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    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • BT - BugTracker
    • DC - Disconnect
    • ADM - Administrator
    • GM - Game Master
    • Dev - Developer
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  1. Which patch is up on the server?
    At the moment we are on patch 4.3.4 (15595) (expansion Cataclysm). If you have a higher patch you will not be able to connect to the server.

    To play on our server you must  download our .exe:
    World of Warcraft.exe

    Or client: click to download
  2. Do I have to pay for playing?
    Playing on our server is completely free. If you wish you can donate money in Vote Panel by buying Premium Points which you can later spend in our shop.

  3. How do I report bugs found in the game?
    The error reporting is provided by Github.com bugtracker. Any server errors written on the forum or in the ticket system don't have to be considered. Developers will only consider the errors reported. Click here to go to bugtracker.

  4. How do I contact with Administrator / Game Master / Developer?
    The developer can be contacted in many different ways, but he doesn't have to respond to your question.
    To communicate with the game master use the ticket system it is the only official channel of communication with GMs. Another form of communication is the forum (private message) or trying to catch the person on the server IRC/TS3.
    To contact someone from the Administration, write a private message on the forum.

  5. What is it and how to check the revision number?
    This revision number is the curent game server's application number. It is used to help the DevTeam and players. Each of the developers types a number (rev in which issue was fixed) when closing an Bugtracker issue.

    To check the current Rev on the server, click enter and type the command: .server info

  6. I would like to help to develop the server and fixing the source code, how do I do this?
    For those who want to help in the development of the server  we prepared a special "corner" where you'll find tips (for example how to repairs quests). The tutorial "how to set up a server for tests" can be found here

  7. Can you give back lost items/gold due to DC/error?
    No, we won't do that. We suggest to relog after boss kills. However our server uptime is usually around 1-3 days, so these situations won't occur so often.

  8. Can I posses more than one account?
    Yes, you can.

  9. Can I create characters from two different factions on a single account?
    Yes, you can.

  10. How often is autosave made?
    Autosave is made every 3 min.

  11. How can I change my account password and what is the best way to make it safe?
    You can change your password  in your account settings on the home page or via a command in the game ".Account password old new new".
    To attach a lock to allow logging in to the game with the currently used IP address - type in the game. "Account lock on / off". This option is not recommended for those with dynamic IP

  12. Are inactive accounts or characters deleted?
    Inactive accounts or characters are not deleted. Additionally, if you delete your character above level 10 there is a possibility to restore them within 90 days from the day they have been deleted. Nickname of deleted character is laid off, so it is possible for someone to occupy  it. For if that happens, you will be charged in the quantity of 200 Vote Points in order to change your nickname.

    Warning! We do not guarantee that every deleted character which meets the requirements will be restored, because unexpected events may occur resulting in character being impossible to restore. In case of suspected abuse, we reserve the right to decline the request to restore a deleted character.

  13. TeamSpeak3 and IRC
    Click here to check how to configure these communicators.
  14. Can I transfer a character to your server?
    Yes but only in between 25.03.2015 and 31.06.2015.
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