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Changelog 5 October to 4 November

We would like to present you a new changelog. It includes changes made ​​on the server between October 5 and November 4.

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News - October

Due to the upcoming holidays, days off from work and school, we encourage you to spend your spare time on our server.

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Changelog 7 September to 5 October

We would like to present you a new changelog. It includes changes that have occurred on the server between 7 September to 5 October. Enjoy the reading.

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New Raid ID = New Bosses!

With the next Raid ID we will present you with 2 new bosses.

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Gilneas rewritten

Wolfenstein has a little surprise for you! Revision 3432 comes with Part one of worgen starting zone - Gilneas update.


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Changelog 22 August to 7 September

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for the dev team on our server. There have been some significant changes in the core and a lot of fixes for the instances and raids. In addition, we have given to you another Cataclysm raid boss - Al'Akir.

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