Netherwing Faction Change
7 months ago 42 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Hey, Atlantiss followers!

We've decided to implement free Faction Change on our main realm, starting from today (18-03-2019) as well as a temporary 1 week 2X XP-bonus for every Alliance player. Faction balance in TBC have always had a tendency to be very one-sided towards the Horde, and the importance to keep a certain balance between the factions is important. To open Faction Change service panel, please use this link: (Make sure you are logged in)

We've compiled a list of some frequently asked questions and will continue to update it, if more questions arrive. 

Q: Will regular banks be saved?
A: Yes, all your items in your banks will be saved. 

Q: Do I have to transfer all my horde characters to alliance or can I pick and choose which character transfers?
A: Transferring means all your horde characters to alliance side. Once you transfer, you can't retransfer back to horde. 

Q: How will reputation be affected?
A: Horde reputation will be replaced with alliance equivalents. 

Q: If I transfer, can I do quests twice in hellfire peninsula?
A: No - you won't be able to do quests twice. 

Q: What about Items and mounts?
A: Mounts and Items will be replaced with the alliance equivalent ones. 

Q: How long will transfer and XP boost stay?
A: You will be able to transfer for 3 weeks (+-) whilst 2X XP boost will last between 5-7 days We hope that any horde players that's unwilling to stay in a queue, whilst interested in helping the other side, takes initiative and transfers.

Updated: Strikethroughed everything regarding XP Boost to not confuse current and new players.

Comments (42)
hmuser87 2 months ago
is faction change still active?
decas92 4 months ago
is faction change still active?
wolfkiller247 5 months ago
how i can get inside to this server
joggyogg 5 months ago
wait, so if i transfer a blood knight will it still be a blood knight but on the alliance ?

Daedalus007 5 months ago
Give the humans 'Every Man For Himself' as a racial and watch all the PvPers roll Humans overnight. Lmao.
Would also love to see the Troll 'Throwing Weapon' racial be replaced/removed; maybe just give them +15 spirit! ^_^

I play what I love and I love the Horde because they are the 'underdogs' in just about every sense of the word. Deceived by demons and dastardly deeds, imprisoned by bloodlust, enslaved and brutalized by humans (yes the humans made the orcs their SLAVES therefore humans endorse slavery of other sentient beings)...the orcs have had it quite rough and so have the other Horde races.

Meanwhile the Alliance has a bunch of fairies that wouldn't understand real terror if it bit em in the ass. Horde Lore is also far superior to anything the Alliance can produce.
Errmergerrdd 5 months ago
Is the 2x exp over already? I definitely think i'm late to the party.
TheReapingGrim 5 months ago
Why drop everything and go to alliance for a a couple day exp boost when you can literally just level when you have rested exp? First 30 levels are easy and then after that level with rested exp. Unless you guys incorporate RAF this literally is just really unappealing. Horde has a more active and better AH and has a much more active community. A couple days of exp boost is not worth the pain of dropping everyone you know and your guild.
KarimNofal 6 months ago
Is there page or forum thread that shows the change log/fixes update content?

@Admiraloff i am just a player here. idk man but maybe. i seen it happens before and its not as ppl think there hype is usually so big, its not bad either. i was on 2-4 year hunter ( cant remember exactly ) on molten wow wotlk and then they opened cata realm half my guild stayed wotlk the other half cata. its A change at least.
@Busnasty ya ofc cause it was 1 week event 4 weeks ago. read it again man.
Admiraloff 6 months ago
will there be further TBC after the last patch or when you go to another patch Lich king then TBC will not be?
Busnasty 6 months ago
Did the switch and didn't get the 2X XP?
Alpike 6 months ago
When you faction change how will your new race be chosen? Will you also be able to change name of the char and appearance?
And you say that you will get items equivalent to alliance side but what if you have the sword from blood elf starting zone for example?
fahd 6 months ago
what relam this server ?
mnzl 6 months ago
Do you plan to open a WOTLK server
Budi 6 months ago
What can I buy for donations points ?
Is this somewhere written out?
Antonio94kc 6 months ago
I did not register the account, I want to eliminate it
Ghost24 6 months ago
Give us horde player 2xp bonus
peppe 6 months ago
but you did not understand that this faction change brought only worsening in bg.
Kogron 6 months ago
Nicely done! Now from 43-57, the server became 55-45. Nicely balanced!
ratter 6 months ago
worst week, leveling zones were 3:1 in favour of alliance since all alliance started leveling alts or faction changed horde leveling also, so as a horde not only you have to deal with an insane amount of alliance players ganking you but they are also leveling twice as fast as you.
Rubberdmonkey 6 months ago
ally using 2x are doing the quest in nagrand at level 69 and 70..... so they are ganking me at level 66 like horde……. no comment for netherwing staff
Rubberdmonkey 6 months ago
54% ally 46% horde, im levelling like horde, but ally have 2xexp and they are in the my same zone quest but are 2 level more high then my….
sugarless 6 months ago
ever since the faction change horde win every bg ggwp
yawzy 6 months ago
I've made a mistake... I wanna go back horde. Please make faction change a permanent thing, I'd even pay for it
peppe 6 months ago
Since there is a change in the faction, things in PVP for the alliance have worsened, if you first won a few bg, now you always lose. This will bring many people who have leveled the alliance to leave the server.
john91 6 months ago
Yesterday and today ~5% more horde should get bonus xp now too.
Rubberdmonkey 6 months ago
now that we have 53% ally 47% horde, can we have 2x exp too ??
Enjy 6 months ago
so like 70 people are saying error .. wheres the help ;/
ukrshakilla 6 months ago
I said goodbye to the good guys on the horde for the sake of the alliance and as a result I can not go ((((
rai 6 months ago
I've quit guild, removed mails and actions and even deleted all my questions. Still getting errors? Can i get some help. Also removed all other characters on the account.
ukrshakilla 6 months ago
how do i transfer faction? how to get around an error?
peppe 6 months ago
will there be a change from the ally to the horde in future?
ukrshakilla 6 months ago
same error in communication. Plz help
Alundo 7 months ago
Can we transfer back? This is awful :(
Enjy 7 months ago
same error in communication
Remedi 7 months ago
'Error in communication between web and game servers. Try again later.' how fix??
corruptedrift 7 months ago
"Invalid information given" ???
tsu 7 months ago
@bamsugar123 You have to transfer all of your characters on Horde side to Alliance on your account. You can't have character in Alliance and Horde on the same account.
tsu 7 months ago
@kopavgr7 @Norup For every Alliance player.
Kruller89 7 months ago
"Invalid information given" Please help..
bamsugar123 7 months ago
why am i getting the error when i try to switch :( ?
Norup 7 months ago
To add to kopavgr7: How much is the xp boost?
kopavgr7 7 months ago
Just wanted to ask the xp boost occurs only for those who transfer or for all the alliance players?
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