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Netherwing Closed Alpha Tests

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Netherwing Closed Alpha Tests

We have a pleasure to announce that we'll be running an internal beta tests on our first PTE project realm - Netherwing.
We're looking for player with passion, lots of free time, knowledge, and willingness to help.

How can I apply to become a tester?

You'll need to write an email to [email protected], the email should contain:

  • [Netherwing tester & your nickname] - in the topic
  • Few senteces about yourself
  • Described experience with World of Warcraft
  • Whether you're a PvP or PvE focused player
  • Why do you think you should be picked to become a tester
  • Your Skype username for contact purposes

Will I receive anything for my time spent testing?

We're planning on rewarding the most active testers with some unique prizes.

We hope for everyone's activity and commitment.

Atlantiss Team



yubashiri 2016-08-07 04:24:00 #

when does the alpha start? Depending on that I could apply or not xD


Wolfenstein 2016-08-07 04:33:44 #

1-2 weeks from now.


Evolvepwp 2016-08-07 04:46:26 #



Kill0ner67 2016-08-07 05:23:16 #

can't wait !


ReUsed15 2016-08-07 05:40:22 #

yawn* will wait for wotlk realm


Punct69 2016-08-07 05:48:19 #

Ok you make a new realm and we don't have ds n/hc , fl hc , et , woe , hot . Good job guys !


michalploszaj 2016-08-07 05:48:56 #

This is content TBC or what?


Punct69 2016-08-07 05:49:47 #

Yea it's for TBC ! and they don't finish most important things on cata 4.3.4 !


lipson33 2016-08-07 07:38:15 #

When can we expect possible answers about our application?


Ranor 2016-08-07 08:45:47 #

@lipson33 at next weekend, or a bit faster.


toto 2016-08-07 09:00:52 #

I'm looking forward for your bug reports on TBC dear future testers :)


Pelekon 2016-08-07 09:46:30 #

@Toto not only you :D


gygyorggy 2016-08-08 10:08:08 #

we can use the new character models? i hate the old ones


furiatek 2016-08-08 12:04:30 #

Hey, i just made an account here to express my thanks for developing a tbc server. There are no good bc servs around at the moment what makes me upset. Best wishes guys, hope this project will be succesful, burning crusade for the win :D


jimmyjey 2016-08-08 05:10:24 #

Stop complaining about Cata realm.... its simply annoying. Sooner or later they will also fix cata (bcuz it will also be a part of pte project). I personally can't wait for this tbc realm. Good Job Gyus ;D


nyhm801 2016-08-09 02:44:34 #

Hi Ranor, could i write an email in polish? :D


Ranor 2016-08-09 04:27:36 #

@nyhm801 sure.


platko 2016-08-10 04:02:00 #

I cannot realy understand why you making old content workable?is just so wasteless.Would be much better to work on a new MoP content rather then old one.


lipson33 2016-08-10 06:57:56 #

Cuz that "old" content is THE golden age of World of Warcraft...


nativolobo 2016-08-11 12:26:27 #

I am going to be honest and i love this server and its probably the best in terms of script for cataclysm and i totally respect the people dedicated to the server working but i have to say that this is a bad idea, the community is going to be divided so bad for this, actually finding healers or tanks in rdf normal and heroic is a total pain and there is more to say, what will happen if many people migrate to this new realm? well i belive that soon or later the server is going to die taking into account that mostly of the players are here because they wanted "cataclysm" not TBC or WOTLK if they wanted these expansions they would be playing in others servers, servers that have 100% scripted these expansion.just saying this is a bad idea as a player who is looking forward new content i have to say that i am done with this server.


vc93 2016-08-11 10:13:00 #

@Nativolobo Bye


Evolvepwp 2016-08-11 10:25:06 #

@nativolobo TBC server will bring more than 2k fresh new players, idk why do u think that whole player base consist only of your cata. Honestly, noone sane want to play cata,mop,wod+ ... its shit and it has nothing to do with world of warcraft, its more like bad anime for 8 years old noobs with literally 0 competitive aspects. There is no TBC server that is atleast 50% scripted. Not even 1. There is actually huuuuuuge demand for working TBC server. I would say this demand consists of atleast tripled amount of your cataclysm realm peak population. This means that if everything goes well, this project will literally 3-4x multiply its size in 1 week. If you are looking for a "new content" , go play legion/wod/pandas or pokemon go.. its pretty much the same "game". New content is pure shit thats why there is the "retail/nostalrius" drama. I have no idea why would you play on a private server when you can play the exactly same "content" on official servers...


box95 2016-08-11 02:31:58 #

Good job, what about the mop server? I remember one year ago or more that you were working on that too..is that project abandoned? anyway, keep up with your great work 'cause you're the best!


axzor123 2016-08-12 12:58:51 #

Will we get an answer via email or skype?


Ranor 2016-08-12 02:53:27 #

We will invite chosen testers via skype,. Although we already went through all applications and selected testers, we still have a few slots left, so we encourage everyone willing to participate to send us an email.


Saberbeast 2016-08-12 10:04:14 #

Sounds good I just want testers who will really spend the time testing and helping the server be all it can be.


Pegla 2016-08-13 12:06:23 #

Will we be contacted only in the case of being chosen to do the testing or will you contact us telling us we didn't make the cut? And also will it just be a text message on skype containing some details? Can we expect it to happen now on saturday or sunday or some other time?


Wolfenstein 2016-08-13 01:07:44 #

Saturday or Sunday, we'll invite everyone on skype. We will not be sending any messages to people who were not accepted.


Pegla 2016-08-14 02:31:17 #

Thanks for the info.. still waiting atm, hopefully you still didn't send out those invites, really looking forward to doing some testing :)


Praesito 2016-08-14 06:56:46 #

This PTE idea its just stupid as stupid can be can only waste effort from devs and draw people from dragonwrath to that "project"


Evolvepwp 2016-08-14 07:41:01 #

did it already happen?:D


Ouroboros 2016-08-14 11:46:51 #

Not gonna test, never do, but I gotta reply to all the haters: this PTE realm is gonna be HUGE. There are loads of players, not just atlantiss players, that will join (or would if they knew about it). The fact that you can transfer characters between expansions will mean you get more bang for your buck. Not only that, but old school wow players don't enjoy cata leveling as much and especially don't approve of rdf nor lfr. Trust me, there is demand for this... so much so that Blizzard might even step in to ruin it, and the fact that it will be done by developers with a reputation (best cata server around) will make it all the more appealing. So keep up the good work.


Ranor 2016-08-15 04:08:25 #

All invitations have been sent, please check your Skype. Don't forget that the recruitment is still open, so we encourage all your friends to apply.


Syeris 2016-08-17 12:50:13 #

You are unable to access this email address atlantiss.eu. A;lo it adds that i should enable Javascript in order to be able to see the email but the think is that i already had the javascript enabled . Anyone can help me? because i want to apply for PTR but i can not see the email. Thanks in advance


Syeris 2016-08-17 12:51:25 #

Ok it's to late i should have gone to sleep long time ago :D I will do an application later hehheheheh


Syeris 2016-08-19 06:12:51 #

Could someone please answer the application ?


Blightning 2016-08-20 11:47:43 #

Hey, i've sent my application out almost 1 week ago, am i correct in assuming that there are no spots left?


Pantelic 2016-08-21 02:43:58 #

http://prnt.sc/c8h4i4 need help guys, anyone?


Syeris 2016-08-21 03:24:18 #

@blighting same thing here , i still haven't got an answer


lipson33 2016-08-21 06:27:51 #

they just might have not chosen You(sadly same for me), as they said: "We will not be sending any messages to people who were not accepted."


Blightning 2016-08-22 12:29:47 #

Hmm too bad. Got testing exp. and everything, but i guess they prefer people who played on Atlantiss before or something. Guess we have to wait for open beta/release then. :(


shiraru2 2016-08-22 08:42:38 #

guys, why u make an old content? the reason i (and some of my friend) playing on this server is to feel the experience of most scripted & complete "catalysm" server. and all i can say so far is your server just amazing. but why u go for an old content? instead making ds raid work? or fl hc?


lipson33 2016-08-22 04:57:22 #

They're still working on CATA realm, other dev team is assigned to PTE realms


Gargot 2016-08-22 07:20:11 #

Me + 10 friends w8 for this TBC server. How long ^^


pawlacze 2016-08-22 11:31:22 #

Are you still looking for testers?


captjvmoore 2016-08-23 09:36:57 #

TBC pvp is shit, so to me - you're wasting your time. Do we really wanna go back to fighting people with 3 spells in total? I might as well just have some 5-spell duels, like Thyraz and Pilav did. A well-scripted MoP server on the other hand is a much better investment, due to the fact that there is no such good server right now. Moreover, it's from MoP onward that the majority of class specs are made viable to play, hell even shadow priest. I am so enjoying my Demo lock and Ele shami right now...


miathos123 2016-08-23 06:29:41 #

Hello! I know everyone has their nostalgia goggles on, so please be kind to me. My problem is that through the years of WoW, people got better at the game. I mean, WAY better. The average player today is probably better than the better ones back then. The thing is, dungeons and raids will be released and quickly farmed, because people are just better and already know everything. Is there a possibility that the mobs/dungeons/raids will be a bit overtuned? Else everything will be cleared on the day of release, like on most servers.. Thank you for the PTE by the way!


Ouroboros 2016-08-24 09:13:51 #

May a suggest a progression system in the style of Dalaran-WoW? Otherwise, the progression element of the PTE realm will be a one time deal, one and done, a one hit wonder. With the exception of BC, one could hop onto the last raids of the expansion with the shortcuts implemented so everyone could experience the content. That goes against the spirit of a PTE realm, in my opinion. Also, you might wish to consider a paid level boost (58 for BC, 68 for WotLK and 78 for Cata). I say this because a lot of people won't want to level x1 and because it could help fund the servers, so that's two birds with one stone: greater population and the ability to keep the project running. Finally, will Deathwing be merged with Netherwing when the latter catches up? At least for pvp, that would be a huge plus.


miathos123 2016-08-25 09:44:53 #

@Ouroboros Like you have to clear Naxx to get into Ulduar and clear Ulduar to get into Toc to get into ICC? That idea sounds great. It makes a whole raid tier not useless. Yeah I remember, when ToC/ICC was out nobody did Ulduar or even Naxx anymore. With that requirement it could live up again and keep the tier alive. Make it a quest even. A simple Key in the Keychain to enter a raid, to not waste bag space. New players could still keep up because people raiding in tier 5/6 for example probably want to gear up their toons. So they all need to go through the several tiers below their mains, which makes space in raids for newer players.


Xi 2016-08-29 05:03:11 #

Since we are talking about testing, it means that we aren't that far from the opening. Don't you think it's time for another promo vid? The world needs to know about this project, you know :) I like the first 3, they are simple and cool. Btw the Tarecgosa vid and the scripts behind it are amazing. Keep it up guyz!


Ouroboros 2016-09-02 04:06:42 #

@miathos Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. It's a shame all that content goes to waste and it's so much more engaging and rewarding when you feel you actually climbed the ladder... the infamous carrot on a stick, a much better incentive than just handing out the carrots. It's a shame Blizz forgot this and that's the very reason I'm here. By the way, any chance of a release date? The sound of atonement is making me not wanna play my priest no more ;)


miathos123 2016-09-03 09:56:42 #

@Ouroboros Nice to hear someone wants the same thing as me. Like you said, the lower tiers of each addon are fantastic. Theres no need to leave them to die. It would be nice if Ranor or Wolfenstein could comment on that.


Papas2323 2016-09-16 04:36:36 #

You guys still recruiting? :D


szejoza 2016-10-18 02:10:50 #

Can you still apply for tests?


Selorion 2016-11-01 11:24:59 #

Can we still sign up for the testing?


dalabu 2016-12-24 10:35:58 #

You guys still accepting new testing accounts ?


vimmer100 2018-01-28 03:52:12 #

looks good!

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