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Dragon Soul release and new PvP season

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Dragon Soul release and new PvP season

Time to begin with yet another journey on Atlantiss.

Yesterday, we added up all points from previous PvP season (https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/235), prizes will be awarded within week's time.

Today, we launch a new Cataclysmic PvP season. Together with it, all Conquest points have been converted into Honor points with 4000 max capacity, and all of the rest will be converted into gold (for every Conquest Points you will receive 35 silvers).

NPCs dealing in items from Season 11 available to purchase for Conquest points have been put into use for everyone (Season 10 items will still be purchasable from Honor points vendors).

Dragon Soul:

How will Dragon Soul be released?

Dragon Soul will be released in 4 parts.
First part - Morchok, Warlord Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj the Unsleeping on Normal Mode (10 and 25).
Second part - Hagara the Stormbinder, Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn on Normal Mode (10 and 25).
Third part - Spine of Deathwing and Madness of Deathwing on Normal Mode (10 and 25).
Fourth part - Heroic Mode both 10 and 25 with all bosses at once.

When will Dragon Soul be released?

The first part of Dragon Soul is now available on Dragonwrath realm. We hope that you'll have fun with all the bosses and find yourself challenged.
The second part is being slowly scripted as we speak. We plan to add Hagara the Stormbinder to PTR soon.
The third part is currently not being worked on at all.
The fourth part is being slowly worked on as we work on previous parts. When we write bosses in Normal difficulty we try to add all the additional logic that is needed for Heroic. With this approach we won't need to rewrite any major script parts later on.

Will there be any custom buffs?


All bosses on Normal Mode are planned to have a custom buff.
The custom buffs for the first part are - Morchok 20%, Zonozz 15%, Yorsahj 20%. All custom buffs were decided upon and tested together with our PTR testers. We would like to hear some feedback from the rest of our players, so once you get the chance to do the bosses please let us know what you think about this approach, if they turn out to make the bosses too tough we will change them.

We do not know what buffs for the next parts will be because they are discussed and afterwards tested together with our testers. We will inform you about all the custom buffs as we release more DS parts.
With every next part made public, we plan to reduce the buffs on previous parts.

- Part One - 20% buff on release
- After part two release - Part One 10% buff, Part Two 20% buff
- After part three release - Part One 5% buff, Part Two 10% buff, Part Three 20% buff
- After part four release - Part One no buff, Part Two no buff, Part Three no buff
These are only the examples, however, we aren't sure about the numbers yet and we will be informing you about all the changes done to the buffs.


Atlantiss event

Due to Dragon Soul being released, as well as new PvP season, Atlantiss event (https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/233) will begin on the 8th of January at 19:00 CET



sophia324 2018-01-07 07:31:57 #

so 397 ilvl items for vp?


Polytra 2018-01-07 07:37:27 #

The question is : How long will it take the others parts to come live ...


kaldwin 2018-01-07 07:42:09 #

Ohh yeah, it's amazing.


EMTEC 2018-01-07 07:48:20 #

1st boss from 2nd part of Dragon Soul will already be available on PTR tomorrow, we'll keep you all posted about our progress.


mchasur 2018-01-07 07:53:24 #

Could there be any info about LFR?


Jenova 2018-01-07 08:02:25 #

We most probably won't be ever adding LFR.


Kerax24 2018-01-07 08:14:01 #

Ave maria


Zigrof 2018-01-07 08:20:48 #

Sup with SOR?


farca 2018-01-07 11:21:31 #

no gems item from DS bosses + no valor points


YelowFlash 2018-01-08 08:51:18 #

Any news about Vash'Jr zone?


jmhoayeck 2018-01-08 10:40:51 #

will alizabal drop DS items now??


EMTEC 2018-01-08 02:03:24 #



shavlego 2018-01-09 01:36:23 #

so when we can start quest for daggers ?


dystroyd 2018-01-09 04:04:47 #

so event started?


Dilpertti 2018-01-15 03:41:51 #

I wonder why the release of DS was on sunday, in middle of raid reset... Could you do the rest bosses on wednesdays?

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