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Ultraxion release & new crashcatch system

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Ultraxion release & new crashcatch system


Dragon Soul is coming in nicely and according to schedule, but that's not all that we've prepared for you.

Dragon Soul

Today at 19:00 CET we'll release Ultraxion on Dragonwrath realm. Blackhorn, however, will be released on Friday at 19:00 CET (this is still up for discussion - tune in our recent poll here.) due to two aspects that require more attention and fixes (one concerns the movement of the sappers and the second is strictly related to server core which needs proper adjustment). The boss could be released today and be doable, but we prefer to reserve additional time to release him in a proper form. If anyone is interested in the current state of Blackhorn, can check him out on our PTR.


Thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion, due to that, Warmaster Blackhorn will be released on wednesday (14th of March) at 19:00.

Future releases 

Together with Spine & Madness of Deathwing on the horizon, we're in a state of crucial internal Darkmoon Faire tests and soon enough we'll make it available on our PTR for everyone to test out and be able to provide us with issues.

New CrashCatch system


We've just implemented a rewritten and refreshed version of a system which is designed to keep your progress save in an event of an uncontrolled server crash. Your owned items will be saved without any rollbacks.

This does not apply, however, to items which were not looted from an NPC, when it comes to this matter we're still developing a system to solve this issue.



New GM hierarchy update

We have successfully implemented new command system on Dragonwrath which now abides all Gamemasters and has helped in expanding our support's team ability to help those in need. More information can be found in the previous news. But that is not all when it comes to our capable support staff. We've just opened a fresh recruitment to allow volunteers to join our ranks. Most of you already submitted some great applications from which poll we will pick out the best ones.

New Atlantiss staff position

We decided to cluster on improving the means of contact between us and our community. We feel that during the past few months we've drifted apart in some way. Here is where I, Yggr, a long time member of Atlantiss staff will spring into action by taking up the position of Community Manager and with many ideas and goals, I will try to do my best to fix that issue.

My aim is to be the main link between the community and all other members, providing constructive criticism based on players opinions.

I look forward to working with you all, and hopefully, I won't let you down :)



BnSLight 2018-03-07 06:58:05 #

Congratulations, Dragon Soul is almost complete! Greetings from Argentina.


patkula 2018-03-07 09:51:08 #

you should advertise server more, player cap is the same too long


deathsagent87 2018-03-11 04:06:54 #

cant wait for the gurthalak :D

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