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Scroll of Resurrection

Scroll of Resurrection is a system developed by Blizzard which was designed for people, whose account was frozen in given term. For obvious reasons it's not possible to model this system in 100% on our server, but still we tried very hard to model it as close as it was possible to the official version.

Scroll of Resurrection (SoR) is only available to accounts which were last logged into before 23:59:59, 30 June 2017 and have not reached maximum level (Level 85) on any characters within the account.

SoR allows for a single level boost on any character up to 80 level. The character is also provided with riding skills, mount, bags, green item set for the current or default spec (DPS) and a quanity of gold in order to buy necessary skills.

How can i check if i can use SoR?
SoR system is fully automated and is supported by player in game. To check if your account may use the SoR system, type in game command .sor info
The feedback information that will display on chat will show if you can use the SoR option, if yes it will tell you how to use it on current character.

  • Remember!
    Be sure that the character on which you are using the command to use SoR is the character that you want to boost. There is no option to restore SoR nor to remove SoR effects from chosen character.
  • Remember!
    Items which Scroll of Resurrection offers will be sent to your mailbox in game. Please remember to pick up items within 30 days after SoR usage, otherwise items will disappear and there is no option for items retrieval.
  • Remember!
    Using the Scroll of Resurrection on Death Knight character won't automatically complement the talents and it won't teleport the character to other location. If the class on which you wish to use the SoR is Death Knight, first you need to complete the Death Knight quest chain if you haven't done it yet.
  • Remember!
    Despite the possibility of giving the Scroll of Resurrection by the Game Master, the Game Master won't add the option for the person who by the decision of the administration doesn't deserve it!
  • Remember!
    SoR is added for usage to the whole account, you can safely make a new character in order to use the SoR option on it, however using this option on any character on the account will automatically disable the option for the whole account and every character on it.
  • Remember!
    SoR can be used only on character below level 80!
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