Tauri transfer guide & future of Dragonwrath.
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Transfers are here with details, make sure to carefully read through the rule set and how to perform your transfer! 

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Transfer Guide

First and foremost, you need to create an account on Tauri HERE.

The way you do the transfer is you create a hash of your character on Atlantiss' website, and after logging in on Tauri's site, you need to enter the hash and choose a realm to transfer to (Tauri, WoD or Evermoon).

After you've chosen a realm, the script copies your Atlantiss character to Tauri in the state you logged it out. Characters are only transferrable once, and they keep everything they have apart from certain Atlantiss store items that aren't and will not be available on Tauri store, items with a high vendor value and legacy items. 

The full list can be found HERE.

  • Your character will only keep 2000 gold unless transferring to Warriors of Darkness, where you can keep all your money.
  • Only characters with level from 80 - 85 can be transferred.
  • On arrival, your character will automatically get a rename flag, so you'll have to choose a name for it before you can play.
  • After being transferred, characters cannot be traded or sent to a different account for two months.
  • We reserve the right to remove any items that weren't intended to be transferred due to their value, or any gold that was brought over due to a loophole.

Follow the guide and you're prepared to take the land of Pandaria by the storm!

Note: No personal data will be transferred between Atlantiss and Tauri. 

Future of Dragonwrath

About a few concerns regarding Dragonwrath, we want to assure the community that the characters on Dragonwrath will not be deleted if you transfer them onto Tauri and the realm will remain open to the public and everyone will be able to log in and play around, the realm, however, will not be supported by our development team. The players nonetheless still have to abide by our rules and any abuse of it will result in a punishment. The Dragonwrath forums will remain open for a while, but ultimately will be closed and will be accessible only in view mode and become a public Cataclysm expansion archive. The only existing and active Atlantiss forums will be the ones for Netherwing, however, bear in mind they're focused around the Burning Crusade expansion. 

We've tried and still try but we simply can't choose the correct words that would wholesomely and to the point express how much we're thankful for all the hardcore and dedicated players we had the opportunity to welcome on Dragonwrath, the raid releases they've been through with us, the major events such as going international and adjusting the whole realm to the newcomers, converting from a 4.0.6a to a 4.3.4 client and core, accepting many character transfers which resulted in a huge growth to our daily peak, the amount of friends and developers who have joined us and sticked around for quite some time creating memories beyond valuable as well as all future patch releases that have been hard for us. 

It taught us many valuable lessons which permanently affected us in a very positive way and we'll surely use that knowledge in our future endeavours. 

We hope you'll enjoy your journey on Tauri or join us on Netherwing!

Thank you!

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