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Changelog 15 July to 7 August

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Changelog 15 July to 7 August

Soon, when tests come to an end, you will have a chance to fight against bosses like Chimaeron (Blackwing Descent), and Valiona & Theralion (Bastion of Twilight).

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released between 15 July and 7 August 2013.


  • Some movement improves, also properly bosses will walk a bit faster (they will run instead walk when speed specified).
  • Some corrections at unit falling
  • Added bypass in spell_area to proper use quest_end flags
  • Fix problem when player leaving vehicl on transport
  • Correct experience received. Now it's 3x normal exp (doesn't work with rested). [Recruit a Friend]
  • Client will now display correct hit chance.
  • Expertise should work correct.
  • Range attacks can no longer be parried.
  • Grant Level and Summon Friend from RAF should work now correct.
  • Changing Fear Movement Generator. Targets on fear shouldnt bug anymore.
  • When handle quest (add,complete, etc), now spell_area spells first will be checked to remove, then to apply.
  • Mobs which die in the air should now fall down (hope that this won't ruin anything).
  • Invisible mobs should no longer attack players (hope that this won't ruin anything as well).
  • Enable mmap in whole world, but disable it for 99% npc. We need test all before enable them.

Dungeon Finder:

  • Corrected start position for Uldaman when using dungeon finder.
  • Now ALL dungeons should reward you if you use dungeon finder and complete the instance.
  • Scripted "Satchel of Helpful Goods" - now you will always receive an item matching your class or an offpart. Also all dungeon finders should give rewards from now. Added missing script to previous sql as well.


Spells, Talents & Glyphs:

  • Fix problems with cooldown on items.
  • Formula for speed in grip spells has been changed.
  • Fix problems with Health regenration buffs like mage food, etc.
  • Solve issue with reapplying spell cooldown after dismount with summoned pet.
  • Fix problems with hit bonus from talents.
  • Fix problems with cast spells after interrupt.
  • Fix formula for extra ticks from DoTs/HoTs.
  • Small changes in scaling spells.
  • Fix problems with Soaked In Poison.
  • Fix problem with changing orientation when npc channeling spell.
  • Spell mods will be removed when spell is casted instead of when hit target.
  • Spells like Runescroll of Fortitude will now apply only on targets with required level.
  • Fix problems with infinity cooldowns like Stealth.
  • Fix problems with spells which shouldn't receive bonus from spell mods.
  • Added Proc Chance to items "Battleworn Thrash Blade" and "Blinkstrike".
  • Scripted Grounded Plasma Shield with a small chance of backfire.

Spell relations:

Race Spells:


  • When u change zone fly/form buffs will be no longer reapply.
  • Fix feral druid armor in Bear Form.
  • Lifebloom will not regenerate mana on expire or dispell (Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Mana cost reduced. No longer refunds 50% of mana. General healing increased. Can no longer be used on more than one person without Tree of Life form.)
  • Lifebloom Final Heal will now heal correct.

Shaman Rogue:



 Death Knight:








  • Fixed quest "[Hellfire Peninsula] Digging for Prayer Beads".
  • Fixed quest "[Eastern Plaguelands] Aberrations of Bone
  • Fixed quest "[Eastern Plaguelands] Annals of the Silver Hand".
  • Fixed quest "[Vortex Pinnacle] A Long Way From Home".
  • Fixed quest "[Un'goro Crater] The Mighty U'cha".
  • Fixed quest "[Grizzly Hills] Gray Worg Hides".
  • Fixed quest "[Shadowmoon Valley]What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets..".
  • Fixed quest "[Hellfire Peninsula] The Finest Down".
  • Fixed quest "[Silithus] Unraveling the Mystery".
  • Fixed quest "[Darkshore] Power Over the Tides".
  • Fixed quest "[Darkshore] Twice Removed".
  • Fixed quest "[Storm Peaks]The Heart of the Storm".
  • Fixed quest "[Sholazar Basin]Will of the Titans".
  • Fixed quest "[Silvermoon City] Warchief's Command".
  • Fixed quest "[Dustwallow Marsh] Marg Speaks".
  • Fixed quest "[Dustwallow Marsh] Spirits of Stonemaul Hold".
  • Fixed quest "[Southern Barrens]You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me".
  • Fixed quest "[Zul'Drak] Scalps!".
  • Fixed quest "[Western Plaguelands]Zen'Kiki and the Cultists".
  • Fixed quest "[Shadoowmoon Valley] To Legion Hold".
  • Fixed quest "[Dustallow Marsh] Questioning Reethe".
  • Fixed quest "[Dustwallow Marsh] The End of the Deserters".
  • Fixed quest "[Borean Tundra] Patching Up".
  • After Abandon or Complete quest, phase will be updated at the same time (need to check if it will not destroy other things)
  • Fixed quest "[Northern Barrens] Crossroads Caravan Pickup".
  • Fixed quest "[Mulgore] Kyle's Gone Missing".
  • Fixed quest "[Terokkar Forest] The Final Code".
  • Fixed quest "[Swamp of Sorrows] Remember the Light".
  • Fixed quest "[Arathi Highlands] Death From Below".
  • Fixed Quest "[Lost Isles] Don't Go Into the Light!".[19:30:48] Bartosz Kozłowski (krecik): Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The Warchief Cometh".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The Gilneas Liberation Front".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Agony Abounds".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Guts and Gore".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Iterating Upon Success".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Dangerous Intentions".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Waiting to Exsanguinate".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Belmont's Report".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The Warchief's Fleet".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Steel Thunder".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Give 'em Hell!".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Playing Dirty".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Lost in the Darkness".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Deeper into Darkness".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Skitterweb Menace".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Orcs are in Order".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Rise, Forsaken".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Lordaeron".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] No Escape".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Honor the Dead".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Excising the Taint".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Seek and Destroy".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Cornered and Crushed!".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Nowhere to Run".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Hair of the Dog".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Reinforcements from Fenris".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The Waters Run Red...".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] To Forsaken Forward Command".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Korok the Colossus".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Losing Ground".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] In Time, All Will Be Revealed".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The F.C.D.".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Vengeance for Our Soldiers".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] On Whose Orders?".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] What Tomorrow Brings".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Fall Back!".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] A Man Named Godfrey".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Resistance is Futile".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] The Great Escape".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Rise, Godfrey".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Breaking the Barrier".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Unyielding Servitors".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Dalar Dawnweaver".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Relios the Relic Keeper".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Practical Vengeance".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Only One May Enter".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] A Wolf in Bear's Clothing".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Taking the Battlefront".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Of No Consequence".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Lessons in Fear".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] Pyrewood's Fall".
  • Fixed Quest "[Silverpine Forest] 7th Legion Battle Plan".
  • Fixed Quest "[Kalimdor] Catch and Release".
  • Fixed Quest "[Teldrassil] The Sprouted Fronds".
  • Fixed Quest "[Azshara] Cold Stone".
  • Item "Corruptor's Master Key" will only drop after completing quest "Buzzbox 723".
  • Fixed quest "[Uldum] Gnomebliteration!".
  • Fixed quest "[Mount Hyjal] The Strength of Tortolla".
  • Rewritten quest "[Death Knight] Into the Realm of Shadow."
  • Fixed Quest "[Borean Tundra] Puzzling...."
  • Fixed Quest "[Ghostlands] Journey to Undercity."
  • Fixed Quest "[Eversong Woods] Unexpected Result."
  • Fixed Quest "[Fishing] Rock Lobster."
  • Fixed Quest "[Teldrassil] Planting the Heart."
  • Fixed Quest "[Grizzly Hills]Riding the Red Rocket."
  • Fixed Quest "[Stonetalon Mountains] I Got Your Parts Right Here...."
  • Fixed Quest "[Loch Modan] Heartfelt Appreciation."
  • Fixed Quest "[Dun Morogh]Reinforcements for Loch Modan."
  • Fixed Quest "[Azuremyst Isle] Tree's Company."



  • Fixed Perk "G-Mail". "Chug-A-Lug" will work on guild cauldron flask only.
  • "Mass Resurrection" will now benefit from "The Quick and the Dead" as well.
  • Perk "Happy Hour" will now work correctly.
  • "Mount up" won't work on battlegrounds anymore. This also applies to other guild perks which shouldn't be used in bgs.
  • Fixed "Chug-A-Lug" Perk.
  • Fixed Guild Perk "The Quick and the Dead".



  • Added some scripts for Midsummer Fire Festival.



  • Add An Unknown Voice in Whisper Gulch of Howling Fjord.
  • Twilight Highlands Herbs and Veins. You will be able to gather them from now.
  • Fire from the Sky should work much better now and you can get an achievement when you kill 10 infantryman in one shot.
  • Phases in first Harrison Tomb should now change dynamically.
  • Fixes to Veins (Mithril, Gold, Silver) and pool for Truesilver.
  • Fix player's orientation after crossing The Dark Portal.

Twilight Highlands:

  • Initial Commit. Also reimplemented and improved SAI battles.
  • Add missing Crucible of Carnage spawns.
  • Rewritten Highbank Phases. Now you will fight in Krazzworks Highbank Attack phase instead of Phase 0.
  • Thundermar Ruins - Scripted all events and fights.


  • Improved battles between NPCs (they work great now).
  • Added missing abilities to Bristleboars.
  • Quest Item "Mane of Thornmantle" will now drop for all party members.
  • Fixed chaining in some places.
  • Made another battle between npcs.
  • Added waypoints for Vision Spirit.
  • In Silverpine (Rise), Godfrey no more standing npcs, proper phase.
  • In Elwynn Forest fix issue that flame vineyard do not spawn or dont get flame aura. 

Dun Morogh (without Gnome starting area):

  • Fixed chaining in the whole zone
  • Added texts to Jona Ironstock
  • Added text and abilities to Grik'nir the Cold
  • Added texts and abilities to Wayward Fire Elemental
  • Added phasing and mini event after completing quest "A Trip to Ironforge"
  • Added texts to Hands Springsprocket
  • Milo Geartwinge will now be saying texts during the flight instead of his plane
  • Added War Debate event in Kharanos
  • Added texts and abilities to Frostmane Scouts
  • Scripted Battle between Frostmanes and Kharanos Mountaineers
  • Fully Scripted "Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher" flight
  • Using "Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher" will now require having appropriate quest
  • Yarlyn Amberstill will chase rabbit "Fluffy" saying random texts
  • Icy Tombs will no longer react after being attacked
  • Frozen Mountaineer will now make an emote and run few yards after being rescued
  • Added missing texts and abilities to Dark Iron Spy
  • Added missing texts and abilities to Captain Beld
  • Added abilities to Helm's Bed Surger
  • Dead Miners will now be dead 
  • Rewritten scripts, added texts and abilities, scripted battle between Airfield dwarves and Dark Iron soldiers
  • Added auras, corrected Banner position and fixed exploit in quest "Rallying the Defenders"
  • Quest "Extinguish the Fires" will now be completable much easier
  • Scripted General Grimaxe fight
  • Iron Hammer Bomb will now be usable only during flight
  • Dark Iron Golems will no longer give experience
  • Lowered respawn for many mobs in the zone
  • Added missing texts to Frozen Mountaineers
  • Added waypoints to Ironforge Bombers
  • Ironforge Bombers will now drop bombs on Dark Iron mobs
  • Fixed Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher after zori's fixes. Also Covert Operative in Kharanos won't move anymore



  • Eliminate text spam for enraged "[Northern Stranglethorn] Commander Aggro'gosh".
  • NPC Harbor Shredfin has reduced damage from "Vicious bite" spell.
  • Reduced armor for several enemies on Vortex Pinnacle Heroic.
  • Fractions changed for NPC "[Eastern Plaguelands] Duggan Wildhammer".
  • NPC Enchanted Tiki Warrior has reduced speed & damage.
  • Fixed NPC [Hillsbrad Foothills] Thanthaldis Snowgleam
  • Fixed NPC [Stormwind City] Master Sergeant Biggins
  • Fixed NPC [Stormwind City] Talric Forthright
  • Fixed NPC [Inscription] Add Ink traders in capital cities.
  • Fixed [Northern Stranglethorn] Grom'gol Grunt.
  • Fixed [Zul'Farrak] Sandfury Shadowhunter & Dustwraith.
  • Fixed [Darkshore] Shatterspear Overseer.
  • Fixed [Northern Stranglethorn] High Priestess Hai'watna.
  • Fixed NPC Twilight Lord Kelris.
  • Add Warcaller Gorlach and his strange kind of walk in Orgrimmar.
  • Add eq for Dranosh'ar Archer and they will now shoot from time to target practice.
  • Add all items to vendors PvP
  • NPCs shouldn't stand in the player anymore (if there is enough space).
  • Dranosh'ar Overseer from now on will stop spaming in Orgrimmar.
  • Anduin in Stormwind now will fly proper
  • Fix hp for npc Kurtok the Slayer
  • Added paths to Orgrimmar Grunts
  • Dranosh'ar Archers in Orgrimmar will now shoot arrows instead of nothing (by me)
  • Add waypoints to all drakes close to Wyrmrest Temple
  • Fix respawn npc Schnottz Infantryman

Rare Mobs Update:

  • Respawn timer brackets
  • Mobs from 1 to 10 lvl will ALWAYS drop a bag
  • Other mobs will ALWAYS drop a green item (or even more)
  • Added lots of emotes
  • Added events
  • Added visuals
  • Added abilities
  • Added spawn pools
  • Added hundreds of missing spawns
  • Added tons of waypoints
  • Mobs will drop emote states and stand states upon entering combat



  • Fix Inferno Leap in boss Rajh.
  • Fixed lvl of all bosses.
  • Fixed Armor.
  • Proto Behemoth is immune to whole control.
  • Fixed dmg on 10/25 mode.
  • Fixed Visual on Halfus dragons.
  • Corrected XP awarded after killing a dungeon boss.
  • Added some fixes for Blackfathom Dephs.
  • Solve small bug with door on Magister Terrace.
  • fully scripted Maraudon.
  • Fix loot in cata instance: gold drop, missing loot, epic world drop.
  • Many fixes to Scarlet Monastery.


Ragefire Chasm:

  • You can now complete only one "Enemies Below" quest.
  • You will receive "Taragaman the Hungerer" quest immediately after turning in "Enemies Below"
  • Added portrait and portrait text to quest "Taragaman the Hungerer", it will also appear in your quest. log.
  • Bovaal Whitehorn will now channel a spell.
  • Corrected flag for Bovaal Whitehorn.
  • Added gossip text to Stone Guard Kurjack.
  • Stone Guard Kurjack, Bovaal Whitehorn and Orgrimmar Defenders will now appear only in the Horde version of the instance.

Wailing Caverns:

  • Added waypoints to Kresh.
  • Added texts, sounds and abilities to Lady Anacondra.
  • Added texts, sounds and abilities to Lord Pythas.
  • Added texts, sounds and abilities to Lord Serpentis.
  • Added texts, sounds and abilities to Lord Cobrahn.
  • Muyoh will now yell his first text after the four bosses are killed, instead of after opening gossip window.
  • Muyoh will now run instead of walking.
  • Added sound to Naralex's first text.
  • Fixed hp and mana of all mobs.
  • Fixed Lord Cobrahn's loot.


  • Fixed charge Helix Gearbreaker.
  • Fixed Door in Nightmare Event.
  • fixed reset Helix Gearbreaker and Foe Reaper 5000.
  • Fix immunity to bleed in Deadmines.
  • Prototype Reaper from now wont regenerate hp when player exit vehicle.
  • Prototype Reaper will respawn after wipe in Foe Reaper encounter.
  • Prototype Reaper will despawn after Foe Reaper dies.
  • Add to all heroic Dead mines boses flag to bind player to instance when die.

Shadowfang Keep:

  • Fix Pistol Barrage.
  • Now Lord Godfrey no rotates on cast.
  • Fix immunity to bleed in Shadowfang Keep.
  • Fix reset Lord Godfrey.
  • Fix incorrect progress criteria in Bullet Time.
  • Both Horde and Alliance events should no longer bug.
  • Add visual effects. 
  • Fixed drop from bosses on Shadowfang Keep.

Grim Batol:

  • Blitz will work correctly now. Umbriss will charge to location and then deal damage.

Blackrock Caverns:

  • Fix adds on hero, charm effect and boss spells in Corla, Herald of Twilight.
  • Fix Heat Wave in Karsh Steelbender.
  • Fix adds and debuff in Ascendant Lord Obsidius.
  • Fix reputation gained.
  • Fix boss Beauty, Rusty now correct work.
  • Fix Meteor, now will DMG shared.
  • Fix Corla, Herald of Twilight.
  • Debuff Evolution stack up slowly.
  • Adds do more DMG .
  • Remove Mind Control on wipe..

Bastion of Twilight & Blackwing Descent:

  • Fixed Magmaw LoS problem.
  • Added all doors in BoT.
  • Fixed Blackout on Valiona.
  • Fixed Fly Phase now Valiona flies 3 times and burn 1/3 room.
  • Fixed Dazzling Destruction.
  • Theralion & Valiona are now visible in Twilight Shift and normal mode in the same time.
  • Fixed Devouring Flames target.
  • Fixed timers on Omnotron.
  • Poison Bomb should only blow up when target with debuff is near.
  • Added voice event on enter instance.
  • Now Omnotron will reset when you move out from chamber.
  • Fixing Valiona Flight Phase + adding debugs.
  • Poison Bomb will cast Fixate properly.
  • Correct timers on Toxitron.
  • Added retail reset system after wipe or combat reset.
  • Rewritten trash for 10 & 25.
  • Added Magmaw and Omnotron to 25 Normal Mode.
  • Trash scripted.
  • Added trash loot for Blackwing Descend.
  • Gameobjects (such as doors) will now work on BWD.
  • LOS problem solved [Magmaw].
  • Pillar will be summoned 1.5f higher than before. [Magmaw].
  • Tank after leaving head shouldn't fall down. [Magmaw].
  • Finally found out why Tank was falling to lava. [Magmaw].
  • After mangle target should land next to other players [Magmaw].
  • Probably fix Molten Tantrum [Magmaw].
  • Killing head should give now loot (please check on PTR and tell me if works) [Magmaw].
  • Trying to fix Massive Crash DMG range [Magmaw].
  • Magmaw should not attack first anymore [Magmaw].
  • After killing head magmaw will be targetable [Magmaw].
  • Should despawn parasites after kill [Magmaw].
  • Magmaw will now have loot when you deal more than 50% damage to Exposed Head of Magmaw. [Magmaw].
  • Add Poison Puddle when Poison Bomb reach his target. [Omnotron].
  • Setting rank to boss, this should fix despawn timer [Omnotron].
  • Arcane Annihilator - should now work properly on 25N [Omnotron].
  • Lightning Conductor - should work now [Omnotron].
  • Corrected timers. [Omnotron].
  • Improved reset system. [Omnotron].
  • Flametower in Omnitron Defence System will work correct [Omnotron].
  • Flamethrower should now work on 25 Mode. [Omnotron].
  • Acquiring Target will only target players. [Omnotron].
  • After kill one of trons the rest will also die. [Omnotron].
  • Fixed Barrier now after destroy Magmatron will cast Backdraft [Omnotron].
  • Arcane Annihilator should be interuptable now [Omnotron].
  • Poison Bomb is now not tauntable. [Omnotron].
  • Trying to fix problems with loot [Omnotron].
  • Should not attack first, will w8 for player to attack first [Omnotron].
  • Unstable shield will proc damage by each hit to attackers within 6 yards [Omnotron].
  • Now you can interrupt Arcanotron spells.
  • Caustic Slime the more players hit the smaller the DMG [Chimaeron].
  • Trying to fix falling underground [Chimaeron].
  • Poison Bomb are immune to taunt.
  • Chemical Cloud should affect now on Trons.
  • After Magmaw's dead it's possible to loot him.
  • Mangle throw should work correctly now.
  • Rewritten trash FOR 10 & 25 [BoT].
  • Correct hp. [BoT].
  • Visual orbs. [BoT].
  • Correct mana. [BoT].
  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker rotation. [BoT].
  • Added texts [Chogall].
  • Added Coruption Bar on EnterCombat [Chogall].
  • Added 10 min Berserk [Chogall].
  • Scripted Fury of Chogall [Chogall].
  • Scripted Shadow and Flame Orders (Chogall summon 2 Elemental which empower him 2 new abilities) [Chogall].
  • Every 60 sec Corrupting Adherent is summoned (first on left side then on right) -> LOOP [Chogall].
  • Fully scripted Corrupting Adherent [Chogall].
  • Scripted Fester Blood [Chogall].
  • Fixed summoning Portals in encounter [Valiona].
  • When casting Devouring Flames should now not rotate [Valiona].
  • Remove multiple damage on Devouring Flames [Valiona].
  • Now Valiona will fly correctly during Deep Breath phase [Valiona].
  • Fixed visibility for players in Twilight Realm [Valiona].
  • Unstable Twilight won't aggro anymore. (Respawn 15 sec) [Valiona].
  • Damage corrected [Valiona].
  • Engulfing magic should mirror damage/heal to nearest targets [Theralion].
  • Blackout deal damage after dispel/expire [Theralion].
  • Damage corrected [Theralion].
  • Added script to Theralion. [Theralion].
  • Valiona - Fix Devouring Flames DMG. [Valiona].
  • Adding takeoff and landing animation [Theralion & Valiona].
  • Bosses will enter combat together [Theralion & Valiona].

Throne of the Four Winds:

  • Wind Blast will now have smaller range.
  • Toxic Spore will now stack.
  • Ravenous Creepers will use melee now.
  • Ravenous Creepers will despawn after battle.
  • Ravenous Creepers will change agro if players jumps to different platform.
  • Zephyr will not stack on players anymore.
  • Anshal, Rohash, Nezir wont agro if you stand by them, you must attack them to start the encounter.
  • Anshal, Rohash, Nezir raid frame added (when battle starts you will have a frame on your screen with all 3 bosses health/energy etc).
  • Anshal, Rohash, Nezir after wipe should despawn now, respawn and then reset.
  • Rohash will summon tornados 10 seconds after entering combat and 10 seconds after every ulti.
  • Rohash - tornados will despawn during Ulti (Hurricane).
  • Hurricane will now pick up players that are on the platform.
  • Adding some fixes to prevent platforms from disappearing and many more logic, agro, event fixes that arent listed.
  • Fixing wind blast.
  • Changing timers.
  • Added 25 mode.
  • Scaling hp to 25 mode.
  • Damage equal to 25 mode.
  • Hurricane will not give players the parachute buff.
  • Last fixes to Conclave of Wind - battle should be 99% working.
  • Small fix Al'Akir!
  • Hurricane will now pick players up. [Rohash]
  • During wind blast rohash will change orientation by 180. [Rohash]
  • Changed some timer. [Rohash]
  • Changed some timers [Anshal]
  • Removing root hack fix [Anshal]
  • Changed some timers. [Nezir]
  • Removing root hack fix. [Nezir]
  • Conclaive will have smaller melee boxes, they should react faster to tank movement.
  • Change some timers to make the fight less random.
  • Raidwide debuffs will now deal DMG on all versions.
  • Conclaive - creature template updated.
  • Min level, max level, faction, speed walk, speed run, class, dynamicflags, MovementType, mechanic immune masks (shouldnt be immune to diseases and bleeds) - for 10N/25N/10HC/25HC.

Baradin Hold:

  • Fixed Argaloth loot

Throne of the Tides:

  • Script reworked.
  • Mindbender will now release players under 50% on heroic. [Mindbender]
  • Mindbender will not increase his HP and DMG by 200% once entering a player. [Mindbender]
  • Shouldnt bug anymore on heroic.
  • Timers changed.

Halls Of Origination:

  • Reign of chaos will now have a 15 yard radius (not only spawning under the boss). [Setesh]
  • Logic fixes. [Setesh]
  • Will now cast Astral Rain more often in every next phase (if astral rain add wasnt killed). [Isiset]
  • Seeds will now energize ammunae (healing him and increasing dmg/energy) [Ammunae].
  • Timers changed [Ammunae].
  • Will now be immune to spore DMG [Ammunae].
  • Timer and flamebolt was increased bo 12 seconds, will not spam it anymore [Ptah].

The Vortex Pinnacle:

  • Fix Unstable Grounding Field in Asaad.
  • Fix Static Cling in Asaad.
  • Fix Supremacy of the Storm now is uninterrupted in Asaad.
  • Fix loot Altairus, now will drop Reins of the Drake of the North Wind.

Lost City of Tol'vir:

  • Now phase change when killed third Servant Siamat [Siamat].
  • Now boss summon only tree Servant Siamat [Siamat].
  • Siamat now will don't random despawn adds [Siamat].
  • Fix Absorb Storms, now correct Siamat eating Storms [Siamat].
  • Fix spell Cloud Burst, now deal damage [Siamat].
  • Fix moving Tempest Storms [Siamat].

Grim Batol Heroic:

  • Burning Shadowbolt now hit single random player. [Drahga Shadowburner]
  • Adds Invoked Flame Spirit now correct run. [Drahga Shadowburner]
  • Valiona when casting Devouring Flames should now not rotate (need tested). [Drahga Shadowburner]
  • Devouring Flames now inflicts less damage to enemies the farther away they are from Valiona. [Drahga Shadowburner]
  • Remove multiple damage on Devouring Flames. [Drahga Shadowburner]
  • Correct despawn adds at reset boss. [Erudax]
  • Fix adds Twisted Visage [Trash]



  • Fix problems with Insignia and other trinkets.
  • Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Wildhide 4p bonus will now work. [Druid]
  • Priest T11 4p bonus now will apply for other Chakra states.
  • Fix trinket Darkmoon Card: Volcano.
  • Fix trinket Stump of Time.
  • Adding Vicious Relic for ferals to vendor.
  • Fix items world drop in cata zone Mount Hyjal, Deepholme and Uldum.
  • Add item Dorian's Lost Necklace.
  • Add item Don Rodrigo's Fabulous Necklace.
  • Add item Woundsplicer Handwraps.
  • Fix problem with enchanted items Dory's Finery and Drape of Inimitable Fate (need deleted cache!).
  • Modify world drop items.
  • Chance world drop cata zone change from 0.01% to 0.001%.
  • Chance world drop cata instance change from 0.03% to 0.003%.



  • Add loot for "Frozen Herbs".
  • Cataclysm tinkers [Engineering] - now there is 5% chance to discover Cataclysm recipes.
  • Fix bonus and duration elixir and flask [Mixology].
  • Add to spell group cata elixirs and flasks [Mixology].
  • Fixes to fishing pools: added all pools and loots for Cata zones.
  • Added ALL missing Cinderbloom, Twilight Jasmine, Elementium Ore, Pyrite in Twilight Highlands, increased maximum number of spawns in pools, also pyrite has now 25% chance to appear when digging Elementium.
  • Now will correct disenchant cata epic and pvp items.





  • Initial script for Tol Barad Siege Engine.
  • Fixed template for whole Siege.
  • Scripted mounting turret on vehicle.
  • Twin Peaks will now required minimum 5 players.
  • The Battle for Gilneas will now required minimum 5 players.
  • When rogue or druid will try to take flage on BG stealth buff will be instantly removed.
  • Added 10% healing reduction on battlegrounds.
  • Enemy Unit Frame should works (need test).



  • Fix problems with scoreboard on arenas.
  • Fix problems with visible pets on arenas before battle start.
  • Optimalize pet/totems etc visibility before start match on arenas.
  • Fix problem with personal rating when player entering arena team with rating above 0.
  • Added 10% healing reduction on arenas.



  • Fix problems with disappearing items after reforge.



adamaas 2013-08-15 07:58:39 #

O, są komentarze:) Świetna robota z tymi zmianami.


Felbelemes 2013-08-15 07:58:43 #

Kiedy będzie następny changelog?


nerv319 2013-08-15 08:07:25 #

Jak przybędzie troszkę commitów.


CallMeDoro 2013-08-16 12:39:26 #

gz!!! 10 znaków


Merlis 2013-08-16 02:33:54 #

Komentarze the best ;)


Jaremo 2013-08-16 02:35:15 #

Bardziej od komentarzy zadowolony jestem z działających armorów, gz! :)


Jaremo 2013-08-16 02:36:30 #

tzn z częściowo działających ;p ranking przynajmniej jest :)


Armano 2013-08-16 04:31:31 #

Tak, przed chwilą udostępniłem kolejne elementy w armory (przegląd rated bg)


Foczka 2013-08-17 12:32:12 #

dajcie dostęp do 25 man bo nie można wchodzić na PTR i najnowszy rev, żeby w razie czego wrzucone było na następne ID jak będzie chodzić dobrze :


Megabat 2013-08-18 12:10:34 #

Super sprawa z komentarzami i armory. Mam małe pytanko, kiedy będzie możliwość przeniesienia postaci z konta na konto? Oczywiście atlantissowych

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