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Dear Players!
Socializing is something very important if we are talking about World of Warcraft community, the game itself is MMO. We have a Facebook fanpage that we use to connect to the Players. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues we are experiencing, we have been forced to create a new Atlantiss fanpage.

Tol Barad

Gladiators! Prepare to battle!

We are extremely happy to inform you that from revision 4009 you will be able to take part in a long awaited battle for Tol Barad.

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Realm Firsts are coming!

Dear Players!

We are pleased to announce the release of 3 new bosses in Heroic mode. 

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Times, they are a-changin'

Dear Players!
Just before the new patch comes out, Atlantiss Staff is making some changes that are necessary and are fundamental for making an advertisement of the server on a large scale, worldwide.

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Some news

Summer holidays are a great opportunity to rest, but not for Atlantiss crew. Intensive work on 4.3.4 patch is going on. Even the current content is not standing still. Remaining 4.0.6a heroic bosses are being prepared.

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Combat system improvements

Revision 3952 brings two important changes to the combat system. Click "read more" for details.

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