Patch 2.3 and Arena Season 3
4 weeks ago 10 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Dear Netherwing Community,

Arena Season 2 is nearing its end, therefore we would like to give you more details concerning the involved proceedings:

- Arena Season 2 will officially end on 8th of September.
- The Arena Tournament to determine Gladiator titles will begin on 10th of September.

We expect the tournament to last not longer than 2 weeks. All news and updates will be released in a special "Arena Tournament" discord channel once the competition has started. Arena Season 3 should start the day after the Tournament ends. During the tournament players will still be able to get Arena Points with every Monday flush and purchase Season 2 gear, however their end of season rewards (titles) will already be locked and not subject to change. For more information, head over to:

Along with Season 3, the next patch is also coming in September. Patch 2.3 and the Zul'Aman raid are currently planned to be released on 17th of September. The PTR public testing of Zul'Aman should start near the end of August. 

**All dates may be changed/delayed based on the circumstances. 

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Comments (10)
Wraxx 2 days ago
Hello, I want to ask when will the official start of the tournament be and will it be on weekends or weekdays?
NDurka 6 days ago
How download patch 2.3?
Bhhhhhhh 1 week ago
arena teams revmoed on 8th september? (tommorow?)
herbi14 1 week ago
Hi, any1 knows Will there be any more arena calculation?
sleicreider 1 week ago
just follow there for DL
lordma 2 weeks ago
hi guys were dowload game?
XxXtent 2 weeks ago
@acheloos Why would they remove the Badges? 2.3 is when it really starts kicking off, with the new Badge loot + Raids giving Badges now as well.
acheloos 2 weeks ago
Guys, whats up with Badge of Justice - remove or not?
camyraiekko 3 weeks ago
Ty for inf!
leom 3 weeks ago
Amazing news, ty as always!
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