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Atlantiss event, first Atlantiss survey & more

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Atlantiss event, first Atlantiss survey & more

With great morale, heady ambitions and lots of changes on the horizon, we decided to organize the very first ever Atlantiss survey.

This survey, as every survey's goal is to grant us information about our community in masses, we want to be familiar with your opinion and level of satisfaction as a gamer on Atlantiss, we would like to ask everyone to take this survey seriously as it will benefit everyone.

But that's not all, every person who successfully completes the survey in whole and provides us with their character nickname will get a chance to win either a Celestial Steed mount or one of 4 pets from our webshop of your choosing!

TAKE THE SURVEY - http://bit.ly/2IfFqHf

We wish you all good luck!

Warmaster Blackhorn & Dragon Soul

Our development team after short reassess, managed to deal with issues concerning the Blackhorn encounter, and the boss is now ready to be released, however, due to popular demand, the boss will be available on wednesday (14th of March) at 19:00 CET. Our developers will now move onto preparing the rest of the instance according to previous plans.

Cataclysm cinematics

On the side, while preparing Dragon Soul cosmetics, our skilled developers have just fixed the last cinematic present in the Cataclysm expansion which concludes the storyline of Deathwing's onslaught.

Atlantiss event

Our event which began on the 10th of January ended yesterday on 10th of March 2018

We are happy for everyone who participated in this event which in total resulted in over few thousand participants. It was a first of its kind event organized, a long and eventful journey and we are more than exhilarated to be the hosts of it and with such great response, it taught us a lesson to organize more of such challenges.

PvE additional points will be added manually and the official list of winners will be published on forums.

All winners will be contacted via private messages to discuss all logistics.

Art Credit: Vin Hill (https://vinhillart.wordpress.com/)



Lowpain 2018-03-10 04:26:13 #

Good stuff. :>


gramwowamagiem123s 2018-03-11 12:28:37 #

Event should be end at 10 March. Why is another date?


kngsss 2018-03-11 01:05:37 #

I wonder same... Why new date???


Caryartomlis 2018-03-11 01:10:40 #

On the Cataclysm Cinematics, are the starting zone cinematics going to be added at any point?


deathsagent87 2018-03-11 04:02:24 #

very nice


dystroyd 2018-03-11 04:19:11 #

Event should be end at 10 March its not fair


espioatlant 2018-03-11 04:39:55 #

Is there a reason why the event date has been extended without any notice / mention ? Some of the people who competed for the top spots did so while putting everything else on hold. Asking players to now add another month to the event seems a bit unfair.


spriest97 2018-03-11 11:51:34 #

will anoyone tell us why there is new date of event's end? it's kinda unfair and not understandable


EMTEC 2018-03-11 01:00:21 #

Atlantiss Event was finished yesterday, wrong finish date was published because of minor misunderstanding inside the team. We'll correct this news/info and we'll publish more information about event ending soon.


espioatlant 2018-03-11 01:12:01 #

I was hoping for the same. Thanks for the clarification and congratulations on a successful event. With a few minor tweaks, it would be nice to see something similar in the future.


Artur777 2018-03-11 01:14:36 #

Is it possible to leave of event?


espioatlant 2018-03-11 01:32:31 #

@Artur777 - If you've just made a fresh toon, go to your faction capital city and talk to the event coordinator to leave the event.


vule456 2018-03-11 02:53:20 #

I dont know why but the asian art style remindes me MOP hmmm maybe a tease of some sort for what is to come after the cata server, i remember a long time a go before the netherwing stuff they talked about a mop server.


vule456 2018-03-11 02:58:18 #

i also think this is the best time for a new mop server, currently there are no good internationa mop servers, panda wow is buggy and lacking english community and has a cash shop, warmane is bugged as well and on the last patch, tauri is a server only hungario with the international server being low pop and dead, wow freakz was the biggest server for mop and it moved to legion. So for people like my selfe who are searching for a good international server for mop that starts with the 5.1 content there are realy no choices.


spriest97 2018-03-11 03:38:20 #

so, if event was finished yesterday, can you turn off scoreboard? people still getting points


ashrasmun 2018-03-11 06:32:29 #

I started the survey, but then I realised there caption on the left of it... Instantly dissatisfied with Atlantiss >:[ ! HAIL GNOMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ronnierojas 2018-04-10 03:56:19 #

Where are my reward from atlantis event? i was in 6to place

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