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Technical information

Dear Players, we are well aware of all the crashes. For the past few days Emtec and Krecik were working hard on improving the new core. It seems that we had some memory leaks which were the cause of most of the crashes.

Server maintenance

Dear players, today will occur a 30 minutes shutdown at 11pm, at this time we will transfer everything to our new server, these changes won't be noticeable in-game. After the shutdown we ask you to log in to the game in as biggest amount of players as it's possible, in order to receive needed data for test purposes.

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Response to Molten-WoW situation

We are aware of the current situation. We know what happened to one of the largest private servers. We see your requests, to take advantage of the situation. In spite of all we would like to strongly emphasize that we are not in the habit to prey on the others misfortune and use such situations for their own purposes.

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GM recruitment

Atlantiss administration wishes to inform you, that Atlantiss begins the recruitment for the Game Master postion. Exceptionally this time recruitment will be public and focused on Game Master postion, and not as usual on the Support group.

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Contact & Media Page

From 13.01.2014 inclusive, communication method with the administration changes. We will still solve all the game issues using tickets and forum. However, in extreme situations, please use support@atlantiss.eu address.

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Scroll of Resurrection

Dear players. After many hours of hard work we wish to inform you that we finished working on the Scroll of Resurrection system, and it is now available to use. This system is designed for players, who are inactive for some period of time, but their return might also make a substantial impact on our active players. 

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