Hide and Seek with us!
11 months ago 9 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

We've decided to start creating events for the playerbase to enjoy. To make certain that future events, such as, but not limited to: arena tournaments, PvE-related events, video and art contests - goes as planned, we will start off by taking baby steps by creating a Hide'n'seek event. This event will launch this week, on the 15th of June, and due to the nature of events, there will be rules that needs to be followed if you're interested in participating.  

In this Hide'n'seek event, there will be 7 specific hiding spots in the entire game - but there will only be one NPC at each spot. Find NPC and you will be one of the winners. Once the NPC in the first hiding spot has been found, the next NPC will go to the second hiding spot, and new riddles will be send to the participants for you to find. This will happen 7 times, and once all NPCs have been found, the event will conclude and rewards will be given out to the winners. Down below you can read rules and check rewards for this event.

Rules of the event: 

  1. Any player can participate at any level. 
  2. You can win only once per Account.
  3. GMS or staff members are not allowed to participate. 
  4. Event will be monitored by a few Game Masters. 
  5. In order to be eligible for a reward you will have to find the NPC. The NPC himself will have unique name and morph. 
  6. It's not allowed to use any sort of cheats obviously during the event. 
  7. It is allowed to PVP during the event. 
  8. It is allowed to participate in group/raid in the event, however the reward will split between all members meaning if the reward for example was 25Atlantiss points and there were 5 members then each one will receive 5 and not 25 unless they agree that one gets all the points instead. 
  9. Please note that in case hidden NPC won't be found within fair amount of time after all the hints were published the NPC will despawn and the next one will appear instead.


  1. First to find the NPC will receive 25 Atlantiss points. 
  2. Second to find the NPC will receive 20 Atlantiss points. 
  3. Third to find the NPC will receive 15 Atlantiss points. 
  4. Fourth to find the NPC will receive 10 Atlantiss points. 
  5. Fifth to find the NPC will receive 10 Atlantiss points. 

Each winner will also be announced on Netherwing Discord server.

Event has ended, congratulations to winners and everyone who decided to participate in the event! :)
Here is the list of the winners for each NPC in the correct order:

  1. NPC - Katt, Trazer, Dumpster, Steelbreaker, Freddzki 
  2. NPC - Pidar, Haxxor, Tuttankales, Entangle, Bozo 
  3. NPC - Tharim, Oizat, Larinio, Waif, Wexxan 
  4. NPC - Shaggy, Sanguina, Ocb, Rolle, Horviq 
  5. NPC - Skink, Hacez, Debra, Tyko, Arasinya 
  6. NPC - Patriot, Rapid, Blastphemer, Blackruler, Zulu 
  7. NPC - Wutai, Hazzan, Nare, Seveso, Esplo

Updated rewards and rules.
Special thanks to Anne for helping out with the event!

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