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Bonus experience before Dragon Soul arrives & a chance to adopt a pet!

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Bonus experience before Dragon Soul arrives & a chance to adopt a pet!

Dragon Soul sneak peak, official Fangs of the Father statement, bonus experience and even more in today's news. Tune in!

Dragon Soul release

With Spine of Deathwing being scripted and ready, our developers after many cups of coffee and plates of snacks, are putting the final touches on the Madness of Deathwing, dealing with both important boss fight details and visuals as well as cosmetics to furthermore enhance everyone’s raiding experience. We know all of you have been waiting a long time to finally get the chance to battle Deathwing on his premises, that is why we’d like to inform you that during next week we’ll provide you with the official release date and more specifics, so stay tuned!

Afterwards, our skilled and wonderful developers will begin to work on the Heroic version which will come shortly after Normal.

Spine of Deathwing is also available on our PTR realm is anyone is interested in testing it.

Legendary Daggers

Some time ago we’ve conducted a small poll and a discussion to review players opinions, we’ve gathered many wonderful ideas and elaborated upon them.

Due to popular demand as well we’ll be releasing the Fangs of the Father questline together with Dragon Soul in Heroic mode.

2 Factor Authentication

Due to recent events and speculations on the private server scene, just as a security measure we advise everyone to strengthen their account password and take advantage of our 2 Factor Authentication https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/266.

Since 22.04.2018, players who manage to assign the 2 Factor Authenticator to their account will adopt a limited pet who originally was never, ever implemented to the game, the White Tiger Cub!


Experience bonus

Today at 20:00 CEST we’ll be increasing experience gained up to x3. The event will last until the end of Sunday (22.04.2018). This bonus also includes a raise to Recruit a Friend (http://atlantiss.eu/pages/7) by up to x4. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this small token of gratitude and enjoy levelling up your characters!

Make sure as well to visit our Facebook fanpage to keep up with some of the information and help us spread the news.


PvP Tournament

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to guest some wonderful PvP players, who have proved their worth in our 3v3 tournament. We really enjoyed hosting this event and therefore, our PvP GMs decided that the next tournament will be a challenge to many individuals.

Soon we’ll release more specific information concerning a 1v1 PvP Tournament with many, many prizes. We suggest to begin studying guides on how to counter your enemies!



Konanwar 2018-04-20 08:52:25 #

Very nice :)


sophia324 2018-04-20 09:30:44 #

good job guys


kaldwin 2018-04-21 08:40:46 #

Gj fellas, it's so cool!


redsvali 2018-04-21 05:18:21 #

good job atlantiss you guys are the best !!


Polytra 2018-04-22 05:36:48 #

Keep the good work on advertising and marketing, make the population good and better, we will love to see more players and more active server. Good luck to everyone !


adelzahadi 2018-04-22 07:04:41 #

release fang of feathers on heroic DS but the fear and vengeance should release in DS normal ! 397 weapon should be on normal actully !


spriest97 2018-04-22 08:32:42 #

when you finally send prizes to the event winners? friend told me he still haven't got it xd


Kerisa 2018-04-22 10:37:31 #

when are the pets going to be given?


FranCross 2018-04-23 07:54:14 #

im confused in the poster it says sunday the 22nd, but in your post you say sunday 24th? was it till sunday 22nd or is it till Tuesday 24th?


yggr 2018-04-23 10:13:37 #

@FranCross Our bad, the event was scheduled to end on 22.04.2018 (Sunday)


FranCross 2018-04-24 02:28:35 #

thanks for the clearing. didnt want to level with xp boost for more questing. ty for the response.

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