The Future of Netherwing
3 weeks ago 70 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Dear Netherwing Community,

With WoW Classic on the horizon, some players have understandably been wondering what future awaits our realm.

We want to assure everyone that Netherwing is not going anywhere. With two major content patches still ahead of us, we want to continue to deliver on our mission to provide a great TBC experience. Additionally, as we stated at the beginning of the project, our goal is to progress to Wrath of the Lich King (and then much later to Cataclysm) once our work on this expansion has been completed to satisfaction. This will fulfill our goal to allow everyone to experience a great adventure across multiple expansions with the same characters.

As always, we want to attract and invite new players to join our realm. However, the current server progression and blizzlike leveling rates are becoming increasingly large deterrants to new players. With this in mind, we want to announce that Netherwing is switching to x2 experience rates, starting from the first of August (01.08.2019). Additionally, those who want to get into action faster (and are REALLY tired of leveling through vanilla) will have an option to acquire a 3x experience rate for a specified duration by supporting the server with a few Atlantiss Points. While the 2x bonus will span the entire leveling journey from 1-70, this time-bound 3x bonus will only work up to level 58. Those who wish to still level at blizzlike leveling rates will have an option to toggle x1 with an in-game command.

We believe that this change is the right decision going forward and that it should turn out to be a net positive for everyone, new players and endgame raiders alike. With the majority of the playerbase already being level 70 and progressing through Tiers 5 and 6, we feel that the leveling changes will not provide an impactful, unfair advantage, but instead allow newcomers to enter into the endgame scene more quickly, increasing the pool of players you can play with at max level. As has been the case during our previous experience events, players who prefer to level at normal rates will be able to toggle them at any point using an in-game command.

Light's Hope transfers

Going further, we are also considering the opening of transfers from Light’s Hope realms to Netherwing, whenever they become officially available. We have already discussed the situation with some of their team members and think that such an influx of players would be beneficial for the realm and its players. But, with a decision like this, it is important for us to make sure our Community agrees. That is why we would be very pleased if everyone submitted their opinion in our short survey, available here:

Major updates to the game

When it comes to current affairs and what’s currently going on behind the scenes, we also have a number of updates to share. We recently pushed a major update for the handling of some movement packets, which allowed us to improve our server-side anticheat, eliminate some client freezes and lay the groundwork for some of the things we want to implement in the future. We also have introduced more tools to combat scammers, gold sellers/buyers and other abusers. In regards to our current development pipeline, we have started working on Zul’Aman and will keep you posted about testing later in August. Additionally, we are working on a major loot system rework to properly eliminate some issues the players have encountered. Remaking it from scratch will take some time, but we want to make sure everything is working as intended.

Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 does not have a lot of new content, but it does have some changes players are looking forward to, so we want to officially announce that it will go live on 14.08.2019.

Arena Season 2 Tournament

At the end of last Arena Season, we said we wanted to have a tournament decide Gladiator titles for the next one and our current plan is to do it around early September and you can read more about it on the forums:

Game Master Recruitment

As an ongoing effort to provide a top quality experience for everyone, we continue to look for dedicated players who will help us with moderating our realm. If you'd like to be a part of the team and experience World of Warcraft emulation from behind the scenes, now is the opportunity to join. Interested applicants can fill out the following form:

We believe that all of these changes will be beneficial to the server and we hope that the players will understand why we are making them. We are looking forward to reading your thoughts in the survey.

~Netherwing Team



GM Application:

Arena Tournament Info: Forum 

Comments (70)
Docstar 14 hours ago
Looking forward to Lightshope transfers!!
Wildsound 1 day ago
good chat!
tsu 2 days ago
shybertherb 3 days ago
When is SWP patch coming?
Wildsound 3 days ago
I have to agree with darkdoki - if the aim is to encourage new players to join, you have to alter the gold/drop rates otherwise you end up being stuck in a position where people are put off from playing because they can't afford:
1) To upgrade their spells
2) To level up their professions (e.g. I would have to grind grey level mobs just to get enough linen/wool to level up tailoring)
3) To buy their level 40 mounts / 60 mounts will be pushed back further slowing levelling progression
4) Repairs eating away more (although negligible at early levels)

Some options to help alleviate this (if possible) is to:
1) halve the cost of upgrading spells (from 1-58)
2) double the drop rate of basic materials (e.g. cloth, meats, leathers, etc...) - understand this would be more difficult for mining
3) halve the cost of level 40 mounts and maybe even level 60

I think the above would help stop new people being put off by the barriers than 2x XP brings.
darkdoki 4 days ago
thx 4 dobblexp but u forgot to rise golddrop... with lvl 12 i have not enough silver to learn new skills....
Hiruko27 1 week ago
in this server dont have cata???
tsu 1 week ago
Hello, I am member of Atlantiss staff.
Your characters will be automatically copied to WotLK realm from Netherwing TBC realm but, if you don't want to continue progression, our TBC realm will stay up online and running for everyone who wishes to stay!

We are currently looking into options on how to entertain people on TBC realm when we finish TBC progress and there is no content left to release for this expansion.

mordarim 1 week ago
why dont you answer to ppl that are playing here and praying that u keep tbc up? i will certainly quit as hundreds more if u do so.
freeze22 1 week ago
I was blocked for a scam, although I didn't make it, please unblock my account. (freeze22)
kurtwagner 1 week ago
My opinion is: keep tbc and 1x, but I'm no server provider so it's obiously your decision and your knowledge.
Anyway: how can I turn off 2x for my character?
Artiqo 1 week ago
Armory coming soon 2059
Olkias 1 week ago
I can not log in. and I read that the server is working. can anyone help?
Kentas 1 week ago
I love having my character going through all these expansions, spent 3 hours to look, I wanted to look for soothing like primal wow but with an actual population, and thank you for deciding to do x2, it gives me a chance to actually level when I have a busy day working every day. not sure why people are complaining so much, it's optional and gives people with busy lives a chance to get to lvl 70 at a decent time.
michaelacheloos 1 week ago
Cata/Wotlk - Rip - sorry, dont destroy this project pls, we'r here for tbc....
Adaleenos2 2 weeks ago
What is that command? If I less then 20 lvl, how I can use command?
yeeticus 2 weeks ago
command for x1 or x2 exp is char.bonusexp
NightterrorsGaming 2 weeks ago
This is great thank you. My buddy just joined and I just returned and this will make things nicer and more enticing to grind up and stick around.
crook9202 2 weeks ago
F*ckin' bullsh*t, rates must be x1 for all players, thats why a lot of ppl are playin' here!
I don't like where this server is goin'...
wowrookie 2 weeks ago
i like the x2 exp gain, i slowed down quite a bit waiting for classic
fernandamoksayleo1066 2 weeks ago
I do not like the 2x experence gain rates. But i heard you can turn it off with an ingame command. So my question what is this ingame command.
kazambouka 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much for xp x2 and if there are ppl who are not happy with this, they can still switch it off and play their own experience !
it's a good idea to get a transfer from light's hope server in order to bring more ppl for pvp & pve !
Jmths 2 weeks ago
My previous similair comment has been removed. Got permabanned because I mentioned in tradechat I did not like the 2(-3)x exp rates change.

"Thank you for your continued correspondence in regards to your account and for respecting our position."
Game Master Daystar
Atlantiss Staff - Netherwing Server
alukardt 2 weeks ago
donde lo descargo soy nuevo !!!
SlonAdele 2 weeks ago
It was said that your goal is to progress to Wrath of the Lich King. Will it be mandatory for everyone or those who want will be able to stay on version 2.4.3 without WTLK changes?
LordVanderburgh 2 weeks ago
thanks you very much
Aronxyz 2 weeks ago
.character bonusExp
LordVanderburgh 2 weeks ago
I do not like the 2x experence gain rates. But i heard you can turn it off with an ingame command. So my question what is this ingame command.
Aronxyz 2 weeks ago
As i see, from 3k+ player only just few draw up some disappointment, so most of the people are pleased. Just use the in-game command and enjoy your blizzlike experience...
Voksin 2 weeks ago
I came to this server to experience and enjoy a blizzlike experience once again, but that ended with adding x2 and x3. Terrible idea
Oakwick 2 weeks ago
What made you think that changing to a 2x exp server were in peoples interests?I've seen the post on forums, where people begged for 2x event to stay a bit longer or as a permanent option. But that's so few people who think that. I've seen just as many who didn't want it to happen, who wants the blizzlike experience of leveling. The reason I chose this server compared to all the other servers out there, was the 1x blizzlike rates, so the leveling experience was like the old days. Imo, leveling is a part of the game, if you don't like it, then you don't like the game. I started playing a month ago, and im not even halfway to max level yet. And that's how it's supposed to be, for a casual like me. Getting to max would be a huge accomplishment, because of the time and effort it takes. But now it only takes half the time, cutting the accomplishment in half. And people can even get 3x. When I see someone in mac´x lvl now, i just think "oh, he bought the 3x boost, what a loser". You blew it.
HyprexXx 2 weeks ago
Wotlk would be great imo if there is a lot of population :)
mordarim 2 weeks ago
wotlk/cata really ?? whyyy,just why? we came here to play tbc... 3x rate will gain population,but expansion changes will certainly kill your server. rip.
Artiqo 2 weeks ago
Well, RIP Netherwing. You guys are slowly going towards what the other shitty servers are doing. That's why in a few months you will only have a few hundreds online and then some more months later the server will close because you've ruined everyone's experience, so they move on to Classic.
Bastian626 2 weeks ago
Is that hard to make 2 realms when adding the new expansion?. One realm for players who want to keep gearing and playing the content as it is and other new realm on wich you can start a new character or have a copy of your existent character to play the new expansion(yes one character stays lvl max on old expansion and the new expansion copy one developes indepedently). I don't know why so many game developers fail to see that this preferences from players remain the same on almost evry RPG...
Nicemann 2 weeks ago
@Gulnara why is it so hard for many people not reading the FAQ?
Dapstep 2 weeks ago
give a list of commands to switch
Gulnara 2 weeks ago
I also would really love it if you would allow people to continue their TBC experience, without the need to procced to WotLK.
Personally, I don't like WotLK a whole lot, but I get that many people love that expansion, so a nice balance can be struck with letting players decide whether they want to proceed further or not.
Allow them to transfer to another server, the utility is already there, and it'll all be fine.
Gulnara 2 weeks ago
Glad to hear the x1 rate can be toggled. I really don't want the x2 boost to ruin the whole experience of leveling for me.
Ableton 2 weeks ago

The xp buff didn't happen yet, so we don't know.
Snooper 2 weeks ago
how do we acquire 3x XP? shop? Nop...
WickedC 2 weeks ago
when will it launch?
Yellowmay 2 weeks ago
Acheloos1234. Sounds like you dont understart the text ;D
Samu97 2 weeks ago
How can I get the 3x XP. Can't find it in the store.
Acheloos1234 2 weeks ago
EXP x2 + updates sounds good, but with woltk or cata update you will kick your hole TBC fanbase for sure... this server could have much more population if you dont tell us to loose all we have here... next dead project inc.
Aronxyz 2 weeks ago
After the server restart, they said. but idk when will be the server restart...
Xenith 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know exactly when the 2x will go live?
sweetz 2 weeks ago
yup still x1
drent 2 weeks ago
its still 1x....
sofokante 2 weeks ago
Hola tengo problemas al conectarme al servidor y por lo que he visto no soy el unico que tiene ese problema, soy un jugador nuevo y pues quiero que la experiencia en este server sea buena pero ni puedo entrar...
Nismon 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the hard work! Looking forward to catching up with my friends.
elqtcacha 3 weeks ago
tengo problemas para conectarme al servidor no aparece NETHERWING y ya cambie set realmlist,
por favor no se que mas hacer y ya son varios días que no me puedo conectar
Huggi 3 weeks ago
Agree with gabbyjay, x2 is the way to be, x1 is too slow, I also ended up calling it at 64 when exp wore off, and I will be back now that it is going back to x2.
gabbyjay 3 weeks ago
Once you did the 2x exp period there was no going back really, im glad its 2x forever now, 1x was abit too much for my taste and i ended up calling it at 63, i'll be starting back up when the change is live.
michaelacheloos 3 weeks ago
Why? The Last Real Tbc Server plans to be Wotlk/Cata - WTF WHY?
rosharan 3 weeks ago
What time will the x2 experience go live tomorrow? At daily reset?
Srpák 3 weeks ago
I am not sure about Light's Hope transfers because they already planning to open their own TBC realm soon.
Merolo 3 weeks ago
any idea how expensive the 3x boost will be?
donque86 3 weeks ago
ye, dual spec would be ideal for this server, pvp would flourish
onemadfish 3 weeks ago
God bless u
Cry1 3 weeks ago
Great news, thanks.
Srpák 3 weeks ago
At least there wasn't a single word about Dual Spec so keep arguing for nothing, its only between you guys :D
Smoky420 3 weeks ago
@Hatefiend why make any alts on this realm? I had 5 toons on Dragonwrath I can't even play anymore, not to mention ppl treat ganking like a sport on this server, never seen anything like it in 8 years of playing pservers, how toxic a "PvP" community can be to up and coming players
Hatefiend 3 weeks ago
@rdavid > And dual spec when?


Dual spec causes huge damage to the game. The respec cost reduction already makes leveling alts less fruitful (if I'm playing a healer, why make an alt to tank? Respec cost is so cheap it's worth it for me just to respec whenever I want). If it wasn't in Burning Crusade, it doesn't belong in Netherwing.
rdavid 3 weeks ago
And dual spec when?

Rly important to ensure PvP players.
Tomero 3 weeks ago
<3 exp now 4k online will be easy:)
hoseinstyx 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your work
Tankoholic 3 weeks ago
Great news!
Vsoliveira 3 weeks ago
Wonderful news!!!
Srpák 3 weeks ago
Good news guys!
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