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Blizzlike - term which defines the policy of conducting the server (approach towards making changes, a mission, initial assumptions, attitude towards players, problems.) privately, which stands for imitating the official Blizzard servers. This phrase comes from the combination of word Blizzard (owner of WoW label) and like. General interpretation of this term means "conducting the server Blizzard's way " however, it is not always reflected in reality. Blizzlike policy is divided on restrictive and overall ones. Servers with restrictive blizzlike policy have in custom to conduct the server 1:1 relative to what term Blizzlike means, servers with overall blizzlike policy hold on with general framework, and blizzlike mission but allow themselves to pervert some of the rules. 

Blizzlike rules:

  •  Xp, gold drop, item drop etc. rate set to x1;
  •  Retention of chronological changes in content;
  •  Rule of current binding patch over current binding expansion (in the event of, when within the one expansion, aspect of the game differs between      patches, then the determinant is what was in the patch which is in force on server);
  •  Rule of concurring changes (changes or new aspects introduced to the server needs to find some kind of reflection to what Blizzard made on their  servers, on the same patch - this rule completely excludes any use of additional beneficial solutions which deviate from what was available on Retail  servers.);
  •  Professional approach towards supporting players and relations on administration - player level;

Shop matter

Most of private servers have shops in various forms. Shops which offer basic features that are also available on retail servers (character rename, customization, faction change, race change, unstuck) and items that do not affect the gameplay (mounts, toys, pets). Notwithstanding attitude towards this rule can be rather casual for servers with overall blizzlike policy. Restrictive blizzlike policy as well as overall blizzlike policy does not specify exactly how to make payments. Theoretically, the most appropriate payment way would be cash, but paying with gold in-game or so-called vote points are also acceptable. 

Problematic matters

Some matters are unsolved in matter of position of Blizzlike policy. Some aspects of the game can't be mapped on private servers, for example the amount of online players and the impact of this amount on frequency of the battlegrounds. Private servers tend to have problems with the amount of battlegrounds, and the solution to this problem can't be determined by blizzlike policy. Therefore it is worth to emphasize, that blizzlike is a rule which consists in "the nearest" projection not the "same" projection.

"Restrictive" blizzlike policy:

  •  Accurate maintenance of multipliers;
  •  Completely chronological changes in content;
  •  Completely preserved rule of binding patch;
  •  Shop which contains only things that do not affect the gameplay;

"Overall" blizzlike policy:

  •  Possible withdrawal from blizzlike multipliers (border of blizzlike/fun is ~x4);
  •  Possible to add to the store of items that affect the gameplay slightly;
  •  Possible withdrawal from rule of binding patch over binding expansion;
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