Fury of the Sunwell
1 month ago 25 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Edit (25.02.2020):

Patch 2.4 is now Live!

Calling all players! The Shattered Sun Offensive requires your assistance thwarting Kael'thas's efforts. Help them by completing quests, which unlocks even more dailies. Additionally, the first three bosses of Sunwell Plateau are now live, with more coming as the rest of the Sunwell gates are gradually opened in the upcoming weeks ahead.

Dear Netherwing Community,

We are proud to announce that the 2.4 Content Patch will be officially released on February 25, 2020. This patch adds a vast amount of items, recipes, dailies, a new 5-man dungeon, and, of course, the Sunwell Plateau raid. 

We intend to follow a gated progression format, which means that the Shattered Sun Offensive will require your help to gain more control over the Isle of Quel’Danas. As players complete more and more quests, more dailies will be unlocked. Additionally, only the first three bosses of Sunwell Plateau will be available at release, with more coming as the rest of the Sunwell gates are gradually opened every few weeks.

As always, we hope that you will have fun experiencing the new content.

Netherwing Team

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Comments (25)
fortcatalin 3 days ago
it says to select the language and no realm ther,can u help me ??
tsu 2 weeks ago
@mordarim Yes
mordarim 2 weeks ago
tbc will stay alive when wotlk comes out or no ? i see various comments about that,so can anyone tell me. im just willing to play tbc,not wotlk.
Silverwind 3 weeks ago
we want wotlk realm already :(
Cinnamondel 3 weeks ago
Won't let me make a new character :/
iveco 1 month ago
i'm so proud of all the idiots who make the island the new pvp zone. how should progress come?
morguos 1 month ago
server online today?? or no? Thank you
bojke 1 month ago
server online today/tonight or???
Ruslan77 1 month ago
when server will be online again??
bojke 1 month ago
when server will be online again?
whistl3r 1 month ago
good job !
ulises 1 month ago
como lo descargo
buyn 1 month ago
Пидорасы! Когда меня разбанят, за ебучий мультибоксинг! суки
emvipien 1 month ago
Totally agree with Aelar, once tbc progression is fully completed and everything is on farm, after you've done your fair share of of playing the classes you never played in tbc then you can gladly transfer to the wotlk realm. Progress through expansion! Anyways, keep up the good work!
Aelar 1 month ago
Yes there will be able to transfer your chars from tbc to WOTLK,,, but it doesnt mean that TBC server will be gone,, it shall stay but there will be wotlk as well,, u can transfer there whatever chars u want .. it will be same with cataclysm,, wotlk wont dissapear ,
BUT many ppl think that when wotlk comes,, there will be less ppl palying on TBC ,, thats not true,,but even if it was true.. the coming of WOTLk will 100% bring thousands and thousands of new ppl.. WOTLk is the the most beloved xpac,,, and this is the BEST private server ever . Look at warmane .Thousands of ppl play wotlk and it is far from blizzlike.. x7 Xprate is merged with x1 xp rate,, hardcore server is merged with pay to win chars ,,and insta 80s lvls.. IMAGINE how many ppl would come to such an amazing server like Atlantiss ? blizz like,no pay to win ,,excelent everything ! i love TBC but wotlk is in the not far future only salvation for this godlike server,, and if thousands of new players are the cost of wotlk ,, i would gladly leave tbc to wotlk
Mazus 1 month ago
I hope the u guys fix the Seal of the Crusader for this patch!
SkoobySnek 1 month ago
yea same question will we be able to transfer from tbc to wotlk?
john91 1 month ago
There will be a character transfer from TBC to WOTLK? I just started to exp my alt for WOTLK.
SkoobySnek 1 month ago
As i said i feel as tho im kinda late for the tbc party so i was wondering about wotlk so i can start playing there from start to finish right
Vexlad 1 month ago
Read it there ...

PTE project establishes an idea of creating 3 separate realms:
The Burning Crusade
Wrath of the Lich King

Realms after the end of progression will remain available for players.

So dont do a hoax.
Shuzie 1 month ago
Sorry but they dont get it... a lot of ppl told me they dont want to play here cuz they think all hard work get killed by woltk. Its soo easy just make an correct announcement for this situation !
Pokemongold 1 month ago
Yeah i just came from a wotlk server and I don't miss it at all, hoping this server stays in tbc a long while. Couldn't find any other good tbc servers :/
Tafs 1 month ago
Blizzard timeline was as follows: ZA release in Nov 2007 (vs approx. Oct-Nov 2019 here) -> progress to 2.4.0 in March 2008 (vs Feb 2020 here). So overall 4 months period in both cases. Following this 'logic' pre-WOTLK patch 3.0.2 was released in Oct 2008 (expect Sep 2020 here?) and WOTLK in Nov 2008 (expect before Christmas 2020 here?). So overall you`ve got about 7 months of TBC party :) enjoy
SkoobySnek 1 month ago
So how far away from wotlk are we at this point? i feel as tho im kinda late for the tbc party so thats why im asking this
Evolvepwp 1 month ago
I have read and accept the content of the paste.
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