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How to use Bugtracker

At present we are using issue system avaliable on http://github.com

All of bugs related with gameplay on our server please report at the address given below.


How to use Bugtracker:

  • You need to create account on http://www.github.com
  • Atlantiss issues list is available under this link https://github.com/Atlantiss/AtlantissCore/issues
  • Remember to use „Search tools” , to check if a similar problem hasn't been already notified.
  • Make sure that the problem You want to report is a bug.
  • Give link to things, which the bug relates to (http://wowhead.com).
  • Name the issues according to thede examples:
    [Quest][Region] Quest title
    [NPC] Name of NPC
    [Spell][Class] Name of spell.
    [Talent][Class] Name of talent.
  • In the reports remember to add actual server revision. You can check it in-game by command .server info
  • At the report closing (fix), we usually add a revision number with fix. By the .server info command you can check that the fix are installed or not.
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