Phase 3 Now Live! & Beta Summary
1 year ago 6 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3


We launched our beta 4 weeks ago, and so far we've been truly amazed by all the positive feedback we have received. 500 people tried the beta at launch and our discord server grew from 1500 members before the announcement, to over 4300 as of writing this post. The beta teaser has almost reached 11000 views while our Azeroth showcase has been widely liked and seen by over 4600 people in just about 2 weeks. Around 5700 characters have been made on over 3200 accounts. So far 82 characters have reached at least level 40 with 27 of them being 58 or above, which is an absolutely stunning number for an x1 beta when everyone knows their characters will be removed after it ends. Those who reached at least level 40 will receive a small cosmetic gift from us when the server launches, as a token of our gratitude. 

We definitely did not expect the testers to be this thorough and dedicated. Over 1700 reports have been made so far, ranging from important core and class mechanics, through vanilla dungeons to npcs and the tiniest details. In just a month, we've managed to fix/resolve over 850 issues (at the time of writing this post), which make up over half of all valid reports made, which you can see in the breakdown below (invalid/duplicate tickets not included):


So far we have resolved various player issues (e.g. corpses, ranged attacks, a few pet ones), fixed crashes, freezes and many memory leaks we uncovered, reworked the transports system and its synchronization between server and the client (Deeprun Tram works great now and pets/totems stick to ships and elevators as they should, etc.), improved pathfinding, improved or reworked dungeons such as Blackfathom Deeps, Uldaman, Sunken Temple, Zul'Farrak, Dire Maul or Maraudon as well as fixed hundreds of loot, npc and some quest problems. All the changes are available on discord, but you can also see the full changelog in the post below. There's definitely a lot of work left, but many of the remaining issues are very minor (e.g. any typos, small NPC issues or extremely tiny differences in quest xp) and we believe those can be worked on later on, even after release. Right now, we will be mainly focusing on class issues and Outland dungeons.

During Phase 1.5, in each starting zone you will find a custom NPC which will boost you to level 40 and give you a few items to start with, so if you didn't like leveling from zero, you can give it a try from a little bit higher level. This sub-phase (also named Phase 1.5) will last one week. On 27th of October, Phase 2 will start, and will feature an instant 58 boost and entire Outland open, along with all 5-man normal and heroic dungeons. We're still working on those as you might have seen in the changelog, which is why we're so reluctant to show them before we're entirely certain all issues have been resolved, but a lot of people have been asking us for a video, so here's a test run we recorded a few days ago with the help of a few players:


The server is being made for you, the players, and therefore we would like to know your opinion about a few topics, so please help us out by filling out a small survey which can be found by clicking the image below.

During Phase 2 our players reached over 33 000 hours, that's 3.7 years, of combined /played time, during which, alternatively - one could watch all Breaking Bad seasons over 550 times or watch more than 95% of all content there is on Netflix!
A fine number for a Beta, and we're happy to achieve it. 


We begin Phase 3 on 18.11.2018 at 21:00 CEST. Each player will receive an instant 70 level boost and access to all necessary NPCs with items to help you create the best character for testing.

Ever since the beta started, the community has given us a great amount of support and love and it means the world to us. We're putting a lot of effort into creating this realm and your kind words help us keep going.

Thank you!

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Murtahgt 1 year ago
Is already known the serwer start date?
Sebbe 1 year ago
how many Phase will there be?
Sebbe 1 year ago
When will the server be out?
StandardMong 1 year ago
I'm stuck at "Connected" no matter what.
deepdudu 1 year ago
NVM found realmlist and it was just server was down.
set realmlist
deepdudu 1 year ago
How do we get onto beta realm??
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