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Quest Status (Addon)

As you may know there is a website (Private-Status) gathering data regarding working/non-working quests, spells, achievements etc. It circulates an add-on which sadly does not support Cataclysm expansion. Since the add-on is quite helpful due to its ability to spot bugs, we have decided to reconfigure it in a way it suits our patch.

You may download a fixed version below.
It is also advisable to systematically update database file.

  1. Download the addon archive.
  2. Extract addon files to: "[your game folder]\Interface\AddOns\".
  3. Download the addon database.
  4. Put the database into the addon folder.
  5. In order to check the status you need to open a Quest Log once you are logged onto the game. Alternatively, you may simply click a quest link.


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