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Atlantiss AMA Answers

With over 130 questions asked I present you with answers below, due to traveling, mountain climbing, and seas, with a little delay for which I apologize. Some questions were duplicates or concerned the same thing, thus I organized them for your reading pleasure.


We've decided to introduce this feature in the interest of our players and the level of gameplay on the server, due to players demands.

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Some fresh, very fresh news!

Much fresh information with few specifics and explanations.

Fresh realm, bonus experience, and transfers! Tune in!

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Ask Me (Us) Anything! - ENDED

The first official Atlantiss AMA is here!

Have you ever wondered what toothpaste does Wolfenstein use after his hard days of coding on our Netherwing realm...

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Game Master Recruitment - CLOSED

With so many events and tournaments hosted lately, we've decided to organize another Game Master recruitment to fill in the blanks in our team, we offer amusement, a place to develop yourself and your hobbies as part of our project as well as a chance to witness many programming discussions combined with lots of locally produced booze.

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Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament

The tournament is here! We hope to see great competitiveness and show of skill from many of you.

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