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Atlantiss Event

Atlantiss Event


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Event Rules:

  • Event begins on the 10th of January at 19:30 CET and will end on the 10th of March at 23:59 CET

  • Character progression table will be available on the 15th of January at 21:00 CET. From this date, it will be automatically updated every 4 hours.

  • Every character created after 19:30 CET on 10th of January takes part in the event.

  • To check if your character takes part in the event you will be able to use .atsevent status [#player_name] command or by interacting with "Event Coordinator" NPCs which can be found in every major capital city.

  • You can withdraw from the event at any time you wish to by interacting with adequate NPC by interacting with them. NPCs can be found in every major capital city.

    Withdrawing from the event permanently restricts your character from taking part in it.

  • For the event's duration:

    • Characters made during the event, that will use their SoR option won't be taken into account.

    • Characters who participate in the event, but also make use of RaF system won't receive bonus experience and the Grant a Level feature will not be available

    • Characters participating in it will not be able to conduct trades with characters outside of it.

    • Characters participating in it will not be able to receive mails with any sort of items or gold from characters outside of it.

    • Characters participating in it will not be able to use items from our webshop.

    • Characters participating in it will receive separate auction houses, as to refrain them from acquiring items from characters outside of it.

    • Characters participating in it, will not receive loot from instances completed with characters outside of the event unless they joined it via an RDF.

    • Characters progression is summarized in accordance with our system's way of awarding points. Characters with the highest amount of points will win.

    • Characters participating in the event, in case of being banned for any duration of time will not be taken into account.

    • All characters are abided by Atlantiss server Rules and Terms of Use.


Points are awarded for:

  • General

    • Time it takes to reach level 85

    • Amount of completed quests

    • Amount of completed achievements

  • PVP

    • Overall amount of Honor Points

    • For every victorious battleground. We'll investigate how much did a character contribute to every battleground, the higher the contribution, the more points earned

    • Upcoming PvP season. After the event ends, we'll award additional points depending on character's placement in ongoing PvP season - just as we mentioned, only the characters created during the event will be taken into consideration

  • PVE

    • For every successfully completed RDF. Signing up for RDFs in a group won't be taken into account

    • For every T11/T12 boss kill (Heroic kills doesn't count)

    • For the shortest amount of time it took you to finish a raid for every week

    • For the shortest amount of time it took you to complete a dungeon


(Worldwide shipment)

1st place


GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Aorus, 6GB GDDR5 (192 Bit)



2nd place

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB GDDR5 (128 Bit)



3rd place

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 OC 2GB GDDR5



4th place

HyperX Alloy FPS Cherry MX Red



5th Place

Razer Naga Chroma



6th place
500 premium points


7th place
400 premium points


8th place
300 premium points


9th place
200 premium points


10th place
100 premium points

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