Atlantiss Dragonwrath's journey to continue on Tauri!
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Dear community,

Long time since our last announcement and as many of our players already know the Netherwing team has been out there developing a Burning Crusade realm under the Atlantiss sign, making a new home and a place to play and enjoy their time for many new and old players. On the launch day, we were faced with a challenge that surprised the whole team and obstructed the comfort of gameplay of every player. After few days of brawling with it, we've joined our forces with Tauri, an admirable team who host a distinguished Mists of Pandaria server, who've offered their help.

It was a wonderful emotion to witness, collaborating with another team on the private server scene, especially in such a critical time as well as considering past events on the before-mentioned private server scene. They didn't have to do that, yet they dedicated their time for the benefit of the community.

Many ex-Atlantiss developers came together with the Netherwing team and Tauri and gave their helping hand, it was just like the old days when we began our journey in 2011 eventually rising to be one of the most populated blizzlike Cataclysm private servers and it was one long and a crazy ride throughout these almost 8 years of developing it, and when we say a crazy one, we mean it! The waves and amount of players who enjoyed our content since then was enormous and we can't express how much this project helped so many members of our team to develop their own skills and forge memories, and so it will forever be carved into the stones which bear our history and origins.

Right after the critical issues were solved on Netherwing, we've continued to stay in touch as we've both watched the work of one another before and continued to chat and code in our companionship, subsequently this is when we came up with an idea regarding our Cataclysm realm, thence, after many conversations, figuring out the details blueprint, we've decided to effectuate this through and make it real.

Thus, with no further ado, on the 29th of January, we'll be enabling free transfers from Dragonwrath to Tauri!

Transfers will not require you to share any personal information with Tauri and will be performed in a moderate manner as more specific details will be announced in the upcoming days. 

You can already register on their website as you're going to need a new account!

We thank you for staying with us for so long and allowing us to create and upkeep a wonderful place which someday can be a reason to trip down the memory lane with your friends, however, your character's journey will not end here and will be continued in the realm of Mists of Pandaria!

Comments (73)
kebinite 6 months ago
wait so no cataclysm? just pandas now? That's the reason I left retail.

I'm out.
Draaken 7 months ago
Is there any chance you could reduce the character level limit for transfer down from 80-85 to maybe 20 or 30? I've several lower level toons I'd like to transfer. Thanks
sprito 7 months ago
wtf you did -_- i cant see my characters :/
txo1337 7 months ago
trash server pls go down
jasmiins 8 months ago
Don't bother. They don't give a damn about their players. That's the only blizzlike feature on this pathetic server - (dis)respect to their players and supporters... Run and don't look back.
extroncos 8 months ago
When i want do a transfer to Tauri, i dont see my characters.. wtf ? i have 10 characters on atlantiss..
diversity12 8 months ago
When i want do a transfer to Tauri, i dont see my characters.. wtf ? i have 10 characters on atlantiss..
Bruczi 8 months ago
Yeah. Where is Dragonwrath ? It is not working :C
Gromi 9 months ago
Where is Dragonwrath? Why it is disabled when you guys said that it wouldn't be shutdowned? :c
Zephyria_PL 9 months ago
oh man, another transfer... and i came here from sunwell...
speaking of transfers - when i click on the tauri transfers page, i get a "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." message :( this just makes me even sadder, as im very attached to my characters even though i havent played wow in a long while...
Paoni 10 months ago
Am I missing the reason why this is being done?
Addra 10 months ago
Some people gets no transfer
austere 10 months ago
transfers will be available probably at 23:59 xd
Mytyn 10 months ago
Staff some info maybe ? :D
Nitko 10 months ago
Come on let me trasfer!!!
Inkaten 10 months ago
*Daenerys Targaryen voice*

Risen2 10 months ago
@Dbredron420 nie no chyba bedzie xd
Dbredron420 10 months ago
RIP transfer
fabsguitarcore 10 months ago
you really think there will be something like a transfer...? ^^
jimmyjey 10 months ago
yea, im waiting to for tranfer ;p pls don't let us wait for too long ;p pretty Onegai
Risen2 10 months ago
so ? xd where is transfer ?
Sitiveni 10 months ago
Do I have to transfer a whole Account or a single Char? How much gold can I take with me? Is the amount of gold per Char or per Account?
aywan 10 months ago
come on its almost 30
bobita24 10 months ago
fuck my life life is a fucking lie
sophia324 10 months ago
8pm and still can not transfer. but why? i have waited for this from week.
Dbredron420 10 months ago
" For the transfer to take place we won't need any personal information from the players moving to Tauri. No personal information or data is shared at any point between Tauri & Atlantiss.

The newly arriving players will have to register an account on Tauri, since their character will be transferred to that account, and from there they will be given the choice of realm (Tauri or Evermoon) they would like to transfer to. "
bobita24 10 months ago
anybody knows when we can transfer?
leon203 10 months ago
Można juz zrobic transfer
Did we can transfer now ?
muker 10 months ago
Polecam evermoon przynajmniej chat po angielsku i więcej polaków gra.
Higi 10 months ago
Announcement coming around 20:00-22:00 stay tuned
sharktm 10 months ago
both tauri realms (tauri and evermoon) have crossrealm dungeons/battlegrounds/raid finder/etc.
tommerrilin 10 months ago
From their forum it looks like at 20:00 (8pm) in Hungary time it will become available possibly. They have tested it and it is working. as of the time of this post it is 3:42pm in Hungary.
Phoenixx 10 months ago
any news already?
mlodeusz 10 months ago
How to transfer ? Antoine have solutions ?
Sitiveni 10 months ago
On there are some points like "Migration". Think there you can do the transfer when it will work.
Laykonik 10 months ago They still working about it
austere 10 months ago
i'll stay on evermoon
Elarmby09 10 months ago
РУССКОГОВОРЯЩИЕ давайте к нам на ТАУРИ Х1! Наш дискорд -
leon203 10 months ago
Did we can now transfer. If yes how ?
Thorox 10 months ago
evermoon is the eng server
austere 10 months ago
alright , there are two realms on tauri : tauri 1x and evermoon 2x , but the where most of atlantiss are going to transfer bigger hungarian speaking tauri or less but international one ?
Skrabek 10 months ago
Have I need to do something to transfer or it will happen automatically?
Piotr2005 10 months ago
zegnaj atlantis ja juszpsszzeszłem na tauri będę tęsknić i milew wspominać głupie tbc zcze wszstkim szcze scia i sukcesuw natałri moze się tam spotkamy
Thorox 10 months ago
it hasnt started yet i am waiting sinds 7am
Skrabek 10 months ago
How can I transfer an account?
Elarmby09 10 months ago
so... how long to wait ?
Exsidia 10 months ago
W8ing for some news about transfer..
kikoros4041 10 months ago
how can transfer ?/??
alexisgohan6 10 months ago
Here, waiting :´v
wujek420 10 months ago
How or When we can transfer our characters ??
Redcore 10 months ago
its 29! :D im eager! :D where is the option on user panel? :P
Tarazanos 10 months ago
Will a transfer mean I will lose my character on Atlantiss? Or will they stay and just be duplicated to Tauri? I have so many memories on these characters from 5+ years ago I wouldn't wanna lose.
Inkaten 10 months ago
So... when's the details? Need new info soon.
Cruppa 10 months ago
where or how can register my transfer.ty
ART 10 months ago
for the people that already has an account on taury with same name characters like myself, can we get them replaced with drgonwrath ones? I don't wanna loose my chars from cata and i don't mind playing them on MoP
mysticbeing 10 months ago
My characters on Atlantiss are all at Alliance. But I am now playing on Tauri at Horde. Could we choose realm and faction during the transer?
Viconia 10 months ago
Well tauri is good sccripted server, but their community is unpleasant.
amalande 10 months ago
Does it mean that the cataclysm realm here ceases to exist? Or does it mean if we want to retain our chars we are forced to migrate to a server (with a different expansion)? What about the folks who would like to continue exploring this expansion instead of going into MOP?
jissa 10 months ago
how about our ach and things in bag if its just char transfer, please make it a full copy
Redcore 10 months ago
u just made my day....
ashrasmun 10 months ago
Well... Part of the magic of adventure is the fact that it is not eternal. I'm happy that I could play on Atlantiss. Thank you.
vladovlado1 10 months ago
That is great, thank you for it. Its probably asking for too much, but is there any chance we can all get free faction changes before the transfers are enabled? Some of us moved already and are in the opposite faction, transfers would be useless unless we also pay for a faction change, race change, account swap or whatever it is.
ca22 10 months ago
is it possible to transfer from Aliance to Horde on Tauri? :)
R127 10 months ago
The part that confuses me is this, "We thank you for staying with us for so long and allowing us to create and upkeep a wonderful place which someday can be a reason to trip down the memory lane with your friends, however, your character's journey will not end here and will be continued in the realm of Mists of Pandaria!"

Does this mean Dragonwrath will stay around for trips down memory lane? In which case, are we being forced to transfer if we want to keep our characters, or is this just being extended to the remaining players as an option?
Dbredron420 10 months ago
dzieki , nie musze expic :V
Scilla 10 months ago
So...ehm...maybe i'm not really good at read but...what does it mean? The Dragonwrath server will be closed here and given to Tauri where we will be able to go through Myst of Pandaria?
Higi 10 months ago
More details should be announced soon. So stay tuned
Taries 10 months ago
Thanks Higi ;)
Higi 10 months ago
You'll only need an account to exist on Tauri, it's not required to be called the same. You'll only be able to transfer your toon if you have an account already, because the toon has to land somewhere :P So the name doesn't actually matter :)
aywan 10 months ago
well it's sad to let you guys go, but im glad i will get back to playing my old characters again on MoP settings
can't wait
Taries 10 months ago
So a little question. What if we have accounts both on atlantiss and tauri already. Will transferring be possible within old accounts and if so, will it be possible to transfer characters if they have the same name as their Tauri counterpart.
Orkazm 10 months ago
yea we already knew this was gonna end up being a Tauri project after they saved your asses on Netherwing, noone with a brain calls this Atlantiss anymore.
Zunther 10 months ago
Very cool! Could this mean an eventual shared launcher with Tauri to access both Atlantiss and Tauri servers in one launcher like BNet sometime in the future?
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