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General Support:

Email Description
support@atlantiss.eu Support
recruitment@atlantiss.eu Recruitment
complaints@atlantiss.eu Complaints


The Team:

Email Nick Position
emtec@atlantiss.eu (Emtec) Head Administrator
ranor@atlantiss.eu (Ranor) Community Support Master
luneth@atlantiss.eu (Luneth) Forum Administrator
wolfenstein@atlantiss.eu (Wolfenstein) Master of Developers
giq@atlantiss.eu                               (Giq)                       Master of CF's



Email Nick Position
bildo@atlantiss.eu (Bildo) Developer
jenova@atlantiss.eu (Jenova) Developer
kiper@atlantiss.eu (Kiper) Developer
krecik@atlantiss.eu (Krecik) Developer
raknar@atlantiss.eu (Raknar) Developer
salg@atlantiss.eu (Salg) Developer
yggr@atlantiss.eu (Yggr) Game Master
freebooter@atlantiss.eu (Freebooter) Game Master
fureya@atlantiss.eu (Fureya) Game Master
appophis@atlantiss.eu (Appophis) Forum Moderator
hyko@atlantiss.eu (Hyko) Forum Moderator
inferi@atlantiss.eu (Inferi) Forum Moderator
lajfis@atlantiss.eu (Lajfis) Forum Moderator
tytanus@atlantiss.eu (Tytanus) Forum Moderator


Inquiries related to gameplay must be addressed by opening an in-game ticket.

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