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Netherwing Developer Update

Dear Community, today marks exactly 4 months since we launched our closed beta, so we decided to talk a little about the status of the project.

Weekly 3v3 Event & Graphic Designer recruitment

Hello dear community, this week we'd like to present you with a fresh 3v3 weekly event and announce that a position of a Graphic Designer has opened, so let's dive into the specifics!

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x3 Experience Bonus Weekend - Extended

As voted by our community on our Discord, this weekend we're having a special bonus, a little upgraded.

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Developer Update 8

Hello guys, Pelekon, a developer here on Atlantiss, grab a coffee or continue on eating your dinner as you tune in to this 8th post of its kind, hope you’ll like it.

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Spine & Madness of Deathwing is here!

The time has finally come, after so many days and countless hours the long-awaited finale is here with a brand new trailer and a couple of information.

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Dragon Soul Finale release date!

Due to popular demand, as voted in our previous survey, we'll be releasing both Spine of Deathwing & Madness of Deathwing encounters at the same time.

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