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Changelog for the end of June

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Changelog for the end of June

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released in June 2013.

Full Blizzlike Dun Morogh live soon!





Blackwing Descent :

  • Magmaw :
    • added 25 mode
    • scaling hp to 25 mode
    • damage equal to 25 mode
    • added Magmaw and Omnotron to 25 Normal Mode
    • LOS problem solved
    • Mangle on Magmaw -> player shouldn't fall under texture anymore
    • probably fix Pillar of Flame. It shouldn't move anymore
    • pillar will be summoned 1.5f higher than before
    • tank after leaving head shouldn't fall down
    • Pillar of Flame should only target alive players.
    • after Magmaw's dead it's possible to loot him
    • Mangle throw should work correctly now
  • Omnotron Defense System :
    • added 25 mode
    • scaling hp to 25 mode
    • damage equal to 25 mode
    • add Poison Puddle when Poison Bomb reach his target
    • corrected timers
    • now Poison Bomb will chase only target with Fixate
    • now you can interrupt Arcanotron spells
    • Poison Bomb are immune to taunt
    • Chemical Cloud should affect now on Trons
    • improved reset system
    • Flamethrower should now work on 25 Mode
    • now Omnotron will reset when you move out from chamber
    • Poison Bomb will cast Fixate properly
    • correct timers on Toxitron
    • added retail reset system after wipe or combat reset
    • Omnotron should now move back to home positions after wipe.
    • Acquiring Target will only target players
    • after kill one of trons the rest will also die
  • Chimaeron :
    • fixes to feud
    • changing some timers
    • fixes to caustic slime

Bastion of Twilight :

  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    • rotation for July, August
    • added 25 mode
    • scaling hp to 25 mode
    • damage equal to 25 mode
    • correct hp
    • visual orbs
    • correct mana

Baradin Hold :

  • Argaloth damage increased
    • added 25 mode
    • scaling hp to 25 mode
    • damage equal to 25 mode

Throne of the Four Winds

  • Conclave of Wind
    • added 25 mode
    • scaling hp to 25 mode
    • damage equal to 25 mode
    • fixing wind blast
    • changing timers


  • When you engage first Golem Sentry or Drakonid Grudge, second one will also attack
  • Fixed hp problem
  • Rewritten trash for 10 & 25 BWD, BOT
  • Trash scripted
  • Added proper gold and valor points
  • Fix compile fail
  • Trash Loot for BWD
  • Boss Loot for Magmaw, Omnotron
  • Boss Loot for Halfus, Valiona, Council


Shadowfang Keep :

Blackrock Caverns :

  • Fix Corla, Herald of Twilight:
    • debuff Evolution will now stack up slowly
    • adds do more DMG 
    • remove Mind Control on wipe
  • Fix boss Beauty, Rusty - should now work correctly
  • Fix Meteor, now DMG will be shared
  • Fix adds on hero, charm effect and boss spells - Corla, Herald of Twilight
  • Fix Heat Wave - Karsh Steelbender
  • Fix adds and debuff - Ascendant Lord Obsidius
  • Fix reputation gained

Grim Batol :

  • General Umbriss: Blitz will work correctly now. Umbriss will charge to location and then deal damage.

The Deadmines :

  • fix charge Helix Gearbreaker
  • fix Door in Nightmare Event
  • fix reset Helix Gearbreaker and Foe Reaper 5000

The Stonecore :

  • fixes to Azil and her seismic shards


  • Fix immunity to bleeds in Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep
  • Adds will despawn - Helix
  • Some code correct



[Development branch]


  • Implement new Rated Battleground system
  • Fix problems with Rated Arena Match
  • A lot of rewrites and improvements in Battleground system


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