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New Raid ID = New Bosses!

With the next Raid ID we will present you with 2 new bosses.

Click "read more" to find out which bosses are awaiting you.

Gilneas rewritten

Wolfenstein has a little surprise for you! Revision 3432 comes with Part one of worgen starting zone - Gilneas update.


Click "Read more" for full changelog and prepare for lots of reading!

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Changelog 22 August to 7 September

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for the dev team on our server. There have been some significant changes in the core and a lot of fixes for the instances and raids. In addition, we have given to you another Cataclysm raid boss - Al'Akir.

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Changelog 7 to 21 August

Good news everyone!

The current week brought the players a lot of changes and innovations.

From a few days you can enjoy two new raid bosses in cataclysm, they are: Valion & Theralion and Chimaeron. After two - three weeks we plan to give you more bosses! The next bosses will be Maloriak from Blackwing Descent and Twilight Ascendant Council from Bastion of Twilight.

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Changelog 15 July to 7 August

Soon, when tests come to an end, you will have a chance to fight against bosses like Chimaeron (Blackwing Descent), and Valiona & Theralion (Bastion of Twilight).

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released between 15 July and 7 August 2013.

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Low level instances

We encourage you to visit Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns, two recently renovated low level dungeons. We hope you''ll like the changes!

Click "read more" for full changelog for revision 3232. You can help with other dungeons by reporting bugs on our bugtracker.

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