Netherwing Faction Change
1 year ago 43 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Hey, Atlantiss followers!

We've decided to implement free Faction Change on our main realm, starting from today (18-03-2019) as well as a temporary 1 week 2X XP-bonus for every Alliance player. Faction balance in TBC have always had a tendency to be very one-sided towards the Horde, and the importance to keep a certain balance between the factions is important. To open Faction Change service panel, please use this link: (Make sure you are logged in)

We've compiled a list of some frequently asked questions and will continue to update it, if more questions arrive. 

Q: Will regular banks be saved?
A: Yes, all your items in your banks will be saved. 

Q: Do I have to transfer all my horde characters to alliance or can I pick and choose which character transfers?
A: Transferring means all your horde characters to alliance side. Once you transfer, you can't retransfer back to horde. 

Q: How will reputation be affected?
A: Horde reputation will be replaced with alliance equivalents. 

Q: If I transfer, can I do quests twice in hellfire peninsula?
A: No - you won't be able to do quests twice. 

Q: What about Items and mounts?
A: Mounts and Items will be replaced with the alliance equivalent ones. 

Q: How long will transfer and XP boost stay?
A: You will be able to transfer for 3 weeks (+-) whilst 2X XP boost will last between 5-7 days We hope that any horde players that's unwilling to stay in a queue, whilst interested in helping the other side, takes initiative and transfers.

Updated: Strikethroughed everything regarding XP Boost to not confuse current and new players.

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