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Prepare yourselves !

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Prepare yourselves !

The most awaited moment for you has become. On 12th July we start our current content patch. This refers to the PvE and PvP.


The following things will be introduced:


  • Season 9
  • Rated Battlegrounds will be available in (10 vs 10 , 15 vs 15);
  • Arenas 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5;


  • On the beginning five bosses await you:
    • Conclave of the Wind (Throne of the Four Winds)
    • Halfus Wyrmbreaker (Bastion of the Twilight)
    • Magmaw (Blackwing Descent)
    • Omnotron System (Blackwing Descent)
    • Argaloth (Baradin Hold)
  • Each of them will give 70 Valor Points;
  • Estimated time for next bosses (2 weeks), we reserve the right to change the deadline in case of sudden problems;


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