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Changelog 4.3.4

rev. 5301 Author: Jenova :: 2017-02-03 13:16

Firelands - Ragnaros:

  • Fixed Engulfing Flame Timer on HC

rev. 5305 Author: Jenova :: 2017-02-05 21:11

Blackwing Descent - Magmaw:

  • Fixed Pillar of Flame
  • Fixed summoning parasites

Blackwing Descent - Atramedes:

  • Fixed respawning shields

Blackwing Descent - Chimaeron:

  • Fixed removing Finkle mixture during Feud

Blackwing Descent - Nefarian:

  • Shadow Breath should now be a smaller cone with a smaller range
  • Shadow Breath should now ressurect only Skeletons that were in the cone
  • Tail Lash should now be a smaller cone with smaller range (you should only be stunned if you are standing in the tail)
  • Hurl Bone minimum range is now 20 yards (was 15) also the time between each Hurl Bone has been doubled (this will give players more time to set them up and more time to react)
  • Lightning Discharge should be a smaller cone with smaller range and should only targets players to the left/right of Onyxia

rev. 5300 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-02-03 12:59



  • Added AttributesCu to spell_override

rev. 5299 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-02-03 06:26


  • New ai SmartAILegacy for old sai (target_none treated as invoker)


rev. 5298 Author: Jenova :: 2017-01-29 17:01

Firelands - Ragnaros:

  1. Changed Engulfing Flames timer, it should no longer overlap with Molten Elements, please test and send some feedback saying if its better or not.

rev. 5297 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-28 21:10

[Core/SmartScripts] Implement SAI spell scripts

rev. 5296 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-28 17:40

Fixed Heart of Flame

rev. 5295 Author: Bildo :: 2017-01-22 16:36


  • fixed quest Lifting the siege
  • fixed Portal to Inner Maraudon
  • Booty Bay Bruiser will give reputation up to Exalted

Content Fixers:

  • fixed Blackwing Lais bosses loot tables by LaRussoo
  • fixed Molten Core bosses loot tables by LaRussoo
  • fixed Una Kobuna vendor by Piklo19
  • fixed Rogoc and Edlan Halsing Honor Trade Goods cost by Piklo19
  • fixed Justice Points cloak cost by Piklo19
  • fixed Fire Prism loot tables by Piklo19
  • fixed Strange Tarot loot tables by Piklo19
  • fixed WotLK and Cata BoA reputation enchants by Piklo19
  • fixed Firelands boss reputation by Piklo19
  • fixed Wanted Board in Arathi Higlands by Navedonar
  • fixed Invading the Citadel by Navedonar
  • fixed Zorus the Judicator by Navedonar
  • fixed A Seer's Staff by Navedonar
  • fixed Containment by Navedonar
  • fixed requirements to Sen'jin Village by Navedonar
  • fixed Sunstrider Mana Tap Counter by Navedonar
  • fixed Totem of Vark by Navedonar
  • fixed Gigantaur by Navedonar
  • fixed Weaken the Ramparts by Navedonar
  • fixed The Fate Of The Fallen by Navedonar
  • minor to The Fallen Courier by Navedonar
  • cosmetic fixes to Gnomeregan,Caverns of time,Isle of Quel'Danas by Navedonar
  • fixed Farstrider Troll-Hunter by Navedonar
  • fixed Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion by Navedonar
  • fixed Ring of the Gathering Storm by Navedonar
  • fixed Sunblade Dragonhawk and Trigore the Lasher by Shojiro
  • correct reputation for Southsea Muskateer and Strongarm by Shojiro

rev. 5294 Author: Jenova :: 2017-01-20 21:03

Firelands - Ragnaros

  • Reduced the growth of Molten Elements on 25 HC

rev. 5293 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-20 03:38

Fixed no loot in gameobjects with quest items

when other player open loot, but does not take the item.

rev. 5292 Author: Wolffenstein :: 2017-01-17 19:08

[Mount Hyjal] Quest "Ritual of Flame" should no longer get stuck permanently

rev. 5291 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-17 00:45

  • Repaired quest MOUNT_ON_SUMMONER

rev. 5290 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-16 23:15

Fixed broken action MoveToPosition after conversion in few scripts

rev. 5289 Author: krecik88 :: 2017-01-16 22:31

rev. 5288 Author: krecik88 :: 2017-01-16 08:26


  • remove illegaly aquired items from Big Zokk Torquewrench
  • add achievement requirement for items

rev. 5287 Author: krecik88 :: 2017-01-14 23:56


  • fix faction change items (by mesaj):
  • Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty
  • Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
  • Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity


rev. 5286 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-14 14:06

[Core/SmartScripts] Cooldown will be reset on respawn

Fixed quest Rejek: First Blood

rev. 5285 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-14 12:52

Change column EventEntry to entry in game_event [sync with TBC]

  • Fixed quests Beat it Out of Them, The Ring of Blood chain

rev. 5284 Author: Bandysc :: 2017-01-14 12:46

New SmartScripts merge

rev. 5283 Author: krecik88 :: 2017-01-13 21:22

General fixes:

  • Westfall stew gameobject will proper restart
  • Fix uldum teleport position
  • Set all main events proper date and legth
  • Fix Olm the Wise and Karkin models, they will appear now in game properly
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