to witness the Ashbringer event in Scarlet Monastery!



- Ported Vmaps
- Generated gameobject models
- Ported proper vmap core usage
- Implemented using gameobject models (dynamic vmaps)
- Implemented proper pre-wotlk liquid handling with area/map overriding and spells
- Disabled Line of Sight for M2 objects


- Ported MMaps
- Ported some pathfinding tweaks
- Added proper Charge handling


- Fully rewritten WaypointMovementGenerator with proper pausing, flags and moving by path instead of single waypoints for flying creatures (can be extended to others, but requires UncompressedPath splineflag which was added in WOTLK)
- Fully rewritten RandomMovementGenerator to be a lot more optimized and with proper path generating using mmaps and collision


- Implemented dynamic creature respawn system
- Added extra flag for dungeon boss distinguishing
- Fixed creature equips and implemented multiple equips for same creature entry
- Implemented setting addon values and scriptname's to specified creatures in `creature` table
- Fixed multiple issues with aggroing and fighting with objects invalid for creature's attack
- Ported combat radius setting from Acore4
- Ported creature kiting from Acore4


- Fully rewritten creature formation system to be much easier to use, more logical and with dynamic formations support

NPC & Creatures:

- Added/fixed lots of waypoints, scripts, formations, missing npcs, missing visual effects, invalid reputation, equipments, etc...


- Lots of different changes and improvements
- Implemented handling custom view distance
- Implemented view distance handling for large creatures
- Fixed lots of issues with visibility not being updated properly
- Fully ported delayed visibility system from Acore4

Fixed Quests:

- Missing In Action
- Gyromast's Revenge
- The Sleeper Has Awakened
- Guardians of the Altar
- Kyle's Gone Missing!
- Counterattack!
- Disrupt Their Reinforcements
- Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz
- Return to Thrallmar
- Mission: The Abyssal Shelf
- Return to the Abyssal Shelf
- The Assassin
- A Strange Weapon
- The Warchief's Mandate
- A Spirit Guide
- The Mag'har
- Envoy to the Mag'har
- Bonechewer Blood
- Apothecary Zelana
- Spinebreaker Post
- Boiling Blood
- Apothecary Antonivich
- A Burden of Souls
- The Demoniac Scryer
- Report to Nazgrel
- The Foot of the Citadel
- Forge Camp: Mageddon
- Cannons of Rage
- Doorway to the Abyss
- The Agony and the Darkness
- Cruel's Intentions
- Decipher the Tome
- The Battle Horn
- Bloody Vengeance
- Honor the Fallen
- Arelion's Journal
- Arelion's Secret
- The Mistress Revealed


- Anzu Summoning Event
- Stairs of Destiny Event
- Ashbringer Event
- Multiple quest events mentioned in quests above

And more...

Blood Elf:

- Fixed Mana Tap spell


- Fixed Improved Shadowfiend T4 2p bonus


- Clever Traps talent will now properly increase Explosive/Immolation trap damage


- Shapeshift form will now be saved after logout


- Greater Blessing of Sanctuary (Rank I) will now properly require Blessing of Sanctuary (Rank 4) instead of Rank 5


- Fixed pet avoidance
- Pet "Attack" command will now properly work on targets not in line of sight


- Converted ALL EAI to SAI
- Added some new functions
- Ported many missing functions from Acore4


- Fixed some issues reported by testers


- Fixed Environmental Damage spell effect
- Increased spell range, slightly exceeding maximum (blizzlike)
- Corrected an issue where spells with SPELL_ATTR_EX_NO_THREAT and without SPELL_ATTR_EX3_NO_INITIAL_AGGRO would incorrectly cause initial aggro
- Trigger Missile spells with TARGET_UNIT_AREA_ENEMY_DST will now be considered as a DEST TARGET spell
- Fixed < 20 spell level penalty

Rewritten/fixed dungeons:

 - The Stockade
 - Razorfen Kraul
 - Gnomeregan
 - Razorfen Downs
 - Maraudon
 - Uldaman
 - Blackfathon Deeps
 - Wailing Caverns,
 - Shadowfang Keep,
 - Zul'Farrak,
 - Scarlet Monastery (with Ashbringer Event)

Fully rewritten dungeons:

- Auchenai Crypts
- Sethekk Halls
- Hellfire Ramparts
- Blood Furnace

Partially rewritten dungeons (bosses only):

- Mana Tombs
- Underbog

Smart Scripts:

- Ported SmartAI from Acore4
- Implemented Spell Queue handling
- Added new cast flags for proper AI handling


- Base condition port from Acore4 (supports only gossips for now)


- Ported SpellScripts from Acore4
- Implemented proper evade system
- Fixed some visual issues with combat not ending properly
- Questgivers will not send combat unit_flags in update packet to prevent mouseover icon from disappearing
- Fixed some issues with dynamic flags
- Implemented creature spell school locking
- Implemented correct melee damage multipliers based on creature's health and instance type
- Implemented health and mana mods and creature_classlevelstats
- Ported speed_walk and speed_run values
- Dropped DeathState column
- Mobs are now kitable with negative spells that do not do damage (e.g. Faerie Fire)
- Implemented saving respawn time to DB


- Ported and implemented proper Position struct and functions from Acore4
- Added missing ToCreature(), ToTemporarySummon() etc. functions
- Implemented ACTIVE_MASK_SELF_ONLY which enables objects to remain active without updating the whole grid


- Guardian summons will now use `creature_template` info for a few fields like level and faction instead of inheriting all of them from the summoner
- Finishing moves will no longer remove combo points when the spell didn't hit the target
- Bonus experience receive from being in a group will now be correctly displayed if experience filter is selected in chat
- Elite mobs killed in dungeons will now grant much more experience as intended
- Fixed gossip menus wrongly being cleared when using a creature script (mainly involves action_menu_id cases)
- Fixed autocomplete timed quests not being failed after the time limit is reached
- Fixed packet sending radius
- Fixed DelayEvents function
- Ported Task Scheduler
- Ported Gossip System
- Save limited items restock timer to DB


- Fixed issues with FindNearestGameobject
- Added proper implementation of GameObject spell casting
- Fixed opening chests with keys that disappear afterwards
- Implemented saving respawn time to DB


- Ported Dodge and Parry calculations
- Greatly increased chance to receive defense/weapon skill
- Bandages will no longer be consumed when used on a recently bandaged target
- Fixed not being able to walk on water as a ghost after changing the map
- Fixed player's orientation and vertical position after going in/out of arenas and dungeons
- Fixed multiple wrong graveyards
- Added missing rest bonus to several inns 

Auction House:

- Fixed "Usable Items" filter
- Fixed adding items with a random property

Author: Peter Lee (peterconcept)


We will be looking for closed beta testers very soon, stay tuned for a news with more details and information.

Atlantiss Team



Pegla 2016-08-04 10:07:01 #

Excellent news Atlantiss! I admire your dedication to fine details! Would be very glad to participate in testing, will keep a lookout for more details! Keep it up, great things await you and us as your community !


wiczanek4 2016-08-04 10:10:25 #



Dantox 2016-08-04 10:12:49 #

When do you expect information on the approximate date of opening ?


Microcutts 2016-08-04 10:13:29 #

^ same question :P ^


Consilius 2016-08-04 10:39:57 #

I wold enjoy it too much and wont be very good tester coz i focus upon game experience as a whole but good work Team


Diegooosss 2016-08-04 10:43:26 #

stop posting shit like this and fix dragon soul


infernalspin 2016-08-04 10:44:45 #

agree diego, stop making new realm and add dragon soul


xolon 2016-08-04 11:07:30 #

Wish there would be post like this for cata :(


Laurius 2016-08-04 11:58:51 #

Yussssss! This project is all keeping me tied to WoW right now. So excited, thanks a lot for your awesome work, Atlantiss!


ReUsed15 2016-08-04 11:59:18 #

TBC is a waste of time, when pandaria realm?


Zaxwaffles 2016-08-05 12:47:52 #

Great news i really want to play a progresive realm from tbc to cata or pandria but you gave all foucas to the new realm but you dont give fouces to cata were still waiting for dragon soul you know


Larcan 2016-08-05 01:06:43 #

Total fail.


tj20 2016-08-05 01:17:56 #

Great, thanks for the update and the hard work the dev team is putting into this! I haven't played much WoW lately - neither retail nor any other server - but I still follow the news regarding your PTE project which sounds really exciting. If the team of the best scripted Cata server plans to do a TBC realm, I'm sure it will be the best out there soon!


kubalka 2016-08-05 02:02:44 #

Great job Atlantiss team! I can't wait for the server. Hopefully we can try it out this year.


frostyfreeze 2016-08-05 04:13:11 #

thnx for your hard work atlantiss team keep it up! u guys r awesome!


lukas83snakepit 2016-08-05 09:24:39 #

wow :) very good :)


captjvmoore 2016-08-05 09:29:59 #

Your perception that players who miss playing TBC are going to be suddenly populate this new realm is only valid for the PvE part of the game. PvP-wise, there are just too many expansions with too many changes for TBC to be any sort of attractive. Ultimately, you will end up with a boring PvE realm where several(at best) guilds dominate and no interest in PvP whatsoever. Sure, you may attract a portion of the population who are looking for the best TBC experience, but overaw what you're doing is further diluting the already dying population of the Cata realm. If you take a bag of powdered juice that is meant to be for one cup and pour it equally into 3 cups(TBC, WotLK and Cata), how tasty would you say each of those cups will be?


Punct69 2016-08-05 10:30:03 #

Not even have fl hc and they focus on a new realm very nice ... i'm asking when you will add dragon soul !


Murat75123 2016-08-05 10:51:32 #

tbc = ZzZ


Pegla 2016-08-05 11:15:54 #

This comment section is full of fucking pricks who cry about dragon soul and pandaria realm and talk shit about tbc, but I can bet all of you never even played tbc back in the day, so keep your superficial comments to yourselves. This project is not taking their time away from scripting the cata realm, they said so numerous times so no need for you to start whining. If you can't appreciate what they are doing with this project I urge you to either leave this server and never come back or just keep your shitty opinions away from the rest of the community who understand what this means and what it will bring! Keep it up Atlantiss!


Karr0w 2016-08-05 12:47:52 #

Agreed Pegla, I don't understand why people are so upset about this, they have different teams working on this and cata so they'll add your stupid dragon soul and to those who are upset about this realm... why? You won't have to play on it, Dragonwrath will still be up so stop bitching about Netherwing and stay on cata, oh and to those people who want Pandas... no, why would you want that shit, if you want the new versions of wow go play retail


xolon 2016-08-05 01:44:01 #

WHY ARE PEOPLE UPSET @PEGLA? You have 3k ppl online who plays on the cataclysm realm, who don't care about your nostalgia. People play here because of cataclysm, MOST of the devs changed to tbc from cata and the rest of devs on cata are quitting day by day, and soon enough those devs who stayed will get exausted and quit as well and cataclysm server will die. Don't chat if you don't know anything about cataclysm realm.


goblins26 2016-08-05 02:12:31 #

How soon could it be live?


EMTEC 2016-08-05 02:17:03 #

About Cata realm: http://atlantiss.eu/news/view/187, current devs on CATA: 6/7 (based on last 15 days), current devs on TbC: 4 (based on last 15 days), current devs on both projects: 2


xolon 2016-08-05 02:24:42 #

Give me details about Quban and past 2 days. Jenova is doing great job with FL now, but eventually he will get exausted from solo scripting, and then what? I am not asking for quest scripters, cause thats not the problem dragonwrath has Emtec, but endgame content.


Wolfenstein 2016-08-05 02:47:07 #

I'm just going to point out, that Cataclysm is also a part of PTE project, which means it would make no sense for us to stop its development.


Pegla 2016-08-05 02:47:21 #

@xolon .. mind you I am perfectly familiar with the cata realm and I have no fucking idea where you got that information about devs quiting from cata realm and switching to tbc realm, seems you know something that even administration of this server isn't aware of.. All you have to do is take a look at the changelog and the bugtracker to realize that every day something new is fixed, I've been on this server since it opened, so go preach to someone who doesn't have a clue, someone like yourself.. as I stated before.. feel free to leave if you think the situation is so grim and do smth more valuable with your time instead of bitching about cata realm on posts that don't concern it..


xolon 2016-08-05 02:52:18 #

@Emtec, i am asking where is he now, like most know that he quited scripting since he found a new job.


xolon 2016-08-05 02:57:42 #

@Pegla, would like to know who are you ingame, i've had characters on this server since forever, even b4 friends with benefits (first international guild) here existed, i have 12k achievement points which can prove that i know everything thats not working/working on the server. I am in contact with some devs and i clearly see whats happening. @Wolf, then why you don't work on cata? Since its actually out, not like closed beta as tbc?


EMTEC 2016-08-05 03:03:56 #

Yes, he found a new job but still working on server. This is not problem.


Pegla 2016-08-05 03:04:17 #

@xolon I don't see the need for me to prove anything to you.. you can look me up on the forums and see when I joined if you're that concerned with me and I couldn't give less damn about you and your achievement points xD What worries me is that you are so oblivious to the fixes that are being applied to the cata realm every day.. you should get that sorted out asap


xolon 2016-08-05 03:11:02 #

@Pegla, New forums came out in may, last year, server is alive for 4 years. Ok, so tell me why are you then so obvious that this will be best tbc, just by these fixes?


xolon 2016-08-05 03:17:08 #

@Emtec, idk if its true that he will continue working on the server, but yes that it s the problem, it will drasticly postpone fl hc release (again) so why not find another dev to work with them or send wolf wink wink


Jinkz 2016-08-05 04:15:05 #

Glad to hear about a TBC Realm in Atlantiss Quality! I am excited to play TBC again. In my opinion the cata development should end with FL HC. Dragonsoul have destroyed many other Cata-Private servers before, because all other stuff (raids, dungeons) was obvious and endgame was decimated to 1 Raid and 3 Dungeons, so population suffers because of this. So carry on with the TBC Realm! :)


Genoangel 2016-08-05 04:53:15 #

If you need experienced testers for TBC Project , It's the expansion I spent the most time on. both on retail and perfectly scripted servers and i'll be glad to help. Thumb up :)


Pegla 2016-08-05 04:56:35 #

@xolon not once did I mention this will be the best TBC server out there.. and even if I said so I see no fault in the statement.. Pretty sure that people who run the best cataclysm server today can make an even better TBC server.. also considering the hype corecraft had, with little advertising and promotion the population of this server can only increase.. people love TBC, its something most of us grew up playing and it's nice to be reminded of those times. This project screams success imo :)


xolon 2016-08-05 06:12:52 #

@Pegla, success for what? TBC? Atlantiss is mainly known for being the "best" Cataclysm server. Getting population on tbc doesn't mean anything to us since we play here for cataclysm, the population is already decreasing to below 2k, tbc is even more gonna split it. I don't care about your nostalgia wet dreams, all i want is for cata realm which is so known as best to not die.


xolon 2016-08-05 06:15:31 #

@Jinkz, so why don't wotlk servers finish with ToGC, since its the same point with icc and ic dungeons, everything before that becomes obsolete. I would like if they would release ds, but even if they don't they have to fix all the prev raids, fl hc, dungeons, 2 quest zones and so on.


Dantox 2016-08-05 07:23:49 #

Contamination can already download the client to play on Netherwing ?


wojen616 2016-08-05 11:12:19 #

@xolon Snipah, you are annoying GTFO.


joseand77 2016-08-06 04:31:51 #

@EMTEC is possible that Netherwing will be availabe with another languajes than english? i would love play Wow tbc with all the quests in spanish. i dont know how difficult can be install other languajes in the server. maybe the developers would do a inquest online to know wich are the more common languajes of the playerbase.


Pegla 2016-08-06 11:07:17 #

@joseand77 I usually always play on english, but if im not mistaken, all you need is a spanish wow client and you are good to go. Language has nothing to do with the server or its devs. Someone correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure a spanish client is all you need :)


godmode 2016-08-06 12:11:13 #



cfbrazil 2016-08-06 12:58:31 #

Will be there instant 58 boost? I like tbc but i hate vanilla leveling. If only i could boost my char to 58 at example only first char it will be great.


ReUsed15 2016-08-06 05:32:32 #

Instead of tbc better go wotlk i miss t8 for dk, and was time when dk was still playable until they nerfed it in cata..


joseand77 2016-08-07 05:16:40 #

@Pegla no, the quests depends of the server, i have installed the spanish languaje in my client, all the interface and voices of npcs are in spanish but the quests are all in english because it depends of the languajes installed in the server, that only have installed english.


amin777 2016-08-07 05:05:09 #

amazing, can't wait to start playing on tbc realm here, u guys rock, release it asap


amin777 2016-08-07 05:10:30 #

btw to those guys are complaining about everything, all of wow xpansions are totally different in events and other shits, if u r a really wow addict, specially in lore u got to have all of clients in separeted folders, i mean i have vanilla, tbc, wotlk, and cata and in separeted client, cause im a freak wow lore fan, so thats why u got to play tbc and wotlk and cata with separated characters and such things to know lore and other shits.


kabi 2016-08-08 11:23:33 #

guys, will u upload a link to download TBC, i mean the right patch and etc...?


polarchris92 2016-08-10 06:16:48 #

I love you guys! Can't wait for the PTE project to begin! You are the best! :)


blenz 2016-09-28 05:32:01 #

Remember those 20k players who were psyched to play on PlayTBC? i'm one of them and i'm coming, and for those who don't like tbc, don't play it, focus on the easier version of WoW.


Elvissijuan 2017-08-04 10:44:53 #

@Pegla I love your comments on hater posts, but apart from that I would keep hype away for now. It was never good idea to produce hype, for others as well for you, ultimately it will lead to disappointment if even some small things doesn't work, which will, consequently, produce shit ton of trashtalking which will discourage new players from joining project. Let's keep fingers crossed and let devs do what they do. We'll hype it once it is there. :)

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