Netherwing is now live & update on previous realm situation!
1 year ago 225 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Currently, we peaked with over 7000 people in-game with another over 2000 in the queue.

Realm is online.

Final statement 

As you can see by the increased uptime, we have managed to resolve the main issue behind the crashes and stability should be much better from now on. As the Administrators, the responsibility of fixing the problem was on me and Emtec. It was an incredibly stressful period of time for us, as for 7 days we worked for over 16 hours a day on solving the issue. We barely slept, we barely ate and we pretty much didn't leave our PCs apart from getting some refreshments or at least some glimpses of rest, but in the end, we emerged victorious. This would not be possible without many people and we would like to thank all of them for their help, starting with the Netherwing Team first. Everyone came together and continued to perform their duties even if they weren't always fully informed about what's going on. We would also like to thank other developers who offered their help in this time of need, mainly the Tauri team (Higi, Lightguard, Chris) and Namreeb. They didn't have to, yet they spent days of their time helping us solve the problems. They are incredible people and words cannot express how thankful we are for their support. Collaborations in the private server scene happen very rarely, so we're really happy that it happened on Netherwing, especially in such a troubling time. We're certain that our paths will cross again in the future, hopefully in much better circumstances. 

Additional thanks also go to Whitekidney and Bladez from Light's Hope, for a few tips about potential cause of this and other issues. Obviously, the server would not exist without you - the players. Despite the issues and crashes every half an hour, you kept logging in, you kept playing, you kept testing, which was incredibly important in helping us fix the problem. We received many messages of support and we knew that you kept believing in us. We hope that with those issues resolved you will finally be able to enjoy years of our work put into this project and help us make this server truly special. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Previous updates:

  • Last night, with the help of Tauri devs, we managed to make big progress stability wise and make core fixes and changes. We are now at an 8h uptime mark and it keeps rising. Due to these large core changes we have introduced some new bugs that haven't been seen before and Emtec is fixing some of them as we speak while Wolfenstein will take care of others. We are still monitoring the server performance for any new issue and crashes. We are not finished yet! Thank you!

  • At present we're working with the Tauri team in solving the crashes that have been bothering us and you. Until now, we've pushed fixes in our core that will help us determine any further potential causes. We, in all honesty, apologise for the current state of stability, we can't express that enough, this is not the intention we had in mind, nor wished for. We're not updating you on our every move since we don't wish to provide you only with all sorts of synonyms of "we're working on it". We care about the result as do our community. We hope that with this joint effort we'll deal with the current state of matters way faster, about which we'll surely inform. To address some concerns, unfortunately, this issue can't be dealt with a closed realm. In order to fix the issue, the whole server needs to be under load. We do care about your comfort, despite how the current stability does not reflect that and will continue to work nights and days to secure the stability in which everyone can enjoy the content we've created.
  • We would like to brief you on the format of the current situation and explain what we're up to. This instance we're battling with a single type of crash that keeps on appearing. While running the server with an enabled sanitizer we have gathered some data, which unfortunately wasn't enough, as the server was working far too slow, and thus, wasn't able to trigger the cause of our crashes. Currently, we've compiled the server in debug mode which will provide us with additional data, necessary to resolve the current stability issue. We're certain that they're not caused by any unusual or uncommon player's behaviour or exploits. This is not an easy type of crash to fix, nonetheless, we're positive that we'll surely deal with, by localizing exactly where in our code this situation occurs with the help of previously mentioned, gathered data. We're receiving warm words and waves of encouragement from our playerbase for which we're naturally thankful, never have we witnessed such warm feedback despite the issues. No issues of the sort will dampen our spirits and we'll continue to work day and night to finally find the ultimate solution. As for acknowledgements, it's due to appreciate and give credit to a few of our colleagues to whom we owe many thanks for their willingness and determination to help us.

  • We've noted a few good runs, with over 3 hours of uptime. However, the realm still suffers from crashes, developers are constantly working day and night on finding the ultimate solution.

  • The developers today have narrowed the crashes to be cooldown bound, however, they are not caused by every spell or item out there, but by a specific mechanic, they're experimenting since this morning with various solutions. Thankfully we've managed to somehow deal with crashes that occurred every few minutes, which were most annoying and frustrating for you and continue onwards with the rest of the issues that occur every half an hour or more.

  • To address some concerns - the population is not the main issue, as in server load. We've noted relatively moderate diff at our peak, which is the result of work done before we launched. It's an uncomfortable mess to experience the crashes as they ruin the overall joy of enjoying the content and frustrate each time they occur. All the hard work that went into scripting content in-game is now deranged by these issues. It's a priority and the developers continue to work on it, we have noted a few good uptime runs, however, it is not enough. We've prepared well in terms of optimization, however, we did not prepare enough in terms of potential crashes. We're constantly working, finding new solutions and trying them out, most crashes are located immediately, being worked on.

Join our Discord (below) to be up to date!

The main source of communication isour Discord, so make sure to join it and be up to date with any issues and information!

Make sure to read our FAQ and Information about the realm!

Connection Guide

If you already have a "The Burning Crusade" client:

  • Locate and open a "" file which can be found in the main game folder.

  • Change the realmlist inside to: set realmlist and click "save".

  • Launch the game using the "wow.exe" and use your login and password.

  • Enjoy the game.

If you don't have a "The Burning Crusade" client:

  • Download a client from our website.

  • Unpack it wherever you want and enjoy the game.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Download Links

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Comments (225)
Zelzar 7 months ago
what happen with dragonwrath realm??
Athiras 10 months ago
None of the download links works, plz fix
CautiousCloud 10 months ago
the server doesn't show up for me to join-- what am i missing
Darter 10 months ago
"we peaked with over 7000 people in-game" HOW? How the hell did you manage that if when there are 2000ppl online you can't log in because of the queue?!?!?!?!?
Fatballs 10 months ago
I am on dragonwrath. But there is none online. Is netherwing a new server? How to get there?
Grimester 10 months ago
cannot wait for the game to download.i have 2minutes left
this server's going to be so good
Andrew404 11 months ago
Addons on site please :)
Czero2000 11 months ago
plis link mini 4.3.4
guodong 11 months ago
There is no game manager in the game. Six days have passed since I sent an email. No game manager has responded to me, disappointed with the crowd who managed the game.
masflashterx 11 months ago
What pvp season is now on this server
Ninehills42 11 months ago
No there are no chinese, Mr Qian Jianzhou (apart from goldseller bots)
qianjianzhou 11 months ago
Othentik 11 months ago
Aloha, amazing work as usual !
Big Thank You to the team !
flamespeedy 11 months ago
whats pop like now?
Kamyck 11 months ago
Shame that you are not developing Cataclysm server anymore. It was most epic Cata realm ever.
Apathetic 11 months ago
Hey guys, I'm new to the TBC server. Just wondering, is the download supposed to take a long time?
Naj 11 months ago
Greetings! Dear fellow tbc players, this is my first private server experience. Can’t wait till the download is complete, and I can join you, my fellow comrades
lzipzapl 11 months ago
Server Dawn]??
yhj42271 11 months ago
1 houurs ago
twardy67 11 months ago
Server down at this moment?
Mindosanas 11 months ago
1h ago 2700+ for horde
Gricc 11 months ago
how many ppls on this server?
oldfox 11 months ago
server offline
Shazabra 11 months ago
yeah I have offline server as well
Wali 11 months ago
server off line?
keresito2 11 months ago
why i cant see server population? its hide ....
wingedwolf123 11 months ago
if gonna focus on tbc exclusively now should work with another cata server to allow transfers to there also instead of only the option to go to MoP at tauri , rather just play cata which is kinda hard with an average of only 20-30 ppl on these days
longge 11 months ago
Hello Game Administrator!

My game account: Heike

When I logged in, I was prompted that my game account was frozen!

I don't know what caused it!

I didn't do anything illegal in the game!

Five days have passed and I haven't received any information about the game account number.

When can I solve my problems? Am I just waiting like this?

I'm disappointed with the result. I hope the game manager can solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you.
longge 11 months ago
My game account has been frozen
Hello! Game Administrator

I have to write to you again. Two days have passed and my game account has not been thawed yet.

My mailbox did not receive any reply!

I didn't do anything illegal during the game. I don't understand why my account number was frozen.

I hope to unfreeze the game account as soon as possible. Thank you.
Piotr2005 11 months ago
nie moge się zalogować !
bagol 11 months ago
бобик здох?
dolbaob 1 year ago
Crsitian 1 year ago
Population ?
Gog 1 year ago
Hi all, hope this is fun.
Dbredron420 1 year ago
I po servie , dzieki za rok DS i poł HC fajnie było .
sepr0n 1 year ago
Just crashed 2 times within 10 minutes. Great server otherwise!
santi123 1 year ago
thank you guys, the server is amazing, keep it up!
Tem 1 year ago
How long is it going to be down for?
Wormtail 1 year ago
Pecka 1 year ago
crashing again?
devilwithin 1 year ago
Im getting stuck in realm connection menu, anyone else experiencing this problem?
byk9588 1 year ago
I think you can start the sponsorship model! After all, you need to maintain this server to work properly!
newermind97 1 year ago
wow, netherwing, great moves! proud of you. keep it up!
baekbun 1 year ago
i believe in yall, try your hardest
M3N4C3 1 year ago
This shit crashed every hour lol. Why not release a stable version instead of giving us buggy ass server which crashes and makes people angry??
HenriqueMendonca 1 year ago
I still have high hopes for this project and I trust the devs are doing all they can to fix this current issue. Have patience, ladies and gentlemen.
ikuzo 1 year ago
Tlustytony 1 year ago
I think with this errors that Server is experiencing the toxic community will go to other servers and good people will stay but I am not sure
C2h5oh 1 year ago
still offline?
Blackdriv3r 1 year ago
Thanks for the effort NW team! Fingers crossed you get the server up and running again without the crashes. Peace!
Nerlien 1 year ago
Be patient guys, It isn't easy and I believe, that NW team do what they can. It would be a pity if this great server was ended due to crashes. Strength and honour with you.

PS: I have never seen the private server with better scripting of quests.
newermind97 1 year ago
@Sweetjeff - calm down, nerd.
@stikerok - the stability issues of this server came mostly AFTER launch. There were less than 1k players in beta, and for the opening around 10k people showed up. You can't really expect the Netherwing staff for expecting that amount of players, thus they couldn't prepare for them.
Resdan 1 year ago
The server is online or not? i always get Dc in the login
Akidr 1 year ago
Thank you for trying to fix the bugs ! I really hope you get them fixed, looking forward to play here - I wouldnt mind few updates everynow and again to know how things are going. I know you said you wouldnt bother us with minor updates and stuff .. but perhaps somebody in the comment section could contribute ?

Best of luck
phoenix8080 1 year ago
Thank you for everything Atlantiss team, despite the crashes.
Oblik 1 year ago
f%ck this server!
Delo93 1 year ago
Cant log in ? why ? server are online but i can create a char...
ARMERICA 1 year ago
stiker0k 1 year ago
Whats wrong with this server? Give the exact date when you fix the disconnects in the announcement. I'm certainly not an expert, but first you need to fix the bugs and then announce the opening of the server
Sweetjeff 1 year ago
so why am i stuck at "authenticating" while multiple streamers and friends of mine are already back online playing? btw how many crashes have you had this week? certainly over 9000 at least, that's for damn sure.. this is getting really pathetic guys, fucking fix your shit, how hard could it be to KEEP A SERVER FROM CRASHING EVERY FUCKING 15 MINUTES!? i've never experienced a more unstable private server throughout these 8 years of playing on different private servers
herrdoktorr 1 year ago
My character "Salazard" dissapeared from retrieve character screen after last crash!!! Is he deleted due crash? Please help me!!
newermind97 1 year ago
The only other TBC server I have ever played on was Sargeras/Narnias back in the day (quite densely populated for it's time), and even after years of being live they had crashes and rollbacks at least a few times a week, if not several times a day.
Netherwing is amazing, the scriping gives me actual joy. Especially the roleplaying aspects are incredible. Just today I was doing the 1st Night Elf quest in Ghostlands, and I killed the leader, and all the other NPCs instantly went after me. This is what I have always wanted in WoW and Netherwing delivers!
I am sure that now, with the joint effort of Netherwing and Tauri, the stability will increase considerably.
Keep up the good work and dab on dem haters fam squad.
ARMERICA 1 year ago
i wont come back unless they set everyone back to 1 and start over after they fix the server... this experience gave me aids
frozenblaze9 1 year ago
server kick me out everytime
Sahrot364 1 year ago
We belive in you Atlantiss DEVS! Do your best! \o/
Mindosanas 1 year ago
Uhvoidme Do you realy think Activiosion Blizzard not going to mess with classic wow ? Personaly i don't trust Activision Blizzard at all anymore :D
empster 1 year ago
played a couple hours, looked great so far!! keep it up
bambucia 1 year ago
Россия с вами, удачи в разработке!
uhvoidme 1 year ago
server is promising just a bump in the road.. and wtf else do u guys have to do till classic? lets be real =P
Bigmim 1 year ago
Come on developers you are the best
iwcham1979 1 year ago
This will be soooo gooood.... The most important thing is that there is healthy population, and it seems very well scripted.... So dont be morons. Show some patience, understanding, and respect!
Oblik 1 year ago
Фу что за говносерв
LordRuiz 1 year ago
What a shame.. This could be so good..
papercuts 1 year ago
what are the different possible outcomes to this problem?
vracasss 1 year ago
its now off for ever?
herrdoktorr 1 year ago
Wish you guys all the best and good . No matter what i ll stick with you.

Thnx for the hardwork to gaing this game for us.
hunrech 1 year ago
i like this server....too bad for disconets. but i still like it and i hope you can fix it soon
i think there will be plenty of people giving you bad rating for those server crashes but i also belive there will be still many people that will like what you have done here and after while there will be noone who will remeber how hard it was at begining and then they just enjoy the gameplay
it remids me when i started to masturbating, at the begining i had no idea what i was doing but i enjoyed it, and now i dont know how it started but i still enjoy it and i hope same will happend with your server GL HF
CADET 1 year ago
Thanks goes to the devs and staff for giving us this server. Keep up the hard work.

What is with the rest of you guys? Over entitled millennials? They gave us this server for FREE and support if for FREE and you all complain about it. Almost every mmo I have played has had server issues at launch even the big triple A companies
truepower 1 year ago
even after 500 years work for and old expansion still crashes,bugs,etc etc next time better start working on super mario maybe you will do better job
CitizenMaxiao 1 year ago
have fun guys
Ilovehorde 1 year ago
It's all good, by the time a 1000 ppl ragequite from constant disconnects i'll finally dl the client and catch up with u guys :)
lazar300 1 year ago
hopefully you read this, we will all follow threw max content but it cant be like this, plox <3
goshadvp 1 year ago
очередная помойка!!!
abracadabrah 1 year ago
COOL , ill be playing ;D
RyuKv 1 year ago
Maybe you should think about making us server and eu server in my opinion they are to many players on one server. And we don’t want to be the next nostalrius. is great that we have so many players but myth bring to much attention from blizzard
Pepeson 1 year ago
Во прикол. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект. Окей. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект. Окей. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект. Окей. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект. Окей. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект. Окей. Ввожу логин и пароль, захожу на сервер, начинаю создавать персонажа - дисконнект...
fankymonk 1 year ago
говно ваш сервер
Pixiestixie 1 year ago
What are the race and class breakdown statistics so far?
Sanny18 1 year ago
Just downloaded the client. Logged in for 30 seconds. Server down.
Wali 1 year ago
kingkong28 1 year ago
I cant even login :(
imustpoo 1 year ago
shouldnt have released it so soon, going to lose a lot of people before the server even starts practically, because the constant disconnects #rip
Mindflayx 1 year ago
this server is so ngr
AZuRan66 1 year ago
anyone hyped to play deeemon hunter?
Daogon 1 year ago
on horde side there are always 2-3k ppl, same on the ally side I think, so I d say around 5-7k ppl
Setbull 1 year ago
Whats the population?
Anomuumi 1 year ago
Fix dem servers bois, I want to start slaying newbs in PvP!
Got into toon creation once, pressed ok aaaand.......disconnected
today666 1 year ago
servers are amazing hard to log in and crashes after 10 or 20 min gameplay
Ajkulica 1 year ago
After 14 years! Loging soon
Dogmansenior 1 year ago
Dakris 1 year ago
anyone knows a other good 4.3.4 server ?
Groccchu 1 year ago
Co jest z ty co Connect..... ???
killabeez 1 year ago
IM NOT NOOB HELP PLS seted realmlist and loged on site u but cant log in game
sebastian1289 1 year ago
Kocur Wielki to nie pograsz w TBC ;p
KocurWielki 1 year ago
A co jak mam clienta CATASLYSM a nie The Burning Crusade?
normanseal 1 year ago
i still can't log in... and the one time i DID actually log in to create a toon - i was disconnected. WORK the bugs out boys... this is NOT how you run a good P Server. I'm out.
jihi 1 year ago
да тьфу на вас достали
jihi 1 year ago
wtf with that stupid server?
yeeticus 1 year ago
still not able to log in since 7 last night everyone is level 30 by now :(
Jes 1 year ago
why can't I come in? constantly disconnected, while others play
Madeg 1 year ago
Server keep crashing.. 3 years for THIS ?!
Remajk 1 year ago
What did disappoint you?
ashe1285 1 year ago
Totally dissapointed, too much hype for NOTHING.
tedek 1 year ago
Stalker2133 1 year ago
Connected,what is going on?
Anub-Rath 1 year ago
i wrote my password and i only have connected...
Sweetjeff 1 year ago
are we gonna come online again tonight anytime soon? i just wanna login and use hearthstone so i get rested bonus then GO TO SLEEP WTF
laolang 1 year ago
Three years of restoration, great
Plaun 1 year ago
hey thanks for banning me off your discord for saying "server crashing with 3k people online! 3 years in the making btw! Great server! :D" how fragile can you be? lmao
lecterz0r 1 year ago
I cannot login... Keep in connected!
Skootz 1 year ago
kicked out of character creation screen. Not the end of the world, though. Launches never go smoothly.
Volnus 1 year ago
@Inshadowz, download WinRAR and extract the file
Inshadowz 1 year ago
how am i supposed to play the game if i download the torrent and it's literally some shitty 7z internet explorer file that does NOTHING?????????????
Volnus 1 year ago
Everyone saying they can play; How? I try logging in and just get an instant 'Disconnected from server'' message without even getting to the character screen.
Inshadowz 1 year ago
uhhmm so like i downloaded the game and it's a 7z file that i can't do shit with, wtf is this?
Dakris 1 year ago
Working, IM ONLINE
Dakris 1 year ago
nope - dont working
Aledoom 1 year ago
Dragonwrath is not work again?
chuchomomo 1 year ago
We have problem on Dragonwrath no on Netherwing... In Dragonwrath is crasht realmlist...!!!!!!
Pavlova 1 year ago
Why is there only nightbane?
Addra 1 year ago
Cata Server is offline
Ulvar 1 year ago
Still offline?
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
go to sunwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feripista4 1 year ago
So why did the old server fall and just do not start it again? But the players are left unnecessary on Friday night
Ninehills42 1 year ago
Well guys, i dont think there is a thing called easy server launch :P
Farid77 1 year ago
Worst server lauch 2019
feripista4 1 year ago
We have problem on Dragonwrath no on Netherwing... In Dragonwrath is crasht realmlist...
Yingyangmanggg 1 year ago
Fucking relax people. How many servers got launched with this many people trying to log in. There are so many people that have beenwaiting for this. I cant wait to come home from work and try it. If not I'll wait a week till its started to move a bit.
Dbredron420 1 year ago
Bigmim 1 year ago
Server picture quality and sense of attack are very good, hope Netherwing is lucky
dkj 1 year ago
Take your time, devs! Down time is not the end of the world.
Dbredron420 1 year ago
feripista4 1 year ago
Dragonwrath is crashed... pls... start it...
Dakris 1 year ago
need to play.. its friday :D
ARMERICA 1 year ago
worth the wait
Patric 1 year ago
you guys you probably do! and that's why i have problems logging in and i'm popping out server of "Dragonwrath - recommended". how much longer will it last because i want to play?
ARMERICA 1 year ago
33 in line
feripista4 1 year ago
Cataclism have been crashed 1 hour...
md75 1 year ago
Nico994 1 year ago
unable to connect for 2 hours now absolute joke, empty promises shouldn't even have bothered making a server if you cant handle it.
iadumalor 1 year ago
ive waiting in queue for 20 mins and disconnected
Kyy 1 year ago
Some ppl have logged but the respawn time of the mobs is extremly slow. Should it not be on dynamic respawn? One guy is streaming and there are 40 ppl waitin to tag one boar in orc startin area.
snakese 1 year ago
in queue position 952 )
DuGalle 1 year ago
Have Fate long time ago the first lunch of World of Warcraft was disastrous also ;)
yeeticus 1 year ago
i want my money back! oh wait it's free, no stress lov ya guys :D
majeR 1 year ago
in queue position 1545 lol xD
Me 1 year ago
stuck on connected for 20 secs then says unable to connect
mlody4321 1 year ago
me too stuck on connected
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
server says live but lies
yeeticus 1 year ago
not working, stuck on connected
Alkeron 1 year ago
Im in queue. Position 203.
magooor 1 year ago
sto lat,sto lat niech zyje zyje nam
havitsharkoon 1 year ago
the server is going to launch today ofc it would be some bugs for a few days
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
whole site crashed lmfao trash
Wolowix 1 year ago
Still nothing nah
Farid77 1 year ago
chill out ppl its maybe 19 pm server time ..
havitsharkoon 1 year ago
not working for us xd
lovro23 1 year ago
idk what are you talking guys the server is online,working fine ..
Bleilock 1 year ago
weeeeell, tnh im not surprised this is happening, this is probably one of the tbc servers with biggest hype (quality-wise) in history of private servers and hundreds and thousands of us logging in in the same time on fresh new server, has to be bound to have at least some sort problem with the launch, i hope they fix it soon, this gives me time to roll another one ^^
Ilumll 1 year ago
Yea... this is way to blizz like xD
Aldarone68 1 year ago
plz only tell us if server open today or not...
mlody4321 1 year ago
can't log in. i haven;t realm to select
benoni 1 year ago
still 20 min left ?
Cleganebowl 1 year ago
Well, at least Cleganebowl will happen in 2019
Hownoobish123 1 year ago
fakeme 1 year ago
megakratos 1 year ago
gg no server :(..................
DangerDave 1 year ago
time to make some toast
jihi 1 year ago
You are not prepared!
Koriun1992 1 year ago
ashqt 1 year ago
biggest chungus
Dogmansenior 1 year ago
Big Chungus
Mikai 1 year ago
not today... ^^
Akinestik 1 year ago
Open Sesame
LordTomasz 1 year ago
autenticating.. and nothing
havitsharkoon 1 year ago
i will never betrayed alliance race ally ftw!!!!!!!!
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
welp back to sunwell i go
PewBarbie 1 year ago
DavidM 1 year ago
Раслабте булки. будет все .все вместе нахлынули вот и хост не выдержал )
Pasiphae 1 year ago
unable to connect , think i wait a little bit. i'm so happy it's playtime
pasglo 1 year ago
Back to unable to connect.
chabuka 1 year ago
pay to win?
vanek121 1 year ago
какой реалм
sinmies 1 year ago
Unable to connect.
pepperwood 1 year ago
enchanter 375 looking for job - free with your mats
LordRuiz 1 year ago
Thomas er sød
ashqt 1 year ago
epic bruh moment
sulfarinol 1 year ago
Hey guys. It will be online soon ! so many peps are logging at same time. We are going to crash it XD
Dogmansenior 1 year ago
stays stuck on connecting.... :(
Petor 1 year ago
I'm level 10 already
sebastian1289 1 year ago
set realmlist with space or without ?
thai2high 1 year ago
i can login ingame but no realm to select
jihi 1 year ago
u stupid troll
Hownoobish123 1 year ago
@lovro23 , dont lie , we all have feelings ok :O !
lovro23 1 year ago
idk about you guys but im online!!
Farid77 1 year ago
is the server online its 19:8 still can.t see nohing
raistlinmajerx 1 year ago
Is it on ?
havitsharkoon 1 year ago
gogoogog still not working :D
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
wont let me connect lmao
Paladyn 1 year ago
set realmlist
989700 1 year ago
28 minutes
davidsaweena2017 1 year ago
how long till launch i live in canada x)
Ptyty 1 year ago
@Erodine download the game again i think it will fix your problem
Erodine 1 year ago
I get WoW error issues when going to shat... Anyone know a fix to this? :\
thalanius 1 year ago
2 hours, hype hype :)
drnick88101 1 year ago
make sure the file is not set to read only
Sweetjeff 1 year ago
sarutor 1 year ago
see you in game guys
Seperest 1 year ago
See you guys in a few days. I never start a server right when it's launched due to the fact that its almost never stable and theres 10000 people questing in the same spot lol.
GrouseTv 1 year ago
To the owners of this server, if the server is flooded, you should definitely up the spawn rate as private servers die quickly if not!
filini1 1 year ago
At 7 pm I hope to be there otherwise I will definitely be there tomorrow morning
Snusmumriken 1 year ago
So excited!!
Necgrados 1 year ago
Cant wait! Way to hyed!
karja 1 year ago
First! Hyped
GrouseTv 1 year ago
hey guys, I cant seem to change my realm list as it keeps saying access denied, any help? :)
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