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Atlantiss AMA Answers

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Atlantiss AMA Answers

With over 130 questions asked I present you with answers below, due to traveling, mountain climbing, and seas, with a little delay for which I apologize. Some questions were duplicates or concerned the same thing, thus I organized them for your reading pleasure.

Tune in! 



Q: Would you consider releasing further expansions to Atlantiss?

  • (Yggr) Of course, it’s part of our PTE project. We plan to begin with The Burning Crusade, then move onto WotLK and end most probably with Cataclysm.

Q: How do you plan to beat the concurrents? For example, there is a higher populated high rates server, a progressive launch server with very clear goals etc.

Q: How do you think you stand when compared with other Cataclysm projects, like Monster or Hades? Both player-wise and script-wise. No propaganda answer, please.

  • (Yggr) Cataclysm is more of an expansion that has greater numbers of people "just checking it out", than the amount of people enjoying it daily. As a community manager I am curious as to how other private servers operate and I have played mostly on every significant or popular server out there (everytime I check out a server a LAN party is hosted, so I actually enjoy leveling up yet another character in that environment), and the answer is quite simple, all of them have their flaws, each one with no exceptions, however, I look more at them in a way that all projects are mostly just another team which consists of people who spend their time writing letters and numbers to make things work. It's pointless to mean them ill, we all have somehow different ideas, and I believe we're doing quite good on the Cataclysm private servers scene. Of course you have to pay attention to your "concurrents" but you can never let them wiggle inside your head, just do your own thing and don't take to heart what other projects are doing, if they are doing good, I wish all the best for them. An open war among projects/servers doesn't really go by the economic rule of "perfect competition" and isn't always in players favor. One of the most known place to discuss private servers, if not the most known, is, of course, the /r/wowservers subreddit and as a beloved reader I spend some time there daily, in the shadows, reading what people have to say and discussing stuff with some in private (made few friendships) and the most occurent posts are "On what server should I play?" with people commenting by putting labels on projects at the same time bashing other. I think that with the development in the private servers scene with Nostalrius, the players forgot what this game is all about - making a character you like and slaying monsters with friends instead of being mean to each other because of you like one thing more than the other. No goal in taking mean and toxic comments to heart as they have nothing valuable to offer. Don't read much into such opinions. Play where you think it is comfortable for you and enjoy it! Forge friendships, talk about daily stuff, laugh and drink whisky during LAN parties. Any kind of communication is good among players, but the one on the private servers scene still needs to develop and day by day it's heading towards the right direction.

Q: What is the stance on opening a fresh werver after DS hc has been out for some time?

  • (Yggr) We have announced our fresh cataclysm realm a few weeks ago and are pretty excited about it. We hope with the experience we gathered and time the developers spent fixing things, we’ll open a very well scripted and a friendly server for everyone out there, no matter if they’re thinking of spending a few years with us or just a weekend with friends.

Q: Hi, will there soon be fixes from TBC coming over to Cata? For example fixed caster movement and all other things showcased that do not work as great on Cata yet? It is frustrating to see that it can work, the knowledge is there... but that those huge core fixes are not being applied to Cata.

  • (Yggr) It will eventually be ported onto Cataclysm, but not in the nearby future as we don't have the time to do that at the moment. It will certainly be there for the fresh realm release, maybe even earlier than that.

Q: What is the plan to attract players to play on our amazing Atlantiss server?

  • (Yggr) To find as many places as possible where players hear about certain private servers and Atlantiss, to make great releases with many promotional graphics/videos, features and offers as to finally let it run its pace due to "whisper marketing". Throughout those years we have gathered quite a database of World of Warcraft players and it's important to make use of it with various analytical devices and tools to reach great masses.

Q: Are there any plans to attract more Content Fixers? For example making 2-3 hour interval announcement in-game that people can help, and on the website?

  • (Yggr) We’ve welcomed every Content Fixer who was willing to help us and learn how to code and we still do, the problem is that most of them don’t last long enough for various reasons. Some time ago one of our former team member developed a separate platform for people to help out and at the same time learn from active developers while being awarded with premium points, unfortunately as the time went by, the platform wasn't ready to release and the idea got scrapped. I have some plans to expand it in the future, as we have team members that are not so active right now but are always eager to pass on the knowledge and who knows, maybe we'll welcome a future Google employee!

Q: Has the Atlantiss project ever dealt with legal confrontation from Blizzard, and if so, what was it and how was it resolved?

  • (Yggr) Blizzard never directly confronts private server projects, there are other people for that, however, that is something that works differently for every server due to hosting locations and other legal mumble-jumble. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss these matters publically, even if there were some.

Q: Do you have a coding related field as profession IRL? I mean, or did you just learn coding with this server?

  • (Yggr) About 85% of the team are programmers as a vocation it seems. I joined here almost 4 years ago and have seen people come and go while getting better-paying jobs with a wide range of self-development opportunities. Some work now for bigger companies (in 90% cases even you're using one of his products inside your computer) or have a bussiness or freelance life of their own. Some of them even, actually have chosen to study coding due to Atlantiss, that is why it is a project for everyone and a place that welcomes people who are eager to check it out. As a community manager, for example, the server helped me develop myself to some length, I learned 3 additional foreign languages, managed to begin working on the side with them, I learned some web basics, SEO, SEM, PR etc. and I am still catching on new stuff day by day.

Q: Why did you kick Ranor from Stuff?

  • (Yggr) Ranor wasn’t kicked from the staff, he became less active due to real-life matters.

Q: Is Atlantiss dying compared to the other cata servers (its great srv but no ppl playing)? Will you do something to let new players come here? Transfers etc.

Q: Do you consider opening a transfers from the other servers? Sunwell's feronis population is down in case of their new wotlk realm and many people don't want to start wotlk again and again with nothing. Many of us would change feronis for ATS if we had this choice.

  • (Yggr) "Dying" is a strong word, one may call a server "dying" with 6000 population because there is nothing for them to do and one may call a 300 online server "alive" because they're having fun, but yes, we’ve announced it a few days ago. They're open now! https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/293

Q: Will the code for Atlantiss ever become public under the GNU GPL or the GNU AGPL?

  • (Yggr) It is a tricky question. Our code, more especially our Cataclysm core has been worked on for more than 6 years, even 7, by more than 20 people overall. The goal was to provide the players with a quality place to play with what this expansion offers, without the goal of earning money. Atlantiss has ran without any donations for over 4 years and offered many of our team members a chance to pursue a career in programming and some are approaching their yet another year of studying it. By releasing the code to the public, we can offer many people the same opportunity, to develop, however, as it is noticeable on the private servers scene, and still is, many people would use the already prepared core to, with lots of upgrades, benefit from it financially, and only financially which would ruin the whole experience in the long run. Releasing the code to the public, we’d be releasing all of the longs hours, over 30933 commits of over 20 people with the risk of someone taking it in the wrong direction, however, this is still up for a debate whereas the same amount of people who would aim to benefit financially could meet the same amount of people whose aim would be to provide a great experience. Overall, the code would be released if all of the authors agree to it, but for now, I wouldn't count on it.

Q: atlantiss pandarian when

  • (Yggr) Our Mists of Pandaria core and scripts have been worked on by one of our developers. Unfortunately, as the time passed, our goals changed and we decided to scrap the project to focus on other things. For now, we have no plans on resuming its development.


Q: When you're going to relase Dragon Soul Heroic?

  • (Pelekon) Dragon Soul Heroic has been mostly ready the day we released the rest of Dragon Soul with now being polished after every test run. We hope we’ll enable it for everyone in a couple of days (or a little bit more). If you’re interested you can test what’s already ready on our PTR realm and give us your thoughts!

Q: What do you plan on doing after Dragon Soul Heroic is out and cleanred and eventually farmed? Many people in the community think that will be the death of Atlantiss. What are your plans past Dragon Soul Heroic and even Cataclysm in general?

  • (Yggr) A fresh Cataclysm realm and to release our Burning Crusade server and begin our PTE journey! Until that time comes we plan to organize events and tournaments for the players and we’re open for every suggestion :)

Q: When will the Vashj'ir zone will be scripted?

  • (Yggr) With the fresh realm that we’ve announced a few weeks ago. Vashj’ir will also be available on Dragonwrath

Q: How about working on all old bug reports since 2014, like shadowfiend bug? Reporting new bugs is unmotivated because of old still not fixed.

  • (Yggr) That is correct, we have lots of pages of reported bugs, some old, some new. However, if you look at it objectively, many new bugs are getting fixed as well. Soon enough, with the release of our new website, we’ve prepared a new way of reporting these bugs, which will result in more comfortable work with all of you.

Q: What’s up with Badlands? A few developers have been trying to script it, however, none of them delivered.

  • (Yggr) Badlands will be available to the public together with our fresh Cataclysm realm, and it will also be available on Dragonwrath.

Q: I just want to know if you guys are thinking about finishing the Twilight Highlands quests. Never done them so i am curious about the quest line.

  • (Yggr) Of course, together with the newly announced fresh Cataclysm realm.

Q: Have you every considered to increase the XP rate to attract more players?

  • (Yggr) Of course. The thing with raising the experience rate is that Blizzlike rates (x1) most often forecast a good quality (that is why I joined the server as a player in the first time). A very large portion of people are tired of leveling up (including me) and are more interested in the end-game. That is why I decided to try out an alternative and organize a couple of bonus experience events (x2 and x3) and people have been surely enjoying them. We do consider every option available, but for now, the realm will remain x1.

Q: when new server will up?

  • (Yggr) There is no ETA at the moment, we silently work in the shadows for now.


Q: When you nurf mages and rogues !!!!

  • (Jenova) Mages have been recently nerfed and we’ll still progress on adjusting these classes and fixing their bugs.

Q: Hi, I think dungeons on low levels work pretty fine. However, a couple of the Cataclysm dungeons are having minor (mainly visual) bugs that make them alot less blizzlike (for example flying drake in stonecore). The same thing goes for Mount Hyjal, the quests work but many of the details in the quests and zone are missing.

Q: Is there any plan for fixing up the details soon? The details are what make the World of Warcraft feel alive.

Q: When will you do an overhaul of cataclysm dungeons? They could use some polish across the board.

  • (Yggr) Currently, the team is focused on finishing Dragon Soul Normal and Dragon Soul HC. After DS HC is finished I plan to focus a bit more on older Cata content. My main focus will be 5man Cata Bosses. There are no dates that we can share at this time, but yes we do plan to revisit older Cata content and polish it. (Jenova)

Q: Any informations about crossfaction bgs :) ?

Q: when will cross faction bgs be released and solo queue 3v3?

  • (Pelekon) Cross BG’s are on the verge of being finished, however, 3v3 is also a thing to implement as we promised in one of our news.

Q: Is it true that you don't want to launch cross faction BG ?

  • (Pelekon) Of course not. Cross BGs are at the moment in our players' favor and if they want it, we will deliver and check out the results.

Can you help somehow making rated bgs?

  • (Lucasbarsh) At the moment we plan to keep our focus on weekly events and tournaments, but if it’s something players enjoy it’s always worth considering.

Q: Hi, so I was wonder when the server and it's staff is going to start doing something about the PvP dieing on the server like sure there are some nice PvP events but you can't even play a bg without people afking the whole time and Horde losing like 90% of the time during peak hours I love PvP but this is really getting to much now please let me know if you would like some suggestions I can think of a few! I have even emailed before and haven't even gotten a reply... Thanks if you are reading this!

  • (Yggr) I play PvP from time to time, in the shadows unbeknownst to anyone, gearing up a character to a full set. Personally, I have witnessed that Horde tends to win as much as Alliance and some Battlegrounds are very, very close and a challenge. If you have any suggestions, of course, Lucas would be happy to review them. Sent him a message on Discord!

Q: The content here is good in my opinion, but unfortunately, the community could use some improvement. One of the most unpleasant things I've seen is players who queue for random dungeons and then demand to be kicked from the group when it's a dungeon they "don't want". These players will also kick others if they don't agree to quit the dungeon.

I've actually reported several players for doing this because, in my opinion, their behavior is ruining the game experience for other players who may want gear or achievements from a particular dungeon. However, I doubt that's actually changing anything for the better. So, I would like to propose a way for the community to help discipline rude, inconsiderate, or frankly obscene players for the benefit of the entire server population.

Similar to reporting a player for cheating or using an inappropriate name, I'd like to see an additional option to report a player for particularly rude or inconsiderate conduct. Once a player has been reported a certain number of times, I think there should be a penalty like a deduction of the player's gold or something similar. So, there are two parts to my question:

  1. Would it be possible to implement my suggestion to allow the entire community to help discipline bad players?

  2. Would the Atlantiss team actually consider doing it?

  • (Yggr) Yes, it would be an easy implementation

  • If the demand will be high, then surely we will. Hit me up on Discord and we can discuss some specifics.


Q: Why do you not allow former staff members to re-join staff? For example when they leave because they are busy with work/studies and after they have more time (after a year or so), they want to rejoin your staff but can't?

  • (Yggr) We do not allow staff members to re-join ONLY if they endangered the project in some way. Other than that every team member is welcome to join us again after a long break.

Q: With the right voice settings, where can you hear the dialogue between Arthas and his father?

  • (Yggr) In the Throne room in Undercity by increasing your ambient sound to maximum :)

Q: What can you say about useless gm's ? What can you say about Burning Crusade idea- worst choice. Why you are banning people for afk on bG ? When You will "unbann all" accounts to get back population? Why we can't test Dragon soul heroic= why developers made 60% buff on bosses ?

  • (Yggr) If some GM is “useless” we give them a chance to better themselves if they fail to do it, we part our ways. There’s a high demand for a Burning Crusade server and one of our main developers wished to script it in order to deliver such a server to a wider public and to put himself up for a challenge. Accounts that have been ban permanent belong to players who decided to violate our rules to a great length or ruin the experience of other players. Unbanning them to “get back the population” is not the brightest idea. Such players are still able to create fresh accounts and play the game as it should be played. Everyone is able to test our raids prior to their release on our PTR realm, there is no rule against it and everyone are welcome there. 60% buff, or any other buff is made to create a greater challenge for our players.

Q: Although considerate amount of players "not complaining about server population" plays on Atlantiss cataclysm realm

  1. have you guys thought or made any plans on attracting new player?

  2. improve those player experience "fun with friends and family" while their time on Atlantiss?

  3. come up with intuitive ideas so new and old player bases won't get burnt out in just couple of month playing here?

I would very much like to hear your opinions and answer for above question.

Thank you :)

  • (Yggr) Yes, we get ideas every day, however, some of them are not the best of a solution. We have announced transfers and a bonus experience rates for the transfers duration, we hope it will boost our peak online :)
    By fixing bugs and hosting events and tournaments and of course SURVEYS!
    By introducing new stuff, to let players have a feeling of satisfaction, encourage them to work on their characters and keep them curious about what’s coming next. We’re open for every suggestion and my private messages box is open!

Q: Are the GM's shaving their pubic hair?

  • (Yggr) We hope they do. It’s hard to determine if your other half is into that, especially on the first date, so it’s always better to be prepared. It can grow back after all, right?

Q: Why are there so little people online despite the effort put on the content's development?

  • (Yggr) Some of it lies in the expansion itself and the fact that the server is at the end of its progression while being alive for more than 6 years. Other than that, there are a lot of other factors which is too much to jump into including SEO, promotion, communication with players, the psychology of basic new player view of a private server etc. etc. etc. Nevertheless, our player base is quite active despite not peaking high we have thousands of unique players logging in every day and hundreds making accounts daily.

Q: What about MoP Server ?

Q: What is your view on a WOW MOP server ? As there are no ENG MoP (blizzlike) servers and 1 HUN server (Turi Veins) with english speaking without a mop home.

  • (Yggr) MoP server is something worth considering for sure, we have people asking daily when’s the expansion coming, and despite it’s not our focus right now we believe that it would be a wise choice to host one someday. Many issues also lie in development itself, see that the higher the expansion, the less noteworthy private servers there are, as in Blizzlike servers.

Q: When is amnesty for banned ppl who reformed over those years

  • (Yggr) Lifting the bans from players who somehow got on our bad side is not something we see as wise. Such players are always welcome to create new accounts and travel a different path.

Q: Why are paladins so gay ?

  • (Yggr) It’s all because of those gems, they’re sparky and beautiful, and somehow elegance is viewed as “gay” nowadays. Paladins all the way!


Q: When can we expect WoTLK?

  • (Yggr) Some time after we finish The Burning Crusade progression

Q: When PTE start ?!?!?!

  • (Yggr) With our Burning Crusade realm, Netherwing

Q: Will the transfer from one extension to another be paying?

  • (Yggr) If we're talking about transfers from TBC to WotLK or to Cataclysm, then yes. It will be free.

Q: What "Core(s)" do you use/plan to use for the expensions TBC, WOTLK, CATA?

Or, what do you use as base?

  • (Wolfenstein) We made thousands of modifications and added lots of unique features to create a TBC core that suits our needs. For future expansions, we plan to either expand on it or port our changes to a different core, but we haven't decided yet. Of course for Cataclysm we have our very own core.

Q: I would like to play atlantiss, but one day we can join mop?

Will Dragonwrath ever progress to MoP?

  • (Yggr) As of right now MoP is not part of our future plans.

Q: when could expect pte open beta

  • (Yggr) Sooner than you think, Wolf has been working silently with the testers for the past months and have made quite a big progress (once he went missing for 3 days and then came back closing almost 800 reports at once, the man is a machine). We can't share any specifics as there are some projects that would go out of their way to copy it, as this approach in my terms is considered disguisting, there's no way to avoid it in the end. Until the Open Beta is announced we prefer to stay silent.

  • (Wolfenstein) We're currently making a lot of progress every day. Open beta should come sooner than everyone expects, but there's still a lot of work to be done before that can happen.


Q: What is the average height of the staff?

  • (Yggr) We're big bois and girls, however, we still need to take measurements of the newest recruits.

Q: How many announcements did Yggr make in total on the Atlantiss Discord?

  • (Yggr) I lost count after 87.

Q: Who is the new PVP game master?

  • (Lucasbarsh) I am Lucasbarsh.

Q: Is Tomatosz,🍅 a girl? If yes how pretty is he? 1-10

  • (Yggr) Yes, he's a girl. The staff rates her a solid 9.9/10. That - 0.1 is because she tends to scream at us too much in the GM chat.

Q: When will Kaminya finish to move to his new apartment ;p

  • (Yggr) Australia is a pretty big ground to cover, many cities to move to, it might take him some time.


Q: when server open??

Q: Will Netherwing arrive before school starts?

Q: When tbc server will be ready to play? Im soooo bored

Q: Neverwing ETA?

  • (Yggr) It's a frowned upon answer, but, "when it's ready".

Q: Does this Project gonna end like Corecraft? For now it look like clone of it.

  • (Wolfenstein) We understand the concerns with our development time. Unfortunately, that is the price of quality we wish to deliver, but we're very determined to release the server and we will do so when we reach our milestones.

Q: How long do u think is it going to take for Netherwing to be released?

  • (Yggr) It is silently aproaching its release, with the current status of content, it's splendid.

Q: Any concrete update?

  • (Yggr) If we're talking about concrete in terms of a release date, then we can't share one just yet. We've had our experiences with ETAs and although morals are great, ambition is strong, there's always something that will go wrong forcing us to postpone it, as you can notice on lots of private servers and even big companies.

Q: Voila je viens de télécharger le jeu serveur atlantis mais en suivant les instruction j'ai toujour les meme erreurs 134 et pourtant je fais comme indiquer pouvez vous maider ?

- (Yggr) Salut mon ami. Cette question ne correspond pas tout à fait à cette section. Cependant, contactez le Game Master sur les nôtres Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/xyd8wBg). Ils vous volontiers aideront :)



Clarkiez96 2018-08-04 09:32:01 #

Some good answers, one thing I'd like to say though would be the server rates. Yes x1 is always a nice option and I agree that a x1 realm shows that even the older content has been scripted to, or close to, perfection. Otherwise how else would people make it to 85. Sadly though that isn't what people look for anymore, due to Cata being a very old expansion most people wanted to jump straight into max level and go off on their gearing, just look at Monster-wow, and recently until it's decommission, and Warmanes Nellh server (by the way great time to pick up some homeless Cata players), they were both, and Monster still is, the worst scripted Cata servers around. Yet they still had greater populations that here and the only thing they have in common is their x12 rates on xp, rep and proffs. Maybe if you could include some in-game npc or command that can let players choose their rates then that would see an increase to the population, especially with the new realm coming. And make sure if you do that you advertise it well as people associate Atlantiss with 'Eurgh 1x realm, don't have time for that'.


Hayden 2018-08-04 09:53:19 #

Ranor answer xDDDDDDDDD


Bljosa1 2018-08-06 05:53:35 #

Q: The content here is good in my opinion, but unfortunately, the community could use some improvement. One of the most unpleasant things I've seen is players who queue for random dungeons and then demand to be kicked from the group when it's a dungeon they "don't want". These players will also kick others if they don't agree to quit the dungeon. I've actually reported several players for doing this because, in my opinion, their behavior is ruining the game experience for other players who may want gear or achievements from a particular dungeon. However, I doubt that's actually changing anything for the better. So, I would like to propose a way for the community to help discipline rude, inconsiderate, or frankly obscene players for the benefit of the entire server population. Similar to reporting a player for cheating or using an inappropriate name, I'd like to see an additional option to report a player for particularly rude or inconsiderate conduct. Once a player has been reported a certain number of times, I think there should be a penalty like a deduction of the player's gold or something similar. So, there are two parts to my question: Would it be possible to implement my suggestion to allow the entire community to help discipline bad players? Would the Atlantiss team actually consider doing it? To the author of this question, if people qued dungeons gemmed, glyphed and enchanted even on low gear and read up tactics in the dungeon journal or online maybe people would agree on doing those dungeons. People come unprepared and expect to get carried without a single ounce of effort. If you plan on punishing people for not willing to participate in thoose kind of dungeons, maybe you should consider punishing this behavior aswell, i mean who likes to wipe in a 5man RHC because people are clueless or undergeared (enchant/gem/glyphwise), if you are lazy to google tactics, it doesn't hurt to ask somebody on global not everyone is toxic and people will help.


Shakunjin 2018-08-06 02:52:32 #

I probably should have asked this during the AMA, but when the new server comes is the old one going to be removed, and if so can we transfer our shop items too?


Jetrean15 2018-08-06 11:20:57 #

@Bijosa while the intention behind it is good, I don't think it would be feasible and just might end up driving some of the populace off for good. Yeah, a 30min dungeon finder leave debuff sucks badly and yes I have left a dungeon or two because of either a toxic group or people being clueless. Not everyone is going to want to search for tactics either and like a more hands on approach. You can do your part by explaining it without being a rage tard, (not calling you one, just using that as an example). If they don't want to listen or get nasty with you then act accordingly,(removing them from the group e.t.c) As far as your idea in a general consensus. It's the internet. Assholes are everywhere. Policing it to that degree, will once again, probably make people leave for good and not talking solely about toxic players. That's why bans and what not are used to rectify that. It may not be the answer to everything but it's there at least.


Punk1500 2018-08-09 12:05:58 #

I really enjoyed reading through all the answers and questions, and I myself also have a question, but I don't really know the proper way to ask it, so I' ll just put it here, maybe it will be noticed. " Can we expect the new character models from Warlords of Draenor to be upgraded? I think that would be a really cool feature. The old models look dull in the reworked new Cataclysm world."

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