Light's Hope transfers!
3 weeks ago 13 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

The system supporting Light's Hope transfers is now finished and available on the main realm. Visit: and follow the instructions listed there. Due to one-faction account limitation, a faction select option will be displayed when importing transfer data. This means that if you had characters from both factions on Light's Hope, to transfer all of them you will need to import your transfer file onto 2 separate Atlantiss accounts (one for each faction).

Final transfer rules are listed below:

  • Characters below level 19 cannot be transferred.
  • If a given name is already taken on Netherwing, a new one will have to be chosen for the transferred character.
  • As stated above, it is not possible to have characters from opposite factions on one account. You will need two separate Atlantiss accounts to transfer both Alliance and Horde characters.
  • All professions and recipes will be transferred.
  • All flight master paths will be transferred.
  • Riding skill and non-legendary mounts will be transferred.
  • Gear enchantments and bank slots will be transferred.
  • Not all items will be transferred. The list of transferrable items includes: armor, weapons, mounts, keys, quivers, totems and quest-related items. Out of legendary items, only "Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros", "Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian" and "Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker" will be transferred. Any items which don't meet the listed criteria will be removed.
  • Due to spell differences between Vanilla and TBC, talents will be reset and only a portion of class abilities will be transferred. Remaining ones will need to be relearned from a class trainer.
  • Due to data differences, pets will not be transferred. This means hunters will have to tame new ones.
  • Battleground Marks of Honor and Honor Points will NOT be transferred.
  • Character titles will NOT be transferred.
  • To reduce impact on the server economy, only a portion of gold will be transferred. Each character will be allowed to keep up to 200 gold, with up to 600 gold limit per entire transferred account.

In addition to opening of Light's Hope transfers, we are making Dark Portal Opens event available again. Head to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands and help Argent soldiers push back Demons attack! You can acquire unique reward for your efforts and show your friends how heroic you are! The event will last for 7 days.

See you on the other side of the Dark Portal!

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Comments (13)
banisback 2 days ago
Quick question.

Had a char in Netherwing 2.4.3

Now server is offline, do i have to transfer my char to the other realm ( Netherwing RTV 2.4.3 ), or i should wait for realm to come online.

If i have to transfer my character... what kind of login i should use in order to be able to download the zip file, which will transfer my char. I have tried to use my login accout ( forum acc ), but i cant log in.

Some help will be appreciated,

Cheers Guys !
skunked 5 days ago
Hello, I know i have some characthers on LH to transfer bud how do i know
Aledati 1 week ago
Start writing your comment
time2play 1 week ago
Great news from devs! Now people can transfer their characters to the right place. Can we also contribute to the making of the armory somehow? Volunteers here!
piloramochka 2 weeks ago
Is it possible to make such a translation from warmane? can be done differently by providing data from the account and subsequently deleting the character in the warmane
Stawros2019 2 weeks ago
plz make such transfer from elysium
LORKKI 2 weeks ago
Elysium transfer would rock.. at least the character. Gold and gear can be lost.
Merzkiy 2 weeks ago
plz make such transfer from elysium
norbi33 2 weeks ago
Its really sad ppl from the old 4.3.4 realm could move to Tauri to play ther but from Tauri we can't move to this with lvl 50-60 low nonegeared char to have a fun :/
BigPoppaMek 3 weeks ago
how can I delete opposite factions? a level 2 horde is preventing me from transferring.
Artiq 3 weeks ago
So, when's the armory beta being released? You guys said a few months ago that it was going to be released in the "upcoming weeks" not in the upcoming years.
kajgakajga 3 weeks ago
i used my LH acc to transfer i pressed on alliance and accidentally pressed that i want to transfer my lvl 26 char on alliance to here instead of my lvl 60 horde char. I tried to make new acc and opened my lh acc zip so i can transfer my horde chars to this acc but it seems to load forever so can you maybe help me?
Evolvepwp 3 weeks ago
I have read and accept the content of the paste.
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