Patch 2.1 Announcement
1 week ago 57 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Dear Netherwing Community,

Today marks exactly five months since Netherwing launched. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and we are really happy to see that our server has given lots of joy to so many players around the globe.

To celebrate this special occasion, we have some news we would like to share. We have been preparing Content Patch 2.1 for quite a while, and we are finally ready to announce that it will hit the live servers on 18.06.2019. New content includes lots of item upgrades, daily quests in Skettis, Netherwing Ledge, O’grila and of course Hyjal Summit and Black Temple raids. To those stuck in progression – don’t worry! Patch 2.1 brings along substantial nerfs to heroic dungeons and Tier 4 and 5 raids, making those instances quite a bit easier.

To encourage newcomers and help them catch up and get right into the action, we are also announcing a special Double XP Boost Event! Starting on Friday 07.06.2019, every player will receive twice as much experience as they usually would have. The event will last until the end of the month, so plenty of time to start a new adventure on Netherwing!

And that’s not all! We will soon be releasing a beta version of an official Netherwing Armory. In a few days, you’ll be able to browse through guilds, view character equipments, find the best arena players on the ladder and more!

Changes have come to our cosmetic shop as well! Many of the items you can purchase are currently on sale and will remain discounted for a few weeks - a perfect opportunity to find a new travel companion or make your guild members jealous with a flashy tabard. We have also added a few more mounts from the‘old school ride’that are not available in the game. Grab them while they’re hot!

Those first five months have been a very work-intensive period for. There is still a lot of work ahead but with the love and support we receive from this community every day, our motivation is still as strong as it was when this project started back in 2016. We hope to bring even more joy to our amazing players in the months and years to come.

Thank You!

Netherwing Team

Comments (57)
Detsjovfordi 19 hours ago
Thanks to the 2x xp, more of my friends have started playing. thanks. :)
Mikasca 4 days ago
Great thank you, i played in 2008-2009 and now i have a lot of fun on this server
Artiqo 4 days ago
So, when is the Armory beta being released exactly? It's been about a week since this post, so I guess it wasn't in the next "days" but actually "weeks".
Jayo 4 days ago
I do not think it's that bad with the double exp that makes the server more vivid as you realize things are changing.
But youre Right something else is better
arturo9696 5 days ago
they should have never added bonus exp.These types of things is what killed retail wow. You cant change the core game experience just to please the new players. Just keep it like it was back in the day and if people dont like it they will quit but the dedicated players who want to experience the game like it was without any changes will stay.
Rikidr 5 days ago
For those ppl who against all sense says "turn off exp bonus"...
To do that is stupid because on one server rules must be same for all.
So if we going to play on server where is x2 gold and x2 reputation you think will be totally OK if half of players turn off those bonnuses while other half get easy advance?

People playing this ghame on WoW server is to achieve some goal, to be good, to be MORE then average.. and for do that we need fair rules same for all, is nosense if part of players did big effort and now others can do it twise easier.

I dont know why server Devs didnt say since beginning: "We will after some time raise exp bonus"... in that case many of us would not bother with this (now semi-fun) server at all.

On one popular Vanilla server levelung x1 speed is twice slower then TBC x1 but there noone crying "gimme exp boost" and pop is very stable, I hoped same will be here for TBC but obviously im wrong....
...and now here on Nether wing we got around x4 exp compared to Vanilla x1 servers

Remember my words - EXP bonus just temporaly raise pop, that atracting casuals and lazy ppl who will quit for few weeks while dedicated ppl will be dissapointed and will quit too, just check pop for 2-3 weeks:/
Gobion 6 days ago
Is dragonwraith not a server anymore? I have two characters on there and i cannot log in?
LeatherFaceM 6 days ago
Whats up with the server ? y is it down ?
puffix 6 days ago
I recently got more time to spare and decided to come back to the server and start fresh with a new character. The next day when I logged In I suddenly noticed that I was getting too much exp from my quests. After 1 hour of questing I had already out leveled my zone ;_; found out it was because of silly x2 exp. I was really looking forward to play again :(
Artiqo 1 week ago
Macumba 1 week ago
It's not the same shop than Warmane Man... You will never see all rogues with warglaives.... >_
Drac 1 week ago
Armory - yes
Netherwing ledge - yes
XP boost and shop - The absence of this nonsense is why I joined this server in the first place. :(
Rajteren 1 week ago
I think it's a shame you added xp boost. I was just about to start playing on this server, until i saw that you added that a few days ago.
Artiqo 1 week ago
I'm seriously excited for the Armory.
Thrat 1 week ago
I think the exp bonus is a great opportunity for players who can't spend a lot of time playing like me and miss that old style WoW. Just started after more than 10 years without playing TBC, it's just awesome! Great work Atlantiss!
Artiqo 1 week ago
For anyone that wishes to disable the double exp bonus. Simply type ".ch bonusExp" in-game and it will be disabled for that character.
Brecksville 1 week ago
. It is a BC server, people come for BC content and not the vanilla 6 minths of lvling 1-60 . Nobody should have time for that as an adult
tsu 1 week ago
@richdrg87 Event will start at 18:00/6 PM server time.
Richdrg87 1 week ago
Has the x2 exp gone into effect yet? i havnt really noticed any more exp so far how ever im only lvl 11 atm so it may not show as much. Just wondering if it has begun or not
Eclipzerlol 1 week ago
Stop being a moron please. I appreciate the 2x XP Boost as a relatively new player on this server.
Use it if you want, dont use it if you dont.
Its pretty easy and doesnt / shouldnt bother you if you feel like you dont want to use it.

Rikidr 1 week ago
Yorfan says:
"You will Can disable x2 boost."

Rules must be the same for all, that's point and only way to play legit.
While other players use custom non-TBClike advantage would be stupid and masochistic to restrict ourselves to be legit and to do twice as much effort to reach ppl with easymode leveling.

Rules just should be same for all, any personal customisation ruin the game similar as new activision-blizz ruined world PvP with removing PvP server with option "you can enable pvp and be constakntly killed by more numerousenemies of other faction".
Rikidr 1 week ago
Part 2:

Most of those ppl who need x2 to play will quit and leave server very soon, those ppl will faster get lvl70 and after week or two whey will be bored and quit... remember my words!!!

Damage to server will already be done, all low and medium zones will be empty.. only normal x1 leveling making zones more or less populated what will not be case after few weeks, never again...

Some ppl saying "ones who are already 70 are agsinst x2 exp", well personally I got already 2x legit lvl70 and recently started my 3rd char... Im not nolifer, not anymore, not playing 24/7, just 3-4h/day and with loggin off at inn with rested exp I got no problems to level up, you all can do the same
Players who REALLY love this game not need any boost of easy mode and with smart playing you no need to play half of day...

Most of old school ppl who playing here choosed this server just because it was Blizzlike or TBClike, exp boost event will only atract casuals who will quit soon but legit old school players who played since release and who want continue to play will feel betrayed... even only those are core players of any x1 wow server who really keep server up.
Thank you for reading:)
Yorfan 1 week ago
You will Can disable x2 boost.
Rikidr 1 week ago
When I heard for this event initially I though is just a bad joke but unfortunately is real:/
Any server who going above x1 becoming fun server, from my experience only x1 servers really worth and only they atracting and keep ppl in long terms.

I guess not many ppl here know how much x1 on TBC server is faster then x1 on Vanilla servers?
In retail TBC Blizz itself raised 1-60 quest rewards by about 30% and they cut it off around 30% exp needed from 1-60, so compared to Vanilla server leveling here on TBC server is ALREADY with ~60% boost plus we got here custom double rested exp what in total making leveling double faster...

As one who leveled many chars on affilated Vanilla x1 Light Hope I noticed for advance 10 levels here I need just to do one zone + some instances instead of three there, so even without any boost is much faster...

Alliance already got some short x2 boost event during free migration from Horde and as you all know that did not help to raise server pop, not in long terms.

Boost event can raise server pop just for SHORT period of time and after few weeks pop will drop more then ever, so in LONG TERMS this is very counter-productive for server because serious players avoiding fun boosting exp servers:/

Many of us waited for long time release of this server, we are sick of today's retails new BFA WoW for dumbies, when we started to play here main reason was just because players in Vanilla and TBC need to do some effort, we need to acomplish some job to get our rewards, leveling is part of game, even this easier leveling in TBC but seems here we got many casuals or lazy ppl who random started to play here and they want to run throught game in easy mode.
Kollow 1 week ago
The Server is lacking in tanks and healers overall! The event x2 exp is just a simple aid for the gamers (no matter if you're capped 70 or less) to stabilise the order for faster dungeons recruitment and raid success. The warriors and priest are the hardest to level up, but the most required for end game raid.

Well played lads, strong action and a must to create a better environment! All the '70s complaining about this "simple aid" is nonsense. Because when you hit 70, you had the numbers to raid fast and equip as such. New 70 coming up don't have the same luxury you had at the begging of the server.

Let's be less selfish and more united. For the Horde!

PS. Nobody said you could not take advantage of this and rise a healer or a tank instead of spamming in Shattrah that the server is dead and all people are noobs.
Kenthros 1 week ago
just sad its starting friday, my weekend is wed thrus. rip
Roodyfe 1 week ago
The people crying that double xp event is a bad idea are already level 70 selfish people. But this is what they don't understand: xp boost event means more level 70 players, means more pvp, more people avaible to do instances with, lower queue time, overall is a win win situation for everyone. I am personally level 66 trying to reach level 70. This xp event boost will make the difference, especially on the last levels when you need big chunks of xp.
Reqwix 1 week ago
For me and my many friends it's a fcking great new! During the leveling phase we've felt that it's getting harder and harder so we are very happy about that double xp event to reach our goal. I mean lvl70.

Nice job, thanks a lot.
isearnogle 1 week ago
I believe for those that want to keep X1 there will be an option to turn off the boosted exp. and this is still "blizzlike" in the "nerf" as that is what blizz did when they released new raids and such. much <3 excited to level up and get started
Artiqo 1 week ago
Type ".ch bonusExp" in-game to disable any bonus Exp for your character.
taz408 1 week ago
My brother and I are going to start playing, the 2x boost to get up and running is the deciding factor :) Cheers!
elwow 1 week ago
I bet that 95% of the whining posts are from people who are already maxed out. For example I was watching this server for a while to start playing, but I wouldn't waste 1.5 month just to hit max lvl and gear up to catch up the content when there is WoW Classic on the horizon coming soon. With x2 exp I will for sure play until classic announcement, so it's great feature for me :)
dataccs 1 week ago
can disable to all ? nope so stop write shit
Macumba 1 week ago
You will Can disable x2 boost. So stop cry?
dataccs 1 week ago
dont do this useless x2 dont be like not go on about the noobs.. dont kill the server..
Walhals 1 week ago
u will do x2 boost and regular players wil leave, u will back it in the end of month and new casul noobs will leave.. so kill population of the server more with ur boosts
Ensur 1 week ago
Dont be blizzard with ur x2 boost
randomchars 1 week ago
its just madness to do 23 days of double boost xp.. on x1 server.. ruin the game same as blizzard with all this simplifications.. people come to this server for x1 hard game.. not for this shit
dataccs 1 week ago
if u create x1 server of Wow why u are doing this shit with Double XP Boost Event! if u wanna do x2 server Do x2 server.. and all will go to play to x1 who want it..dont do x2 server when its already x1
wolfeinstein 1 week ago
What was the thought process behind the nerf? I hope not the complain of awesome johnnies.
Telanore 1 week ago
Is it possible to opt out of the exp event? I really really don't want it...
Moryjani 1 week ago
I really appreciate the effort and dedication you guys put into the server.
Keep it up!
svaio 1 week ago
Nice , ty a lot, great job :)
Macumba 1 week ago
Ty a lot.
Type .ch in game to see all command you Can use.
And i think .ch bonusexp (something Like that) remove bonus exp.
So don't worry for who want just x1.
burspa 1 week ago
Thank you very much to the devs, it's a really great server! I'm not sold on the increased exp rate, but i'm sure i'll get over it. Thanks again for the hard work
Kaskaru 1 week ago
The double EXP is only due to help those on the vanilla servers (I think) because they're getting shut down, this is only to entice us to join here, which I think is a fantastic idea. I was levelling a toon and got it to 33, and when I found out about the server closing, and the temporary double exp to catch up to my old level, count me in.
Bubble458 1 week ago
you people know you can turn double xp off, right?
Xxspartan 1 week ago
can you please not nerf the dungeons ???
Artiqo 1 week ago
Seriously? I was thinking of starting to play on this server because of the 1x experience, because I wanted a legit TBC experience without leveling too fast. I wanted to feel what players felt back in the day and you guys are going 2x until the end of the month? That's just sad. I don't care about catching up to others. I want to work for my experience. Guess I'm waiting for next month to start playing.
NoGuilt 1 week ago
What about those who want to experience the journey on X1 rates? I just started on this server and don't really want double xp :(.
Mazx 1 week ago
How will XP event affect rested XP? Will I get x4 XP? or will it be x3? (double XP + normal rested XP?)
Jimasly 1 week ago
double xp? great... another private server doing this sht...
nitrousz 1 week ago
Can you confirm that T5 attunments will be removed with 2.1?
dymasux90 1 week ago
Wish there were no nerfs, but yeah, good stuff nonetheless :)
Evolvepwp 1 week ago
I have read and accept the content of the paste.
Essentiality 1 week ago
Thank you on behalf of Alliance!
tsu 1 week ago
Thank you <3
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