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Old event, new event and changes

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Old event, new event and changes

FanArt event has come to an end and the winners were chosen. We extended the event for almost twice as long, but it was definitely worth it. Many excellent pieces of work were submited on our mailbox, both valuable and certainly, time-consuming. We surely regret that we can't reward every artist.

Below, we present the list of winners and at the same time we ask every one of them to send an email to [email protected] with information onto which account/character you wish to receive the prize. However, those who chose a random item from Old School Stuff section, we ask them to inform us as to what item they chose.

  1. mitja224
  2. Olfa
  3. pandzie
  4. annza
  5. wojter182

We also ask ALL winners to post their arts in the comment section below this news!

As the FanArt is finalised, we continue with yet another event.
This time you need to record a short video (max 1 minute long) and post it on your channel on YouTube, then sending us the link with the video to [email protected]

Draft email title - [YouTube event] (nickname) (movie title).

Rules that obey during this event are the same as in the FanArt contest, you can get familiar with them in our previous news LINK.
Videos have to be recorded on our server and be somewhat connected to The Burning Crusade or Cataclysm expansion. It's very likely that we may offer the best creators a longer-term collaboration with the Atlantiss team.

We spent a lot of time last month on upgrading our servers, increasing their security and upgrading our backup system. This is the reason why the forum was off for so long. Here is a list of some of the things that were done:

1. We migrated to new machines. The spec of the machines are the same, but all the hardware is new. We updated the systems and all the software that we use. From now on we plan to update the systems and software every month (or sooner if any important updates are released).

2. We configured the kernel and firewalls on all of the servers. This will increase our security.

3. We created a private network between our servers. All data exchange between our servers is encrypted. You need to login via VPN to access the private network. All public traffic has been blocked (more security updates).

4. We bought a new machine in a totally different location than our production machine. This machine is used to keep backups. We improved the security of all our data.

  • The main database is replicated in real-time. In case of a machine failure no data will be lost. All your progress and chars are safe.
  • An additional full database copy is made every 6h. In case of a database malfunction, we can always rollback to the nearest working copy.

5. All static files - website, forum, logs also follow the rules above.

6. We also purchased another new machine (the same specs as the main machine) specially for PTR.  We decided to divide them to make sure that any work done on the PTR won’t effect our main realm in any way.

7. We setup a few tools and an internal Bugtracker for Developers / some CFs. We hope this will help us with managing our work and make sure everyone within the team knows how our projects are going.



kabi 2017-08-24 06:58:01 #

Why did you put Kaspii on the pictrure? ^^


Jyggalag 2017-08-24 11:19:02 #

Where can I see the pictures?

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