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Next edition of our contest

Next edition of our contest! Rules do not change. All necessary information below. Good luck!

Holiday bonus & Unique promotion for Transfers

We have been paying too little attention to players from outside of Europe. We have decided to change that and just for these players we have introduced the "Holiday Bonus". This bonus includes rested bonus and increased rates of experience, honor and justice points by 50% in official hours: 

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Exp on BG & French Localization

The following formulas will be applied:

  • 9.42% - the action on BG (with each lvl 0.1121% will be substracted)
  • 100% - winning the BG (with each lvl 1.2108% will be substracted)
  • 45% - loosing the BG (with each lvl 0.5357% will be substracted)

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To be part of us

Another handful of information about the server.
As you probably have noticed we implemented a new forum engine. We purchased a license for IPB which is an advanced social tool carrying not only many amenities and upgrades of the standard forum but also a number of various features.

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Technical information

Dear players,
Another handful of information and news about the server. This week, we noted a significant decrease in our web server capacity, this has been identified as an issue with our HDD which is supposed to support our server.

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Take part in our contest!

Take part in our contest! Like our "Atlantiss" post to win Lil' Ragnaros pet, share "Atlantiss" post to win Heart of the Nightwing mount. Hurry up, the contest ends this Sunday. Do not forget to like our fanpage. Terms of the contest can be found below.

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