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2 months ago 53 Realms: Netherwing 2.4.3

Dear Netherwing Community,

It’s been over a month since Patch 2.4 was released and, thanks to your help, the Shattered Sun Offensive has made great progress both on the Isle of Quel’Danas and inside Sunwell Plateau. Guilds that have managed to defeat The Eredar Twins will soon get the opportunity to face M’uru and, later on, The Deceiver himself.

As everyone knows, Patch 2.4 is the last major addition to The Burning Crusade expansion. There isn’t much content left and it’s time to slowly look towards the future. Most players have been progressing the end-game content for awhile now, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to encourage new players to start on Netherwing. That’s why, after a lot of consideration, we are planning to offer an instant 58 option in the following weeks. We realize it is a major change, but we hope it will convince new people to give Netherwing a try (as well as make more people stay at home during this difficult time). Having a larger pool of players for dungeons or PvP will also be beneficial to everyone. Additionally, the currently available experience boosts will no longer be limited to level 58, but instead will work all the way up to level 70. 

We are always concerned about faction balance, but for months now, many players have been asking us for a possibility to transfer their characters from Alliance to Horde. Such an option will be made available in our shop soon, but it will be intentionally expensive (for those really desperate players). We will also be watching the transfers closely to ensure the faction populations remain within an acceptable range. If it becomes an issue, we will disable the option.

The only remaining question is “what will happen to Netherwing in the future?”. We still firmly believe in the "Progress Through Expansions" model and we would love to execute a progression through Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm at some point. However…we don't feel quite done with TBC yet. Thus, our immediate focus will be to give you, the players, another chance to experience the best Burning Crusade server you will find. Our current plan is to open a separate, new TBC realm (or as people call it – “fresh”). We want to utilize all the fixes we have made and the experience we have gained over the past year to provide the absolute best TBC server. 

Please note that this is not something that can be achieved overnight – there are still many reworks and overhauls of core systems before we are ready. So, while we do have an internal date, it’s too early to reveal it for now. Naturally, all the changes we make will continue to be applied on Netherwing and we will provide current players enough time to finish all content on Netherwing as well. There’s at least a few months of T5 and T6 raiding ahead of everyone. The current realm will remain online even after the launch of the second server, so you’ll be able to keep playing on it if you so desire. Your characters will NOT be deleted.


~Netherwing Team

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