The Gods of Zul'Aman
6 months ago 18 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Patch 2.3 is now live! Do you have what it takes to stop Zul’jin and the Amani Empire from rising again? Venture deep into the troll kingdom of Zul’Aman and test your skills against the might of the Amani Loa!


Along with the new patch comes a number of changes:

  • Daily Heroic Dungeon quests offered by Wind Trader Zhareem in Shattrath City.
  • Daily Cooking quests from The Rokk found in Shattrath.
  • Heroic Dungeon Keys reputation requirement lowered to honored.
  • New profession recipes.
  • New Badge of Justice gear.
  • And more!

We also have news for players interested in PvP – Arena Season 3 will officially begin on 24th of September. Be prepared!

Comments (18)
Chuvaks01 1 month ago
where i download this server ?
acheloos 2 months ago
Hello Atlantis team. Sorry, but are you sleeping? The server is dying out. The whole thing is due to 2 main points: 1. Many players think, after your bad post, the server would later become wotlk, and therefore no more tbc. 2. Please, just give us a time when we can expect QD and / or SWP. And if this takes 3 months, let us know, the community needs it! We love the server, but the Ligthope transfer is not enough either! It needs transfers from all directions, just give people a solid, blue char to start with and become the best server ever. Thank you.
Angelit 4 months ago
Was banned as a gold seller, cause, send gold, from 1 my acc, to my other acc. This retards even cant check logs :D
Andi61 5 months ago
Dlaczego dopiero zaczolem grac a juz nie moge wejsc na konto banned
Hunter369 5 months ago
The burning crusade 4.3.4 does not want to log in to the server. Help Please
mad 5 months ago
@Balgrim this server is The Burning Crusade
Balgrim 5 months ago
how i play in the server cataclysm???
Artiq 6 months ago
Still no Armory Beta which was said to be released in the "upcoming weeks", but this was said about 3-4 months ago.
CriStiAn2 6 months ago
no wow helper quest
Jonx1000 6 months ago
Rollback to 2.2 please :/
leom 6 months ago
Server is down, no thread on the forums. Any news?
dukesdearfreya 6 months ago
PoofPoof 6 months ago
No- keys are for honored. just clear cache
Hades2 6 months ago
Yeah finally disco a moonkin powa. But HC keys are still for revered.
WolfensteinsMum 6 months ago
like boys be glad theyre doing this still now that classic is live.
Gylitor 6 months ago
cant you explain the and more? does it take too long?
hlaoad 6 months ago
huldan 6 months ago
And more!
yeah, very nice changelog
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