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Welcome Atlantiss community!

We're glad to finally be able to begin our migration onto the new website. We'll be doing it gradually in steps due to given the account data and all information combined. In other words, over 300 000 accounts, 69 000 000 login data, 5 000 000 operations on the accounts and all other crucial data. Wherefore it is important for us to correctly migrate onto the new website, securing that all of the data transfers without any flaws. Coding new systems for the website was a necessary endeavour due to the old code and no multi-realm support. After a substantial amount of time of running a server, the excess of data, as well as the systems, supporting and upkeeping them, grew to certain proportions and it began to feel disruptive to manage it. Our goal is to centralize all of it in one place. 

Realm specifics




We wish for the new website to smoothly allow everyone to switch to it from the old one, and each of the modules to be released in the correct order, thus a substantial amount of features will be unavailable at the beginning for what we apologise.

At first, we release the basic features connected with the registration, account management and basic information about the project. 

Below we present with a roadmap which new features you can expect:

  • Banlist
  • Changelog
  • Donation panel (webshop)
  • New module! - Bugtracker
  • New module! - Developer Updates
  • New Armory
  • New module! - Trading market 
  • New module! - Addon module 
  • New module! - Realm statistics 
  • New module! - Support/Complaints 
  • New module! - Articles module

Old Armory and Webshop will be available tomorrow (09.09.2018)

Together with a new Bug Tracker and Changelog systems, we'll begin to introduce a certain way of integration with the game. In other words, if you know your way around creating a World of Warcraft addon, or you're a graphic designer who is able to design a UI, we're open for a collaboration.

You can apply your work, suggestions and report bugs connected with the new website on [email protected]

Every new feature will be announced on our Facebook & Discord

Comments (17)
nemanja12x 1 year ago
A question for a GM or Comunity managers why i cant vote anymore when i reached to 244 vote points?
Toosik2quit 1 year ago
where do i dl game it isnt working?
Waratte 1 year ago
Make changelog asap. It is The most usefull option.
sophia324 1 year ago
Hello all. What would be updated? This website does not have changelog yet ,so I don't know what is updating.
tomatoz 1 year ago
@Melowoz To get to the shop panel, select 'game' at the top, and then under 'Atlantiss' you will find the old armory and shop.
@Terokkar The banlist is not available right now, but it will of course be added again.
tomatoz 1 year ago
RAF is now working again! Check your account settings on the website.
lamgreatine1 1 year ago
they havent made any RAF links on new website yet sadly :/
solshine 1 year ago
Where is the RAF link on new website?
Griffden 1 year ago
Great website.
Melowoz 1 year ago
Why there isn't an option to enter the shop panel on the phone? Or is it excellent hidden? I see the link below in comment but the interface should be more friendly, especially for new people. Cheers. 👼
Terokkar 1 year ago
is there a new banlist? cant find it
lamgreatine1 1 year ago
rip the recruit a friend tab :/, i wanted to lvl up another alot but i aint going for x1 so, u should rly fix it
tomatoz 1 year ago
@flashplayer For the time being, the old shop panel is working:
The same goes for the old armory (
flashplayer 1 year ago
where do we vote now
Jonlikeaboss 1 year ago
Exelent work boys, thats the best wow private sv.
Kaminya 1 year ago
I can't wait for all the new features to launch! It's looking amazing! :D
martijnha 1 year ago
Looks great guys, good job :)
I somehow am missing the RaF page, any link so I can get a friend to play here aswell?
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