Waruui 320 Average item level
(298 equipped)

85 Night Elf Death Knight, Female Member of Free and Wild

Character Stats

Health: 119283 Runic Power: 130


Stamina: 5447
Strength: 2479
Agility: 131
Intellect: 234
Spirit: 188


Attack Power: 5193
Ranged Attack Power: 0
Spell Power: 0
Resilience: 0 (+0.00%)
Mastery Rating: 891 (+4.97)

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An icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering rapid weapon strikes.

A dark guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain $Ghim:her;self in the face of an enemy onslaught.

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Honorable Kills: 1
Rated Battleground Rating: Soon™
2v2 No Team
3v3 No Team
5v5 No Team

Recent Activity »

Kill boss Siamat
5 months ago

Earned the achievement Lost City of the Tol'vir for 10 points.
5 months ago

Kill boss High Prophet Barim
5 months ago

Earned the achievement 5 Daily Quests Complete for 10 points.
5 months ago

Obtained Nightrend Choker
5 months ago

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