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Dragon Soul Survey & Bonuses

With Dragon Soul normal being scripted and ready to be released, we've decided to treat you all with a couple of bonuses. Tune in!

Bonus experience before Dragon Soul arrives & a chance to adopt a pet!

Dragon Soul sneak peak, official Fangs of the Father statement, bonus experience and even more in today's news. Tune in!

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2-Factor Authentication

Back in 2014 as a small challenge on the side one of our members decided to fully script a 2-factor authentication system to let players further protect their accounts. Eventually, the idea was forgotten and not released to the public.

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Arena season end & fixed schedule for future seasons

Arena season is coming to an end and with it, the prizes that will be awarded to the best ones in their craft.

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Some Easter wishes

Happy Easter!
Make sure to loosen up your belt for all the extra food and show yourself downstairs from time to time to your beloved ones to discuss politics, future plans or to share recipes.

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PvP Tournament & 2nd Atlantiss Survey

Buenos dias!

A lot has been going on lately and with that, it's time for yet another update. Take a break from whatever you're doing, make a cup of warm tea and tune in!

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