Tauri transfer guide & future of Dragonwrath.
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Transfers are here with details, make sure to carefully read through the rule set and how to perform your transfer! 

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Transfer Guide

First and foremost, you need to create an account on Tauri HERE.

The way you do the transfer is you create a hash of your character on Atlantiss' website, and after logging in on Tauri's site, you need to enter the hash and choose a realm to transfer to (Tauri, WoD or Evermoon).

After you've chosen a realm, the script copies your Atlantiss character to Tauri in the state you logged it out. Characters are only transferrable once, and they keep everything they have apart from certain Atlantiss store items that aren't and will not be available on Tauri store, items with a high vendor value and legacy items. 

The full list can be found HERE.

  • Your character will only keep 2000 gold unless transferring to Warriors of Darkness, where you can keep all your money.
  • Only characters with level from 80 - 85 can be transferred.
  • On arrival, your character will automatically get a rename flag, so you'll have to choose a name for it before you can play.
  • After being transferred, characters cannot be traded or sent to a different account for two months.
  • We reserve the right to remove any items that weren't intended to be transferred due to their value, or any gold that was brought over due to a loophole.

Follow the guide and you're prepared to take the land of Pandaria by the storm!

Note: No personal data will be transferred between Atlantiss and Tauri. 

Future of Dragonwrath

About a few concerns regarding Dragonwrath, we want to assure the community that the characters on Dragonwrath will not be deleted if you transfer them onto Tauri and the realm will remain open to the public and everyone will be able to log in and play around, the realm, however, will not be supported by our development team. The players nonetheless still have to abide by our rules and any abuse of it will result in a punishment. The Dragonwrath forums will remain open for a while, but ultimately will be closed and will be accessible only in view mode and become a public Cataclysm expansion archive. The only existing and active Atlantiss forums will be the ones for Netherwing, however, bear in mind they're focused around the Burning Crusade expansion. 

We've tried and still try but we simply can't choose the correct words that would wholesomely and to the point express how much we're thankful for all the hardcore and dedicated players we had the opportunity to welcome on Dragonwrath, the raid releases they've been through with us, the major events such as going international and adjusting the whole realm to the newcomers, converting from a 4.0.6a to a 4.3.4 client and core, accepting many character transfers which resulted in a huge growth to our daily peak, the amount of friends and developers who have joined us and sticked around for quite some time creating memories beyond valuable as well as all future patch releases that have been hard for us. 

It taught us many valuable lessons which permanently affected us in a very positive way and we'll surely use that knowledge in our future endeavours. 

We hope you'll enjoy your journey on Tauri or join us on Netherwing!

Thank you!

Comments (85)
ArmyVet 3 months ago
i cant transfer - page is just blank - what happened to my characters >? thanks
Jennifer 5 months ago
please turn on the cata server. I can not log in to my account
dsp333 5 months ago
Are they no longer doing this? Came here to transfer my account and got this: "We can’t connect to the server at beta.atlantiss.eu." Is there another link or some kind of work around?
SypherDiaz777 6 months ago
It says my account is suspended for some reason. I was working fine the last time i played and now i can transfer
username9832 7 months ago
Just came back after a year, wth is going on?
Smoky420 7 months ago
I want my Transfer! so angry I was not told about this!
sebu999 8 months ago
does the transfer still work?
mad 8 months ago
@Bazillin how you exactly want to transfer cata char on tbc server? Doesnt make any sense... Btw transfers ended few months ago, for everyone whos wondering.
deydor 9 months ago
Is the transfer still available? The link doesn't seem to work.
Bazillin 9 months ago
I want to transfer at least one char to Netherwing.. i spent years on Cata and starting from scratch again is bad for me. timing wise
karol911212 9 months ago
I can't open tauri transfers ...
MistyNW 9 months ago
So, basically all people who stuck with you, who were there when you were small and saw you grow big, are now packed into trash bag and thrown away, so you can play with new "cool" thing. Right? Personally I don't care, but I always hate it when this happens. It is really disappointing to see and frankly, I wonder when TBC players will be packed and transferred to another private server, because you are done with TBC. Giving anyone even less reason to trust you to keep things running long term and not just chase whatever is "cool" for potential of bigger playerbase.
hackerski 9 months ago
Transfer no more possible? :(
Johncey 9 months ago
hey is it still avaible to transfer character ? cus website has a glitch
milo39 10 months ago
sprzedaliscie sie pajace chuj wam w ryj
mad 11 months ago
@tetevaggos98 maybe coz you downloaded wrong client? Netherwing is TBC... You have to download Tauri client (MoP)
tetevaggos98 11 months ago
i transfered my 3 characters i downloaded the netherwing but i dont have charactens on my acount .... wtf ??
fruitloops 1 year ago
ita pandaria???
Tarvo27 1 year ago
Can't transfer a character I have leveled to 80, got 80 a few days ago, no update on the transfer menu on the website.
jovanrajkovic 1 year ago
Dragonwrath still not working, stuck on "Logging in to game server". When will this be resolved so we can continue playing?
Pickles 1 year ago
Fresh server for Cataclysm please.
arhinave 1 year ago
k I transfered my char, what now??
moejoe 1 year ago
I did it without problems lol
hungsolo4269 1 year ago
Transfer page may be working now, but you can't log in to the game to prepare characters. Server has been down since Tuesday Feb 12. You'll get stuck on the Select Realm screen. GG.
lb21 1 year ago
Guys, it's working again!
Kamasakajaki 1 year ago
fix this transfer panel
rifraf 1 year ago
welcome on ats kiddos, they can fuck up everything ^^
eliza1842 1 year ago
Very Sad:(
pawelek8 1 year ago
On Atlantiss even transfers are bugged...
krawol19 1 year ago
they will do something today..... (Maybe) XD
bzykitaX 1 year ago
Still "Whoops...", do something :(
gubichh 1 year ago
It is bugged, i cant transfer acc…
eliza1842 1 year ago
fix it ;cccc
kazini2 1 year ago
Whooops. Looks like my 5000 achi points champion (non pvp) went to shit with 10 other 85 chars.
Dethklok 1 year ago
Transfer does not work, This is sad since i have been playing here for years :( But i wanna keep my progress please fix this
rawryqt 1 year ago
I have an 85 shaman I'd like to transfer to Tauri but it isn't working, seems like everyone else is having the same problem. Hope y'all fix it soon.
Icee 1 year ago
Whoops, looks like something went wrong. I have 2 chars lvl 85 played for a while here. Wondering if the transfer still works
Ervean 1 year ago
Is there any possibility to still transfer character?
ibrahim01 1 year ago
char. transfer offline??
beschissen 1 year ago
Cannot log into dragonwrath, I can only get as far as the realm selection screen. Tries to connect, but never does.
eliza1842 1 year ago
Czy bedzie mozliwy jeszcze tranfer ? Co sie stalo ze strona nie moge przenies postaci rogal 85lv ;c Pojawia mi sie tylko komunikat ze coś poszlo nie tak ;/
Vinon 1 year ago
transfers off ?;/. I need transfer my char's ;/ . When start :(?
Riniel 1 year ago
I get an error saying "Whoops, looks like something went wrong" every time I click on "TRANSFER PANEL - CLICK". I already created an account on Tauri, anyone know why I'm getting that error?
Riptos 1 year ago
When I try and even click on the Transfer Panel, all I get is "Whoops, Something went wrong!"

I have a Lv85 Goblin Shammy to transfer as Cata server has been down for the last couple of days, however it's not letting me even initiate it.

Any help chaps?
Alfi267 1 year ago
Pictures I am willing to transfer?
Zuugzuug 1 year ago
i have a question, when is the server shuting down?
velderon2004 1 year ago
What happend with Dragonwrath?
Server is dead???
Wark77 1 year ago
i have a problem, 2 days in progres transfer, 15409ca8423f1eac85fb64b239365190 charter id, please help
kaziutek 1 year ago
I also have a problem - character 81 level, i cant transfer him.
Lyonel 1 year ago
hello. I have a level 85 character on my account but i cannot transfer it. what can i do? it's been level 85 for 2 years so it being leveled up recently might not be the reason :/
Peacecraft 1 year ago
How long will this "free" transfer option be available?
Raiduo 1 year ago
Ich kann meinen char nicht nach tauri server transferiren er ist level 79 da steht there are no characters on this account to transfer
IkBenKoen 1 year ago
I have a character of level 81 which is not in the list of transferrable characters, all my other 80+ characters are transferrable. That one character did only become 80+ after this transfer system was erected, as opposed to the other characters. Is there any way for me to transfer this last character?
asheron1 1 year ago
I have a question: till when can we transfer our characters? Is there any "deadline" set?
leslor 1 year ago
I have a lvl 80 character on atlantiss and i cant continue transfering cause "There are no characters on this account to transfer"
AbraaoHD 1 year ago
Okay, to everyone going to transfer, choose the EVERMOON server, because tauri is MOSTLY Hungarian speekers, and EVERMOON is the english one, stay safe and welcome to the Tauri Community
Pieczyyea 1 year ago
Well, every journey comes to the end, thank you Atlantiss for few years of fun and good luck with TBC realm.
Ving0000 1 year ago
4 months ago:
"Fresh cataclysm realm. Our Dragonwrath realm has been around for more than 6 years, it has survived many changes, implementations, patch changes and crashes. It has been and still is, a home to hundreds of thousands of players all across the globe. We're proud of what we've created and still want to keep it available for players to enjoy for free, that is why we have made plans to release a fresh cataclysm realm.

Fuck you all, go play on Tauri. We have new populated TBC server to play with...
Radicaldream 1 year ago
Putress, 90% of the Tauri's players are Hungarians, Evermoon is their international realm.
Putress 1 year ago
Evermoon or Tauri ? which is better ?
smlatyna 1 year ago
godamnit, every1 there speaks hungarian. i'm gonna kill myself kill myself.
Lolzero 1 year ago
Works like a charm,make sure to click big green title saying 'TRANSFER PANEL-CLICK'
mamaligamoale 1 year ago
I have a problem with my main account. i can't log in on the site using the user name and pass of the account, but i can log in on the main game just fine. any suggestions?
fabsguitarcore 1 year ago
did anyone get the automatic rename? my chars have X#1672665 names, with no rename flag and no possible to even logg in
Exsidia 1 year ago
What is "hash"?
sharktm 1 year ago
transfer status stuck at initiated...
Altairr 1 year ago
'characters on Dragonwrath will not be deleted '
flek1ca 1 year ago
Do we get to keep our chars on Dragonwrath? Or what?
matthewskeet27 1 year ago
Status just says "Initiated", Do we know how long that will take?
tonafrajer 1 year ago
Now it works guys.
Mscimir 1 year ago
Probably too many requests
dargoRF 1 year ago
FranCross 1 year ago
Transfer Link not working.
dragon7 1 year ago
Just click on the "Transfer Panel - Click" (green link)
sobekh13 1 year ago
i also see the "No character i nthsi realm"msg .. .
mitsianis1 1 year ago
no characters to transfer?
cakopp 1 year ago
Same here no characters to transfer can someone tell us what going on ?
SusiakZaglady 1 year ago
"There are no characters on this account to transfer"
Mytyn 1 year ago
Same , no characters on this acount HOW i have 4 85lvl and few 80-84 why help guys i cant make hash
matthewskeet27 1 year ago
A message pops up to tell me that I have no characters to transfer? How should I go about this
polaroid 1 year ago
Good stuff. Thanks Atlantiss! :)
tonafrajer 1 year ago
"There are no characters on this account to transfer". What guys...?
pipolupek 1 year ago
what is this hash?
esteban22xb 1 year ago
no me salen mis personajes
rstepik 1 year ago
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