Dragonwrath FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Dragonwrath FAQ about Cataclysm realm.

Dragonwrath is our realm based on the Cataclysm expansion focused on patch 4.3.4

We offer Blizzlike rates, that means x1 for everything.

Dragonwrath is almost 6 years old. It was one of the very first Cataclysm realms available.

No, we don't plan on offering such a feature. Netherwing will be a fresh realm and transfers would ruin the realm's progression.

It is a tricky question. Our code, more especially our Cataclysm core has been worked on for more than 6 years, even 7, by more than 20 people overall. The goal was to provide the players with a quality place to play with what this expansion offers, without the goal of earning money. Atlantiss has ran without any donations for over 4 years and offered many of our team members a chance to pursue a career in programming and some are approaching their yet another year of studying it. By releasing the code to the public, we can offer many people the same opportunity, to develop, however, as it is noticeable on the private servers scene, and still is, many people would use the already prepared core to, with lots of upgrades, benefit from it financially, and only financially which would ruin the whole experience in the long run. Releasing the code to the public, we’d be releasing all of the longs hours, over 30933 commits of over 20 people with the risk of someone taking it in the wrong direction, however, this is still up for a debate whereas the same amount of people who would aim to benefit financially could meet the same amount of people whose aim would be to provide a great experience. Overall, the code would be released if all of the authors agree to it, but for now, I wouldn't count on it.

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