Puleekot 397 Average item level
(397 equipped)

85 Night Elf Druid, Female Member of Free and Wild

Character Stats

Health: 159155 Mana: 142820


Stamina: 8563
Strength: 695
Agility: 696
Intellect: 8111
Spirit: 3004


Attack Power: 1625
Ranged Attack Power: 0
Spell Power: 11045
Resilience: 25 (+0.32%)
Mastery Rating: 1037 (+5.78)

Talents View in Talent Calculator »

Takes on the form of a great cat to deal damage with bleeds and bites or a mighty bear to absorb damage and protect allies.

Uses heal-over-time Nature spells to keep allies alive, taking on the form of a tree when the need is most urgent.

Professions »

Leatherworking: 525 / 525

Skinning: 525 / 525

Player vs. Player »

Honorable Kills: 168
Rated Battleground Rating: Soon™
2v2 No Team
3v3 No Team
5v5 No Team

Recent Activity »

Obtained Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time
10 days ago

Kill boss Deathwing
10 days ago

Obtained Will of Unbinding
10 days ago

Kill boss Deathwing
10 days ago

Kill boss Warmaster Blackhorn
10 days ago

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